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I can’t begin to tell you how sick I am of hearing how “we have to get guns off the streets to protect the children.” It apparently never crosses the mind of a gun-grabber that crazy people are targeting schools precisely because those schools are “gun free zones” where not even faculty are allowed to carry in order to protect those children.

Then gun grabbers want to expand this faulty logic to entire cities, states, and countries. And the result where they succeed with these plans is that innocent people get hurt because criminals don’t follow the law. Criminals know where and how to get guns and will use them whether it is legal or not. Jenn Jacques writes about another tragic incident,

Reports are coming in from Chicago that at least two children have been shot outside of an elementary school on city’s Far South Side.

According to police dispatch reports, the shooting reportedly happened at Warren Elementary School, 9239 S. Jeffrey, in the Calumet Heights neighborhood, at 1:45 p.m. CST this afternoon [June 16, 2017].

The two students were outside on the playground when they heard gunshots in the street, and ran into the school for cover.

Before they could get into the school, the students both sustained non-life threatening injuries. A 7-year-old girl was shot in the thigh and a 13-year-old girl was shot in the hand.

Police scanner traffic said “numerous casings” were found at the scene with at least one witness describing the shooting as a “drive-by”.

A ‘person of ‘ is in custody and being questioned by investigators.

The wounded students were taken in serious condition to Comer Children’s Hospital and are expected to survive.

So, in case any gun control supporter is reading this, let’s be completely clear about this: this shooting happened at an elementary school (a gun free zone) in Chicago (which has some of the strictest gun control measures in the country), and innocent children were still hurt. What makes you think banning guns anywhere else in the country will prevent this kind of insanity from happening?

The simple, unpleasant truth is that gun control won’t stop these kinds of horrible things from happening, but a gun owner on the scene can prevent these types of shootings from becoming mass shootings by stopping the nutcase from firing any more rounds.

Gun control doesn’t stop shootings; responsible gun owners do.

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The media is seeing how far it can go to generate a buzz for more gun control. Of course, partisan politicians are trying to exploit the recent tragedy in Ft. Lauderdale.  A ban on guns in checked luggage is a pretty logical place for leftists to start. They can scream about how supporters of the Second Amendment won’t keep guns out of our airports and are therefore killing our children.

The N.Y. Times fired off an article with this line:

Gun-control supporters said the shooting raised questions about the efforts in some states, including Florida, to allow gun owners to carry firearms inside passenger terminals in airports, but it was unclear if the shooting would lead to calls for the T.S.A. to tighten firearm regulations.

Obviously, the N.Y. Times and various gun control groups will try to turn this killing into a political football, as shown above, they already have. However, it’s doubtful that the left will be able to take banning checked guns very far.

Here’s why leftist might not gain much traction with a luggage gun ban, look at this line from the exact same N.Y. Times article:

“Since there are so many states that allow the concealed and open carry of firearms in the nonsecure side of airport terminals, the carriage of firearms in checked baggage poses the same level of risk as any public building in which carrying firearms is allowed.”

Any idiot can see that if the baggage terminal of an airport doesn’t require screening, a luggage ban is moot. The shooter doesn’t need to check his bag, he can just put the gun in his waistband and walk into an airport. While liberals were pretty successful in fooling the public into thinking that so-called “assault weapons” were the same as machine guns, they just can’t fool anyone here. Requiring a full search to enter baggage claim is pretty impractical and will probably prove to be unpopular.

The “gun-free” zone zealots might try to ban guns in all airports, but a luggage specific ban by the TSA is pretty unlikely.

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Whenever your gun stops shooting, or it malfunctions in anyway, the first thing you should do is tap, rack, bang. Why?

Well, the tap, rack, bang will clear 90% of gun jams. In other words, all the most common malfunctions will be cleared by tap, rack, bang, so without even looking at the gun you should try and clear it that way.

Tap, Rack, Bang is also called “immediate action” because that’s what it should be — your immediate reaction to a gun jam without diagnosing anything.

