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Pundits, from both the right and left end of the political spectrum, are shocked by a seemingly never ending surge in guns sales. Has every doomsday prepper become infected with insatiable compulsive hoarding? Are the liberals freaked out about Trump stockpiling weapons?

Famed researcher John Lott has an interesting explanation:

Comparing background checks in October to the average monthly rate in November through February, the 25 states with the highest percentage of blacks had more than twice the relative increase in gun background check compared to October relative to the 25 states where blacks are relatively underrepresented. (The 25 most heavily black states averaged 18% black and the 25 least black states averaged just 3.3% black.) Monthly gun sales in November through February increased by 8.2% in the heavily black states but actually fell by 2.7% in the other ones.

These changes fit in with general national trends in gun use and ownership. The number of concealed handgun permits has soared from about 4.6 million in 2007 to 14.5 million in 2016. And over the last four years some data indicates that permit-holding has been increasing about 75% more quickly among minorities than among whites. The number of women with permits has increased twice as quickly as the number of men with permits.

According to a December 2014 PEW poll, 57 percent of Americans believe that gun ownership “protects people from becoming victims of crime.” Thirty-eight percent believe that it “puts people’s safety at risk.” That’s an 8-percentage point increase in positive views from just two years earlier. Except for Democrats as a whole, every group identified by PEW had come to view gun ownership more positively.

The two groups with the largest attitudinal shifts were blacks and women. Compared to two years before, nearly twice the percentage of blacks answered that gun ownership does more to protect them than harm them. It rose from 29 to 54 percent. For women, the increase was 11 percentage points.

Basically, the gist of it all is that women and minorities have rapidly changing views about owning firearms. Mr. Lott suspects African American buyers are entering the market place at much higher numbers. This isn’t all necessarily related to one event such as the election of Trump or the Black Lives Matter movement. The bottom line is simply that the public (including minorities) is becoming more accepting of gun ownership, according to Mr. Lott.




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A staggering 73% increase in pistol permits over 2015 occurred in Connecticut. The two chief motivator’s behind the increase are probably Daniel Malloy (CT’s anti-gun Governor) and of course, Hillary Clinton.

The Blaze gives us the best theory:

According to WTIC-TV’s account of a Norwich Bulletin report, state police issued 30,000 pistol permits last year — an increase of 73 percent — from 2015 when 17,000 permits were issued.

Gun owners told the Bulletin that they attribute the increase to fears that then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was going to win the White House, and that this would embolden Connecticut’s Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to seek increased gun restrictions.

During her campaign, Clinton said that she was going to “tackle the gun lobby” on day one of her presidency. She also praised New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, who would go on to be named the Senate minority leader, for being “one of the most effective legislators in taking on the gun lobby.”

Connecticut has some of  the strictest gun laws in the nation, with a permit being required to obtain not only a license but also to buy and carry a sidearm.

Democrats have a long history of motivating the American people to arm themselves. That’s really the hilarious part of the left’s gun control efforts: the net result is always more people buying guns. By enacting dishonest laws that serve their short term interest, left wing politicians have handed the long game over to gun owners.

Welcome! We are glad to have all 30,000 new pistol permit holders on board. There will be plenty more to come, but thank you bitter partisan blue state politicians. Your inept laws are only growing our base. With each poorly crafted encroachment on liberty, you shred your own credibility, while reminding Americans that the government isn’t always here to help.


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A device designed to kill coyotes, injured an innocent boy and killed his dog. The M-44 “cyanide bomb” sprays lethal cyanide on any victim who springs the trap. This isn’t the first time one of these traps has injured a human or a domestic dog, either. Obviously, this incident will impact the practice of using chemical warfare against predators.

Here’s the horrible story:

Fourteen-year-old Canyon Mansfield is lucky to be alive. He says, “It would’ve been clear to see like a wood plank with a sign on it, but there was nothing.” Thursday afternoon canyon and his dog Kacey went to play fetch 10 minutes up the hill from their house. Canyon says, “I see this little pipe sprinkler type thing, sticking out of the ground. I reached down and I touched it. Suddenly there was like a pop and orange gas snooze out.”

