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Thugs in Chicago have been robbing freight cars loaded with guns. These robberies aren’t exactly the high drama horseback robberies of western folk lore. Basically, thugs get a tip on which railroad cars have weapons in them, then they sneak in at night and steal them.

As law abiding gun owners have been saying for decades; we need to enforce existing laws not create new ones. The perverse political situation in Chicago leads every conversation about crime prevention to gun control, but banning guns from decent people in rural areas does nothing to stem city violence.

Here’s the low-down on the train robberies:

The guns – boxes and boxes of them – are part of shipments that are destined for gun companies or gun shops across the country. But as gangsters have caught on to the practice, they are ransacking these trains and stealing weapons that eventually make their way to the city’s blood-soaked streets.

“Any time you have individuals who can go in and steal guns from a train, that makes the environment very toxic,” said Pastor Cory Brooks, who leads a church around the corner from the freight yard.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said that since 2013, more than 150 firearms have been reported stolen from freight trains. An Associated Press investigation revealed that some were traced to violent crimes and only 16 were recovered.

The City of Chicago is living proof that gun control does nothing to reduce crime, only crime control can do that. Banning cosmetic features on grandpa’s rifle doesn’t put bad guys in jail.

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Anti-gun zealotry has infected virtually all levels of our societies institutions, now even the 4-H shooting program is being shunned at the University of Massachusetts. Despite having a fully funded program the University would not allow the program to move forward under the guise of wanting a different program.

Bearing Arms has more:

According to the MassLive article, Deveno asked why they were being passed over, and she received a response from the Dean of the College of Natural Sciences at UMass Amherst. The response explained that the University was seeking out a broader program; although, some members of the community think otherwise.

“It’s absolute social bias against gun owners,” Jim Wallace, Executive Director of Gun Owner’s Action League told MassLive. “You’re being handed a successful program that’s been vetted nationwide, and then handed the funding for the program. What’s the problem?”

That’s the crazy part, the funding for the program was already approved. Yet the University of Massachusetts rejected the 4-h shooting program because they supposedly want to different program that also includes fishing.

The fact that the University feels the need to create pathetic excuses shows the extent to which they fear their true motivations being made public. Gun owner need to hold them accountable, and right now gun owners in Massachusetts are doing exactly that. People are demanding answers from the University of Massachusetts.

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Hillary Clinton is being encouraged to challenge Bill de Blasio to become mayor of New York City. Many of Hillary’s biggest donors and fans call NYC home. All those huge financial-sector corporations who deposited millions into Hillary’s bank account in exchange for speeches, might finally get their money’s worth.

From the perspective of a gun-owner, it might seem that there’s not much more Hillary can do. New York City has already disarmed most law-abiding citizens and already has gun laws that are more restrictive than the many of the European countries that progressives claim they want to emulate. New restrictions on guns will probably be smacked down by a Trump SCOTUS.

A Mayor Clinton probably couldn’t pass actual bans (NYC already banned most popular guns), but she could threaten the entire firearms industry by making it possible to sue gun manufacturers anytime a criminal misuses a gun. Remember that law about manufacturer liability that Hillary was fighting Bernie Sanders about?

Democrats have been plotting a work around to federal law, such as suing the manufacturers of semi-auto rifles on the basis that their products are simply too dangerous to be sold to the public. Hillary could encourage such behavior, the City of New York could try to sue Bushmaster. She also could require gun owners in NYC to buy liability insurance. So yes, believe it or not, gun control can get worse in NYC.

Hillary for NYC Mayor is apparently a real thing, read about it here.


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Tucker Carlson asked a gun grabber a simple question about so-called “assault weapons.” A simple question that gun control advocates can never answer. The result is a lot of deflection, but no straight-forward answer. After all, answering this question honestly pretty much destroys this guys narrative.

Watch he squirm below:


The reality is that the vast majority of homicides are not committed with so-called “assault weapons.” Even blunt objects like bats and hammers kill more people each year. Chicago banned ALL HANDGUNS, not just so-called “assault weapons”, and they still have record high crime. The federal government banned so-called “assault weapons” from 1994-2004 and crime is lower today (in most places) than it was during the ban.

A ban on so-called “assault weapons” can’t lower the crime rate by any measurable degree, the reason is simple: very few crimes are being committed with such weapons in the first place. That’s “common sense” liberal gun control in a nutshell. The key to lower crime is to ban guns that law abiding citizens aren’t using to commit crimes, while completely ignoring the enforcement of existing laws designed to take guns that actually are used in crimes from the criminals who possess them.