But if you find that the gun is still jammed, it’s most likely a double feed. Here’s how to clear that.

Step 1: Lock

First thing’s first. It may LOOK like the slide is already locked back because it’s not forward in the position it’s supposed to be. But you need to lock it back completely.

That means pushing the slide back and engaging the slide stop lever.

Step 2: Strip

Next, you want to strip the magazine from the gun. This could be as easy as hitting the mag release button on the gun (like you would normally do to reload) or if you have a nasty jam you may have to “rip” it out.

IMPORTANT: if you do not have a fresh magazine to replace this one with, then you need to hold on to this magazine.

Step 3: Rack

Then with the gun empty of a magazine rack the slide at least 3 times, and the gun will likely be cleared of any rounds or empty casings that had jammed it up.

Step 4: Magazine

Then you need to either A.) stick a fresh magazine back in the gun or B.) put the same magazine back in the gun if you don’t have a backup.

Step 5: Rack

Then rack the slide again after inserting the magazine. This chambers a new, live round.

Step 6: Bang? 

Now is the time to assess and decide if you need to get back to shooting again.

It’s that simple guys. Five words:


Then of course, “Bang” or start shooting again is optional, you’ll have to assess the situation and see if you need to keep sending lead down range.

Obviously this takes a little more time than the “tap, rack, bang” method, but if you get a double feed this is how you clear it.

It might one day save your life, so be sure to practice it from time to time. You can use “dummy rounds” during your dryfire practice to set it up, like you see in the picture below.

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shoot better than FBI qualification

Why The FBI Standards Are Important To You And I …

The FBI reports that 80% of LEO (law enforcement officer) shootings between 2000 and 2009 happened at 20 feet or less. The FBI even trains there guys different now. From a news article:

 “The new training protocols were formally implemented last January after a review of nearly 200 shootings involving FBI agents during a 17-year period. The analysis found that 75% of the incidents involved suspects who were within 3 yards of agents when shots were exchanged.”

Tom Givens, who runs Rangemaster Training in Memphis Tennesse has trained – literally — thousands of civilian students how to use guns for self defense. He has debriefed 60+ of his students that had to use their guns for self defense and it matches up with the FBI data:

– 1.7% were at 0 to 2 yards
– 92.1% were at 3 to 7 yards
– and only 5.2% were from 7 to 25 yards …

So it turns out the old “3 shots, in 3 seconds, at 3 yards” is a pretty accurate description of what you are most likely to face in a self defense encounter.

Tom also has made the point that FBI special agents are required by policy to keep their weapons concealed when they’re in business clothing and outside the office, so their gun fights more closely resemble what the armed citizen would face.

In fact, Tom says “It suprises a lot of people to find out that around half of all FBI agent involved shootings occure because some thug does not realize they are law enforcement and tries to hold them up or carjack them”.

Why I’m Going To Pass the FBI Qualification (And You Should Too) …

Greg Ellifritz makes the point that you should shoot a Federal law enforcement course of fire, pass, and have it signed by a witness (or better yet a local police officer).


He explains …

    “If you have to shoot someone in self defense and your abilities are questioned by the court, it makes a pretty powerful statement to say:
        “As a responsible gun owner, I didn’t feel comfortable carrying my gun in public until my skill level was at least as good as the police officers who patrol my community.  I took several training classes and I successfully completed the state’s police pistol qualification course.  Here’s the target to prove it.
    That might shut down any line of questioning that disparages your skill set or paints you as someone who is “reckless” or “wants to shoot someone.”

The only courses of fire that may have more perceived value to a jury are those shot by various branches of Federal law enforcement.

While some citizens in your jury pool might have some bad experiences with local cops, agencies like the FBI usually have a sterling reputation.  It couldn’t hurt to be able to pass the FBI pistol qualification standards.”

I’m going to do it myself soon, so you should too …

Here’s the qualification course.


