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A recently leaked white paper could be great news for the Second Amendment. The report from the ATF is full of ideas to reduce the regulatory burden on law abiding citizens. Under President Trump the ATF moved in a totally new direction. Since many members of congress want to eliminate the ATF entirely, this leaked document might be an attempt to save the agency.

That’s the power of last election, now that Republicans control congress and the presidency, agencies like the ATF will feel the pressure to change their ways or be destroyed.

Look at this list of proposed regulatory roll backs (from Red State):

  • Opening FFL eligibility to gun-show-only dealers
  • Reforming the “armor-piercing handgun ammo” classification process
  • Easing re-import of American-made “Curio & Relic” service arms
  • Revising “Sporting Purposes” language to include Modern Sporting Rifles like AR’s and AK’s
  • Reclassifying suppressors as non-NFA items–other sources indicate mainstreaming suppressors would dramatically cut ATF workload, allowing more focus on other duties
  • Letting FFL’s check potential employees out via NICS before hiring
  • Clean house getting rid of outdated regulations like the ’94 AWB

Can anyone imagine the ATF coming up with ideas like these with a Democrat in the White House?

If the ATF puts its support behind deregulating suppressors, it will probably put an end to all federal registration and regulation on them. The ATF is basically doing a 180 and arguing for less power rather than more.

Second Amendment supporters shouldn’t be fooled. The ATF will be advocating for more gun control as soon as a Democratic president is back in power. In order for the bureaucracy to justify it’s existence it must advocate gun control over the long run. Less regulation means less regulators, the ATF will be right back where it was under Obama as soon as a Democrat returns to the White House.

In the meantime, enjoy watching the ATF pretend to join forces with the NRA to advance pro-gun reforms.

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The ATF has been a train wreck for many years. From the Fast and Furious gun running scandal to contradictory confusing regulations, this federal agency has been a thorn in the side of gun owners and the American people for decades.

Finally, Congressman Sensenbrenner has put forth a bill to eliminate the ATF and wrap their duties into existing agencies:

The ATF Elimination Act would transfer law enforcement powers over firearms, explosives and arson to the FBI, while enforcement over alcohol and tobacco would go to the Drug Enforcement Agency. Sensenbrenner noted in a statement Thursday that elimination of the ATF would be a beneficial to cutting government spending.

“Common sense budgeting solutions are necessary, and the ATF Elimination Act is one measure we can take to reduce spending, redundancy, and practice responsible governance,” said Sensenbrenner. “The ATF is a scandal-ridden, largely duplicative agency that has been branded by failure and lacks a clear mission. It is plagued by backlogs, funding gaps, hiring challenges, and a lack of leadership.”

Sensenbrenner noted that cutting the ATF would help “begin draining the swamp” and would be in the “best interest” of taxpayers.

The ATF’s functions related to guns and explosives would be transferred to the FBI, while the ATF’s duties related to tobacco and alcohol would go to the DEA. Not only would this reduce government waste and duplicity, it would also eliminate a highly politicized government bureaucracy that is outright hostile to gun owners. The ATF was apparently fine with the Obama administration misusing statistics about their failed Fast and Furious gun running scheme to advance gun control. In fact, some more cynical observers, have suggested that the primary purpose of Fast and Furious was to advance gun control.

The ATF has a long history of making political decisions for the enforcement and interpretation of laws pertaining to gun dealers and manufacturers. It’s hard to imagine the FBI doing a worse job than the ATF is already doing when it comes to the rule of law. The bottom line is that this bill is a good thing for gun owners and dealers.


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Obama’s ATF is making last minute changes to one of the most important forms a gun owner will ever complete: form 4473. That’s the form you fill out to buy a gun from a licensed dealer.

The changes really aren’t that draconian or ridiculous (as you would expect them to be), but they do get a little crazy when they target a most unexpected audience: marijuana smokers.

Is this some sort of revenge against weed tokers for voting Bernie, when Obama wanted them to vote Hillary?

But seriously, look at these regulations (from the

Another notable change to the form is the inclusion of a bolded warning to potential transferees from ATF.   The warning provides that “the use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medical or recreational purposes in the state where you reside.”  This warning is a continuation of ATF’s policy that was first published in an open letter on September 21, 2011.  Under ATF’s policy, not only are users of marijuana prohibited from possessing firearms, but a person may not transfer a firearm to an individual if the transferor knows that the transferee holds a medical marijuana card.  Importantly, this second prohibition applies even where the cardholder does not actually use any marijuana.

So, even if you have a medical marijuana card, but don’t actually use marijuana anymore, you still can’t buy a gun. I thought the liberals were the ones telling us that all the laws against pot were racist? Now Obama is demanding that we threaten every gun dealer with bold print, telling them not to sell guns to people with marijuana prescriptions.

The anti-marijuana language is rather bizarre, there is no real political advantage to doing this. Maybe, Obama’s ATF is genuinely worried about guns in the hands of people who use medicinal pot.

Perhaps, Obama just doesn’t want anyone to “shotgun” their weed.

Whatever the reasons, you can read about the rest of the changes to form 4473 here.


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bullets studio isolatedThe ATF is backing down from new regulations that had the potential to bottleneck ammunition production. These regulations would have reclassified nitrocellulose, a key component of smokeless powder, as an explosive. It seems like trying to quietly sneak regulations that will effect ammunition past the public is becoming a regular occurrence over at Obama’s ATF.

The NRA has more:

Earlier this summer, ATF released an Explosives Industry Newsletter that changed the agency’s treatment of nitrocellulose, the primary component in smokeless powders used in modern ammunition. This change had the potential to seriously disrupt ammunition supply in the United States because it changed a long-standing ATF policy that exempted properly “wetted” nitrocellulose from treatment as an explosive under federal law.

NRA and industry raised these concerns to ATF and any change in ATF’s treatment of nitrocellulose is now officially delayed. In an addendum to the earlier newsletter, ATF announced that it “will conduct further industry outreach concerning wetted Nitrocellulose. In the interim, previously authorized industry practices concerning wetted Nitrocellulose will not be affected.

This seems to have gone down in a similar fashion to the green tip ammo ban. The ATF floats new regulations, then the NRA raises hell and shuts them down. It also could be the case that the folks over at the ATF don’t know what they are doing and don’t realize the ramifications of their actions. Given the anti-gun history over at the ATF, it’s doubtful that these are unintentional consequences of well intended regulation.

Just because the ATF choose to delay these nitrocellulose regulations and the green tip ammo ban, doesn’t mean they won’t try to implement them in the future. You can check out the proposed regulations (or reinterpretations of existing law) here. Stay vigilant!


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