Should we stop and frisk suspected gang members acting suspiciously on the street corner and confiscate their illegal guns? NO THAT’S RACIST! How about following up on an insane person, like the Sandy Hook shooter, who is on record trying to buy a gun illegally, should we do anything about crazy people failing NICS checks? NO, WE DON’T HAVE THE RESOURCES FOR THAT, INSTEAD LETS GO AFTER 80 MILLION LAW ABIDING CITIZENS. The struggle continues…


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rifle silencer and the mount that holds it on the barrel

Now here’s a crazy story…

Back in 2013, the governor of Kansas signed a state law that makes legal all guns and gun accessories manufactured inside the state so long as they remain in the state and do not cross state lines.

This law also says that guns, ammo, and accessories made in the state of Kansas are exempt from federal government gun control laws.

Well, one Kansas man put the new law to the test by making homemade guns and silencers. Now, the federal government is coming after him


WICHITA, Kan. (AP) – When Shane Cox began selling his homemade firearms and silencers out of his military surplus store, he stamped “Made in Kansas” on them to assure buyers that a Kansas law would prevent federal prosecution of anyone owning firearms made, sold and kept in the state.

The 45-year-old Chanute resident also handed out copies to customers of the Second Amendment Protection Act passed in 2013 by the Kansas Legislature and signed by Gov. Sam Brownback, and even collected sales taxes. His biggest selling item was unregistered gun silencers that were flying out of the shop as fast as Cox could make them, prosecutors said later. One of those customers – 28-year-old Jeremy Kettler of Chanute – was so enthusiastic about the silencer that he posted a video on Facebook.

But last week a jury found Cox guilty of violating federal law for the manufacture, sale and possession of unregistered firearms and silencers. Kettler was found guilty on one count for possessing the unregistered silencer.

The case could reverberate across the country because it cites the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, pitting the federal government’s right to regulate firearms against the rights of states. The judge overseeing the case expects it ultimately to end up before the U.S. Supreme Court.

At trial, defense attorneys contended their clients believed the Kansas law made their activities legal, arguing they are “caught in the crossfire” of the struggle between the state and the federal government over gun control.

Cox and Kettler were convicted under the National Firearms Act, which is a part of the Internal Revenue code enacted under Congress’ power to levy taxes. The case raises the question of whether that taxing authority can be used to regulate firearms that stay within state borders. Advocates for state’s rights also contend such guns do not fall under Congress’ power to regulate interstate commerce.

Kettler told jurors he bought the unregistered silencer “because of a piece of paper signed by the governor saying it was legal.” Before trial, he criticized Kansas for “setting up its citizens to be prosecuted” by the federal government.

Jim Howell, a former Republican state representative, said he physically carried the bill around the Capitol and got 55 legislators to co-sponsor the legislation, which won bipartisan support. Lawmakers knew when they passed the law that there was going to be disagreement on who has authority to regulate firearms if they stay inside the state of Kansas, he said.

“I think these gentlemen understood that when they made a choice to do what they did,” Howell said.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt has intervened to defend the state law’s constitutionality in the first criminal case that has used the Kansas law as a defense. Schmidt said in a statement that buyers’ reliance on the state law as a defense is “reasonable, and it is consistent with the State’s interest in ensuring the Second Amendment Protection Act itself is defended.”

That state law says firearms, accessories and ammunition manufactured and kept in Kansas are exempt from federal gun control laws. It also made it a felony for the federal government to enforce them.


As the article points out, there’s a good chance this case will go all the way to the Supreme Court. And if that happens, how will they rule on this issue? If they rule in favor of states’ rights, it could shatter all federal gun control laws in a single stroke.

And THAT would be a good day for gun owners.

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It must be a great gig to be a progressive blogger who writes about guns.


Leftist blogger who knows nothing about guns. Must have great imagination to make up facts and false narratives. You will be given a pre-employment test to assess your lack of knowledge, candidates who pass will be deemed overqualified. You must be passionate about issues you know nothing about and driven to remain ignorant.

I’m really only half kidding here, check this article out, from

Conservative news orgs like the Daily Caller and Fox News are currently reporting on Chicago’s toy gun ban and the fact that Amazon won’t ship toy guns to the Windy City as though it’s a new thing. But it’s not. There are a host of cities and states that have passed laws over the years making it illegal to sell toy guns that don’t have a large orange stripe on the barrel. New York City has banned realistic-looking toy guns since 1955.

So why are organizations like Fox News focusing on Chicago? Probably because Chicago has an alarmingly high homicide rate, and their boy Trumpy wants to save the day with his version of “law and order.”