The Revised FBI Qualification Course 

Qualification is shot with the QIT-99 reduced size target.
turn on images to see the QIT-99 target

*** All draws from concealment
*** Course is 60 rounds total
*** Any hit in the bottle outline is 1 point
*** 48 out of 60 total points (80%) are required to pass the course

STAGE 1: From Three Yards (12 rounds fired):

– 3 shots in 3 seconds, strong hand only
– repeat above for 3 more rounds
– 3 rounds strong hand only, switch hands, 3 rounds weak hand only in a total of 8 seconds

STAGE 2: From Five Yards (12 rounds fired) (all shooting at this stage and during each subsequent stage is performed with both hands):

– 3 rounds in 3 seconds
– repeat 3 more times for a total of 12 rounds fired

STAGE 3: From Seven Yards (16 rounds fired):

– 4 rounds in 4 seconds
– repeat above for 4 more rounds
– 4 rounds, reload, then fire 4 more rounds all completed in 8 seconds

STAGE 4: From 15 yards (10 rounds fired):

– 3 rounds in 6 seconds
– repeat above for 3 more rounds
– 4 rounds in 8 seconds

STAGE 5: From 25 Yards: (10 rounds fired) (This stage requires the use of a barricade.  Greg uses a cardboard target for simplicity and ease of carry, use anything that’s tall enough to stand behind):

– Move up to and behind the cover and fire 2 rounds standing and then 3 rounds kneeling, all under 15 seconds.
– Repeat above


That’s it.

Next time you’re at the range, and you have someone with you who can time, witness and sign your qualification target, you should give it a try.

If you do, send me a picture of your qualification target — or better yet — a youtube video and you’ll get a special prize!

“Molon Labe!”

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Caleb Lee

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One thing anti-gun people are always saying is some variation of the following lie:

    “Only Military and Police should have access to guns because they are highly trained and the only ones who know how to use them safely and correctly”

You’ve heard it before right?

At first blush, it even sounds correct …

Why wouldn’t Military or Police be the best trained gun owners we have?

The problem is, it’s simply not true.

Today, we’ll talk about why … and … how you can (easily) shoot better than the police.

Turns out … Police Qualifications are a Joke …

In the words of Greg Ellifrtiz:

    “To the amazement of my armed citizen friends, most police qualification courses are little more than a joke.  With a full day’s worth of pistol training, I can get almost everyone to the point where they can pass their state’s police qualification course.  In Ohio, our course is so easy that I blindfolded one of my retired officers and had him shoot the course.  He passed.”

In fact, while minimum standards vary for each state for law enforcement officer training, the universal standard is 40-48 hours of basic training. And either annual or bi-annual requalification.

In other words, police receive about a week’s worth of training in Police Academy on how to use their handgun. Then they are tested on a qualification course and then only required to requalify on that course of fire once, maybe twice per year.

The Truth Is, The Police Regularly MISS 80% Of Their Shots!

Now, sure, being a police officer means you have access to “at least” a bare minimum of training. And if you work in the right county, you might even have more access to a shooting range and be encouraged to go there more often than civilians.

But the vast majority of Police are simply not that well trained.

And it shows …

In real life, what this means is that police can generally only hit their target about 20% of the time they are involved in a shooting. In other words, they miss about 80% of their shots!

According to an article published by the Police Policy Studies Council (a research-based, law enforcement training and consultation corporation), in Florida between 1990 and 2001, officers with the Metro-Dade Police,

“fired about 1,300 bullets at suspects, and missed more than 1,100 times. This suggests that Miami police fared no better than a 15.4% hit ratio…”

In New York City, police who used their firearms in “Gunfights, Other Shootings vs Perpetrator, and Against Dogs,” hit their intended targets only 38 percent of the time at distances between zero and two yards.

That hit rate plummits to 17 percent of the time at three to seven yards (Data gathered from 1994 to 2000.)