While covered in the unknown orange gas, the Mansfield family learned from authorities it was a cyanide trap, a lethal chemical meant for coyotes. The 14-year-old describes what he saw after cleaning himself off with snow. “I noticed my dog was mumbling and so I walked over and see my dog and having a seizure. I’m freaking out.”

By the time, the 14-year-old made it down the hill to get his mom the champion hunting dog died. Mark Mansfield is Canyon’s Father. He says, “They’re small, and they’re lethal. And my son watched my dog die in minutes.”

It’s was actually the government that set the trap. The U.S. Department of Agriculture uses the devices to control the coyote population. By simply labeling the device, this accident could have been prevented. Another problem with these traps, is that they don’t discriminate. Any animal that set it off is pretty much toast, though canines are most strongly attracted to it. This is where old fashioned hunting comes to the rescue. The public should much prefer sportsmen as a means of predator control, to chemical weapons. Of course, animal rights groups will try to ban all means of predator control, while others will be too generous to the M-44. Like any other dangerous device, caution needs to be taken when these things are deployed.


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Thugs in Chicago have been robbing freight cars loaded with guns. These robberies aren’t exactly the high drama horseback robberies of western folk lore. Basically, thugs get a tip on which railroad cars have weapons in them, then they sneak in at night and steal them.

As law abiding gun owners have been saying for decades; we need to enforce existing laws not create new ones. The perverse political situation in Chicago leads every conversation about crime prevention to gun control, but banning guns from decent people in rural areas does nothing to stem city violence.

Here’s the low-down on the train robberies:

The guns – boxes and boxes of them – are part of shipments that are destined for gun companies or gun shops across the country. But as gangsters have caught on to the practice, they are ransacking these trains and stealing weapons that eventually make their way to the city’s blood-soaked streets.

“Any time you have individuals who can go in and steal guns from a train, that makes the environment very toxic,” said Pastor Cory Brooks, who leads a church around the corner from the freight yard.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said that since 2013, more than 150 firearms have been reported stolen from freight trains. An Associated Press investigation revealed that some were traced to violent crimes and only 16 were recovered.

The City of Chicago is living proof that gun control does nothing to reduce crime, only crime control can do that. Banning cosmetic features on grandpa’s rifle doesn’t put bad guys in jail.

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Loading an Ar-15 in California, can be quite a chore. This nanny state has many stupid regulations, but for every dumb regulation there’s a genuis workaround.

Using a new product from Cross Armory,  simply separate the upper receiver from the lower and watch the magazine fall out. This new device is totally complaint with the People’s Republic of California’s laws, the children will all be safe when you follow this procedure.

The down low on this new product:

Cross Armory’s SAFE MAG is a modification, designed in California, for weapons in regulated states that require fixed magazines, such as CA NY CT MA MD and other states. The Cross Armory SAFE MAG works by releasing your magazine instantly when you separate the upper and lower receivers of your AR-15 or M4, without having to press a button.

Cross Armory’s SAFE MAG is intended to be consistent with the fixed magazine laws which state that your weapon must have a “fixed magazine” which has been defined as “an ammunition feeding device contained in, or permanently attached to, a firearm in such a manner that the device can not be removed without disassembly of the firearm action.” The firearm action of an AR-15 and M4 is housed in the upper and lower receivers. Separating the upper and lower receiver to release your magazine disables the firearm action.

This product will help gun owners in lots of other states such as New York and Connecticut stay legal when taking guns to the range. It also helps irrational politicians and the people who vote for them feel SAFE.

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Is Michael Bloomberg training bomb squads these days? A bomb Squad in SanAntonio, TX evacuated three houses after discovering a few boxes of old rusted ammo. Apparently they have never watched myth-busters, which has an episode on throwing live ammunition into a fire. When ammo goes off outside of gun, it’s just not that dangerous. Old rusted ammo is very unlikely to fire simply from being moved, even if it did discharge, it would pose a pretty minimal risk to the public.