Uhhm, maybe conservatives are making fun of Chicago for enforcing dumb laws because, you know, the city council just started enforcing a dumb law! Lot’s of conservatives ripped on those other cities when they passed or enforced dumb laws too.

Gizmodo continues:

Interestingly, one “law and order” measure that Chicago used to have was a complete ban on handguns. But that ban was lifted in 2010, when the Supreme Court ruled in McDonald v. City of Chicago that the city’s handgun ban was unconstitutional. And Mr. Trump has made no mention of wanting to fight for its reinstatement. The ban on toy guns hasn’t made it to our highest court yet.

Right, crime was higher during that ban. Lots of experts agree the ban did nothing to stop gun crime. Even many progressives readily admit that the law didn’t work. Some liberals try to excuse it’s failure because the rest of country didn’t follow suit, but nearly everyone admits city wide gun bans don’t work. So, if banning real guns is stupid, just imagine how dumb banning fake ones is.

The article ends with this line:

Unfortunately, the cities of the United States are only good at regulating the sale of fake guns, not real ones.

Actually, liberal cities and states are quite good at regulating the sale of real guns. Some cities like Chicago and D.C. had total bans for many years. Buying a handgun is more difficult in the State of New York than it is in many European countries like Germany.

California, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York already have extremely heavy regulations that are about as onerous they come.

Don’t you wish you could get a job where you are required to be incompetent? It must be a dream to work at Just write random stuff, as long as it feeds into a dishonest liberal narrative they’ll pay you.





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Hillary was allowed to trot out blatant lies about gun control because Donald Trump lacked the knowledge to stop her. Hillary claimed that she supports the second amendment while simultaneously supporting the legality of laws that prohibit self-defense and make ownership of virtually all handguns illegal.

Hillary claimed that she wanted to overturn the D.C. v. Heller case because the case prohibited a “common sense” law that kept guns out of the hands of toddlers. Hillary failed to mention that the law required all guns to be lock up in a manner where they would be totally unusable for self-defense, even if no toddler was in the house. The law banned all handguns, even if their was no toddler in the house. Hillary literally made up the toddler excuse, but Trump was unable to pounce on her because apparently the only thing Trump knows about the Heller case is that Hillary doesn’t like it.

Watch Hillary get away with rhetorical murder below:

Could Trump be anymore frustrating? He refuses to learn a damn thing. How many times has he met with the NRA? He still doesn’t understand what the Heller case was all about?

Hillary can get away with opposing a case that declares the Second Amendment as an individual right and at the same time claim she supports our right to bear arms.

You can’t get angry at all the low information voters in major cities who will vote against your right to bear arms this year. If the only information I had to go on was the debate, I would think that Hillary was being totally reasonable. Neither Trump nor the mainstream media could refute her. A lot of urban residents don’t care enough about gun control to research it on their own, you can’t blame them for getting snuckered by Hillary and the media. We need a nominee who understands the issue, Trump simply doesn’t get it.

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Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 1.29.18 PMIf gun control is the key to reducing homicides, why on earth has America’s murder rate been cut in half while gun sales hit record highs. It’s quite a quandary for those on the left.

We should have the highest murder rate ever according to leftist logic. Especially since we have millions more evil black rifles than we did 25 years ago, you never know when when of those black rifles will sneak off and kill someone, right?

The propagandists over at Aljazeera have invented a hilarious reason for the “contradiction” of relatively low crime and high gun ownership.

A recent report cited “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America” (MDA), as the National Rifle Association’s “worst nightmare”.

MDA lobbies for gun control, stigmatises gun use, boasts a membership of 1.5 million and successfully lobbied Target stores, the nation’s fourth largest retailer, to announce that firearms were no longer welcome in its stores.

That victory, though modest, shows that stigmatisation works. While gun sales have doubled over the past two decades, gun homicides have actually been cut in half since 1993.

MDA’s activism replicates the MADD model, which demonised drink driving so successfully that distilleries joined their crusade. Now, the US’ largest beer producer provides funds for MADD’s public outreach programme.

Most people attribute decreased crime in America’s cities to things like the broken widows theory, stop and frisk, tougher sentencing, community policing, closure of housing projects, changing demographics, and more armed citizens willing to defend themselves but Aljazeera thinks they know better.

A relatively obscure Bloomberg funded group stigmatized gun ownership and that caused the decrease in the homicide rate according to Aljazeera.  Apparently they stigmatized gun ownership so much that people couldn’t stop buying AR-15’s, LOL! You can read the entire article here, ironically the title is “Gun Control In The US Is Not Fantasy.”




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