Your Goal Then Should Be To Shoot Better Than The Police!

Not only are these fun facts to throw out the next time someone tells you that ONLY Police should have guns because they are SO well trained …

But also, as a concealed carry holder or prepared gun owner you should work at your skills to become better trained and be able to out-perform your average police officer.

How can you do that?

Again, work on being fast & accurate at different self-defense distances:

– For distances of about 7-25 yards work on your traditional handgun accuracy. Sight alignment, sight picture, and work like crazy on your trigger press and trigger control.

– For distances of 7 yards and less, work on getting an “acceptable” flash sight picture. As I’ve explained before, this means you present the gun, focus hard on the front sight and when it’s somewhere in between the rear sights–shoot! At three to seven yards even the worst flash sighting gets center-mass hits.

And of course you need training …

Ideally, you would get more than 40 hours of training this year from a competent instructor who can teach you how to fight with your handgun. That may sound like a lot but it’s only five 8-hour days (or 2.5 weekend two-day courses) …

Even before that though, you can start training yourself by reading articles such as this one and practicing yourself at the range and practicing at home with dry fire practice and such.

In no time at all, you’ll be able to shoot more accurately than 99% of police officers.

Remember though, in a real life situation where your adrenaline is pumping and you’re scared out of your wits and it’s life and death — you’re going to only be half as good as you ever are on your best day at the range …

So always try to shoot better … be faster … more accurate … and a better with your gun.

In my next email, I’ll talk about how you can even shoot better than an FBI agent!

“Molon Labe!”

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Caleb Lee

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If you’ve been going to the shooting range to practice, I applaud you.

Anyone who ever intends to use a gun to defend home and loved ones needs to get a lot of practice. Shooting at a target is one thing, but shooting at a target that’s shooting back is something else entirely.

You know, bad guys don’t just stand there at 5 to 7 yards, waiting for you to shoot them. They have a tendency to do all sorts of things to make you miss. If all you’ve ever done is shoot at a fixed target at a fixed range, you’re going to have a rude awakening when things turn real and you’re using that gun to make sure that you and your family can survive.

That’s why you need to do tactical shooting, in addition to target shooting.

Many shooting ranges offer tactical shooting events, where you can fire a tactical course, designed to simulate a real-world shooting scenario.

Tactical shoots are done against the clock, so that only one shooter is on the line at a time. This is important for safety, but it also adds an element of realism in that a real life situation will have to be dealt with quickly. You won’t have time to make sure your stance and grip are perfect. You may even end up shooting instinctively, without getting a proper sight picture. The idea is to get the bad guys, before they can get you.

So, in a tactical shoot, you’ll find:

*** Multiple targets – Bad guys, like coyotes, travel in packs

*** Targets at different distances – Nope, they don’t line up for you

*** Moving targets – If you’re shooting, you can be sure that the bad guys are either going to charge you or try to get out of your line of fire

*** Shooting while moving – Just like the bad guys are trying to get out of your line of fire, you should try to get out of theirs

*** Shooting from cover – You definitely want this. Being behind cover makes you a poor target

*** Shooting targets that are partially covered – The bad guys will try to hide as well, just to make your job harder

*** Low lighting – Bad guys like to work at times when they can’t be seen easily. It makes it easier for them to beat the rap if you can’t identify them

There are endless ways of combining these elements, making each scenario different.

Unlike a video game, you don’t get to practice the same moves over and over until you get them right. You’ve got to get it right the first time. That means moving the right way, shooting the targets in the right order and even picking the right time to reload your gun.

All these elements will make a difference that one time when it all turns real, so by practicing in some tactical training, you are making yourself ready to deal with them, when the time comes.

Look for these types of tactical shooting events at ranges near you. You might look into the “Practical Shooting” associations too who hold these types of events on a regular basis, allow you to become a member and compete against others such as IDPA, IPSC, USPSA, 3-Gun, 2-Gun, and others.


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