WATCH: What Everybody Should Know About Firing From a Car – Are You Prepared to Act?


Stop and think about the places where you spend the majority of your day. Three locations probably come to mind.

First, there’s your home. You probably keep a firearm within easy reach while you’re there, and you feel relatively safe. Ok, check that spot off the list.

Next, you’ve got your office or workplace. Depending on your employers policies, you likely carry a concealed weapon with you during your workday. Check that place off the list.


Third, there’s your car. You may drive in it with your gun on you or in the glovebox, but do you know how you would handle a conflict by firing from you car, should one arise?

If there’s any hesitation in your answer – and if you’re like most people there probably was – then you should be watching this video right now. It details all the pertinent details of responsibly discharging your firearm from a vehicle in the event of a crisis.

Check it out below:

Did you learning anything from that? Do you feel better prepared to now to use your firearm from your vehicle?

Tell us in the comments.



  1. Firing from the car video. The video show the window is down. What do you do if the window is up ?
    The sound will make you deaf and dizzy.

    • you shoot through it.

      If you need to shoot somebody the last thing on your mind should be the sound your gun will make

  2. When I attended POLICE training we were cautioned to never fire our weapon from a moving vehicle.In your video showa the”good” guy shooting from a”standing still” vehicle and the”bad guy” standing out in the open.I can’t,imagine in real life,any police officer finding such an open shooting situation,if such an incident occurs,the”bad guy”deserves to be dead..

    • There is usually a vast difference between the situations LEO face and civilians face.

      This is pretty realistic to some type of carjacking situation — guy running up on a stopped car with a gun … if you’re able to keep driving as a civilian then you should probably drive away, not draw a gun and engage.

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