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Judge Dredd would be at home carrying this massive integrally Maxim 9 silenced pistol from SilencerCo. Building the silencer into the pistol might not be a passing fad, it actually makes sense for law enforcement and military use. Furthermore, with the pending Hearing Protection Act, the general public can serve as early adapters to prove the worth of the concept.

This particular pistol is probably too expensive and bulky to handle the task of an everyday duty pistol. However, it’s still freaking awesome to behold.

So behold it:

We really are in the golden age of firearms. With more gun owners than ever and gun friendly laws in many red states, the free market is doing what it does: creating, innovating, and cutting costs. Some of these new guns are just fads while others just might be the beginning of a whole new era. It’s too early to be sure where this gun fits in. With a price tag pushing $2,000 it’s not going to be mass produced. However, it is a real trailblazer with a unique action that includes locking lugs. Behold!


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