Here’s the fear mongering from the local bomb squad:

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Police Department’s Bomb Squad was called to a Southwest Side neighborhood Saturday after dozens of rounds of ammunition were found underneath a home.

The ammunition was discovered on the 7900 block of Dempsey Drive, near Old Pearsall Road and Southwest Military Drive, around 2:45 p.m. Saturday.

Capt. Troy Balcar of the San Antonio Fire Department said a family member found a sealed box with about 75 rounds of decades-old ammunition underneath the house. He said the rounds were about 40 years old, based on a date written on the box. Half a dozen nearby homes were evacuated for about three hours.

“This is definitely a big danger, because they’ve been under there so long,” Balcar said. “They’ve rusted, they’ve been exposed to the weather, elements outside so we definitely want to get them disposed of as quickly as possible.”

Family members said a veteran who served for more than 30 years lived at the house until he passed away recently.

This is the second time old ammunition has been found at the home. Just last week, the bomb squad spent about half an hour disposing of shotgun shells found there.

Hmm, that’s reassuring, the spokesperson from the San Antonio bomb squad doesn’t understand the risk of common ammunition. Who on earth would trust these fools near an actual bomb?

Ammunition discharged outside of a gun simply can’t reach a high enough velocity to penetrate walls. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to discharge a bullet in your hand, but lets not act like 911 needs to be called every time someone finds corroded ammo. It’s fine for bomb squads to help citizens dispose of ammo, but evacuating nearby homes is completely insane.


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Recently Colt “snake” guns have surged in price. From the King Cobra to the Anaconda, Colt’s massive stainless steel revolvers are a hot commodity these days. For the first time this century Colt has started making “snake” guns again.

It’s called the Cobra and it fits right in with all the other Colt classics. According to American Rifleman, this isn’t just a cheap knock off, either.

Look at what O’Keefe from American Rifleman says about the trigger on the new Cobra:

If you haunt, odds are you have seen the prices of Colt revolvers skyrocket. Anything with a snake name has been going for big money—sometimes ridiculous money. My friend Steve Fjestad from Blue Book of Gun Values recently wrote about this. While some of the lunacy has subsided, it is clear that the guns Colt used to make still have tremendous power in the consciousness of American shooters.

Even though double-action revolver manufacture has been dormant in West Hartford since the 1990s, there are still some guys who worked on double-action revolver projects in the engineering department. And one of the last double-action revolvers to come out of Colt in the mid-1990s was the SF–VI. Ask anyone who owns one, and they will tell you it was and is a nice little revolver. It was intended to replace the Detective Special once the cost of Detective Special manufacture was judged too high and not worth it anymore. The last DS-IIs (they changed the SF-VI’s name) were made in 1998. Thankfully, Colt went with Cobra (made from 1950 until about 1980) name for the new gun, not DS-3. The latter sounds like where I last lost my truck in the parking garage of Dulles Airport.

They used the SF-VI as the starting point for the Cobra. But thanks to modern engineering software they were able to make some improvements. The things that one wants in a Colt double-action revolver are there. There are six holes in the cylinder of this .38 Spl. And, of course, it is rated up to +P. And with the materials Colt is using, modern matte finish stainless steel, I imagine that a .357 Mag. would probably be something to look for in the future. Be patient.

When Colt stopped making these guns back in 1998, demand for all revolvers was saturated. You could pick up a King Cobra new in the box for less than $500. It’s tough to pull that off these days for less then $1000.

With “snake” gun mania going on now, it makes perfect sense, that Colt would create a new must own wheel gun for the snake lover in all of us.

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You don’t normally hear of tech companies offering to help the NRA. Snapchat probably didn’t have pro-gun motives when they made this hysterical threat to Bloomberg’s gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety.

Check this out, from A.V. Club:

This comes from a series of leaked emails that indicate that Everytown had approached Snapchat about doing some kind of branded content about preventing gun violence early last year, with Snapchat’s head of political sales Rob Saliterman quoting the nonprofit at least $150,000 for whatever it was planning. Then, separate from that potential deal, Snapchat’s news team approached Everytown about working together to promote gun safety with a big event that would feature videos of families talking about loved ones they lost to gun violence alongside celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Amy Schumer talking about the importance of gun safety. This project also wouldn’t cost Everytown any money, so it gave up on the other deal and moved forward with the free one instead.

Eventually, Saliterman found out that he was losing out on advertising money, so he sent this message to Everytown:

I just learned our News Team is doing a Live Story on National Gun Violence Awareness Day. I would urgently like to speak with you about advertising opportunities within the story, as there will be three ad slots. We are also talking to the NRA about running ads within the story.

How hilarious is that? Snapchat threatened to sell the NRA advertising during a free project for Bloomberg’s astro-turf gun grabber group. Again, Snapchat isn’t pro-gun, they are just greedy. They obviously made the threat to try to grab some extra cash from Bloomberg.

Who could blame them? Bloomberg’s been flushing money down the toilet all decade long, with one after another failed gun control initiatives. Of the few victories Bloomberg did have, many are in the process of being rolled back by state courts or justice departments.

Ohh, and Trump is president. Looks like those campaign donations didn’t do much good, did they Mike? A fool and his money are quickly departed…



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The shot was incredible! Two hits with one bullet! The problem is that both the people he shot were good guys and he wasn’t trying to shoot anyone.

A French police sniper made a nearly fatal mistake when he failed to put his safety on. As a result, He accidentally shot two people with one bullet. It gets worse; the president of France, Francois Hollande, was nearby when it happened

Here are the details of the shot, from the BBC:


he shot was fired as the officer moved position on a roof about 100m (328ft) from a tent where Mr Hollande was speaking in the town of Villognon.

The bullet went through the canvas of the tent, where drinks were being made. It passed through a waiter’s thigh and lodged in another person’s calf.

The injuries were not life-threatening.

Mr Hollande was inaugurating a new stretch of railway when a gunshot was heard. He interrupted his speech for a few moments but reports say there was no panic.

Bob Owens from Bearing Arms, makes some valid points:

Precision rifles used by military and police snipers tend to have short, light trigger pulls that makes using a safety and keeping your finger well away from the trigger mandatory until you’re ready to fire.

I think it’s likely that the police sniper in question will likely never work a dignitary protection detail again.

Yep, that pretty much sums it up. That sniper better seek employment as a mime or something, he’ll be a “former” sniper soon.


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It’s foam made of molten metal! Ultra light-weight, it breaks bullets up into fragments the size of dust. The foam will most likely be placed in the center of two plates or wrapped in a thin layer of Kevlar. The foam is completely capable of stopping and destroying bullets on it’s own, but from the sound of things, it benefits from having support for multiple hits.

Looking at the photos this stuff might be a little bulky, but it’s weight and strength is totally unmatched.

Here’s what happened when the foam met Armour Piercing bullets: (From The N.Y. Post)

The foam worked so well that an armor-piercing round could only penetrate less than an inch on the weapon-facing side of the shield.

On the side facing the warfighter’s body, the bullet was only able to cause an 8 mm indentation on the back .

Body armor innovation is important because it can save lives.

The National Institute of Justice standard allows up to 44 mm indentation from a bullet on the side facing the user — so the foam performs 80 percent better than the maximum standard.

That’s just insane! It’s not the first bullet proof foam on the block, but it does have some of the best test results. Check out the video below:

It’s going to take some time to see real world applications of this substance. Also, what will it cost to manufacturer a vest out of the stuff? There are still plenty of questions about how it’ll all play out, but bullet proof foam is something to keep an eye on.



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