Why You Should NEVER Shop At Dicks Sporting Goods


Handwritten graffiti No Guns sprayed on the wall, anarchist aestheticsWhen Dicks Sporting goods stopped selling modern sporting rifles in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, many gun owners were shocked. It’s understandable that big box stores like Target would cave to political pressure, but surely the executives at Dicks know better. By refusing to sell MSR’s Dick’s Sporting Goods helped validate the lie of the assault rifle. Why would Dick’s do this?

The mystery intensified when Forbes magazine revealed that Dick’s spin-off store Field and Stream was selling MSR’s. Obviously Dick’s wasn’t morally opposed to selling MSR’s, but something strange was definitely going on. Dicks Sporting goods had abandon it’s home town where the company began, moving virtually all the corporate jobs out of town. Suddenly out of nowhere they returned with almost 500 warehousing jobs. Weird.

Today the mystery has been solved. Kim Myers a progressive Democrat, heiress, and daughter of Dick’s sporting goods founder, Dick Stack, is running for congress. She brought back a small portion of the jobs she shipped out of town to her congressional district.


Kim Myers could care less about your second amendment rights. She is abusing her influence over the company to advance her political career. She is more than happy to perpetuate the assault weapons myth and screw over her own customers if it helps her get elected.



      • Typical libtard deceitful liar that is a clone of bo & hilary the #1&#2 worst enemies against U.S. Patriotic Citizens Constitutional Freedom & Rights … ! Their damned agenda is total dictatorship over the U.S.A. … !

  1. We stopped shopping at Dick’s the day it stopped selling guns due to some nut who stole guns and murdered the owner. Screw YOU dick’s and Kim Myers the dope !

  2. I went to Dicks once and was unhappy with the high prices and the lack of things I would have bought,the ammo was priced too high, at WalMart I buy 9mm Pistol rounds at $9.98,for 50 rounds,at Dicks the same brand ammo was $12.99,not much of a difference but I buy a lot and it adds up, I needed a knee brace,it was $39.99 at WalMart the same brand was $14.99.so I havent been back to Dicks and never will.

  3. I am through with Dick’s Sporting goods. I just bought a rather expensive knife there. DID THEY NOT REALIZE THAT WAS A DANGEROUS WEAPON? (Note sarcasm)
    Kim Myers action reminds me of the stupidity of KAE-PUKE_NICK and B L M (Black Lunatic Morons)

  4. I have never been in a Dick’s store, with Costco, Walmart, and the internet, who needs them. My friends who shop mention the prices and I respond, why are you shopping there. I will spread the information about guns and ammo.

  5. I have been a Democrat all of my voting life. The last democrap I voted for was jfk. He let me down as a career military by pulling air support for the bay of pigs invasion. I vowed that I would never vote for a democrap again. I do wish that I could vote in that district so I could vote against her. I will never shop at dick’s again and will spread the word to everyone that will listen and cares about the UNITED STATES and the way it should be run. VOTE TRUMP!

  6. I never went to any of Dicky Doos. After this: I NEVER WILL! Screw those jew loving Marxist piss-ants!

  7. Although there is no law requiring it, Dick’s is the one store requiring ID, which they keep on file, for purchasing ammunition.

  8. When Dick’s first opened here in Oklahoma City, I thought it strange that they sold rifles but no handguns. I inquired about it at the store and failing to get a satisfactory answer, then to Dick’s corporate who also danced around the question. I have boycotted them ever since. Their actions after Sandy Hook confirmed my suspicions.

    • Hello Glenn Speck,
      Nice to see a fellow Oklahoman posting here. I have never stepped foot inside Dick’s and now I have even more reason never to do so! I keep my weapons for self protection, my son has his for hunting and self protection. He’s been introducing my two young granddaughters to hunting since each turned five and just this past Thursday the three of them were in one of their tree stands when his oldest spotted a nice 8 point and Daddy took him down, bow and arrow style! I could not have seen my 5 & 7 year old granddaughters ANY HAPPIER!

      And no, my son NEVER shops at Dick’s for ANY of his equipment or supplies, and I often wondered why. He surely knew about this Dick’s mess long before I!

    • I used to shop at Dick’s when they opened their store in my home town, but when they announced their “no sporting guns” decision, I stopped shopping there. I don’t even go into their store now. As long as they maintain that discriminatory policy, I will NEVER again go into their store.

  9. I went to a DICKS, once. Sticker shock left me with a phobia for the place. Gander Mountain offered better prices and more volume of choices. And other than when Obama social agencies started hoarding ammo, Walmart was a good go to. Trump 2016!

  10. There’s more money in being a corrupt politician then running a sporting goods store right? hilLIARy knows all about making obscene money using politics.

  11. Dicks, The well-named store! There was a Dicks close to my home, and I went there for a small, disposable boat horn. I asked one of their rude clerks who was leaning against a display where I could find the boat horns. His reply was snotty and condescending for no reason apparent to me. I left that store saying loudly, “DICKS, the well-named store…You’re Dicks!

  12. I stopped shopping Dick’s Sporting Goods the day they announced they are no longer selling assault riffles.
    Vote with your money…

  13. Yea I will never go back to dicks it took them 3 days to tell me no on a gun went to cabelias and got the same gun cheaper in an hour.a shot gun at that,dicks service sucks like their name

    • Unfortunately, Dick’s is in the process of buying Cabelas. Oh, well, the small shops give better service anyway.

  14. Walmart also stopped selling semi auto rifles. I’m sure political pressure. Walmart claimed sales were low BIG LIE. I haven’t shopped there since. But unfortunately I have to deal with their phone store.

  15. I’m pretty sure that if I had more money than I could spend, it wouldn’t make me STUPID.

  16. Simple solution, or so it seems to me. If you aren’t happy with Dick’s polities,have a POLITE conversation with the store manager, stating your case, and the reason or reasons why you will never darken their door with either your person or your money. You might also state the same in writing to their corporate headquarters. You might be surprised at the results of such activity. As to the candidate for a seat in the House of Representatives, if people in that locale are unhappy with her actions or what they attribute to her, vote accordingly.

  17. I had the smarts to see the writing on the wall way back when dicks sporting goods stopped selling handguns back in the day when we had the looney handgun control heyday, they stopped selling handguns and i ran a gun shop so i said never again to dicks, i may not have bancrupted them but i definately spread the word to a lot of customers who came to me for what the constitution said was our right and our heritage, so by by dicks…

  18. I went to a Dicks once, have never been back. High prices bad customer service. In my opinion If you want to get screwed go to Dicks. There are others like them too. Big 5 (glorified shoe store) for instance I asked them once why they didn’t sell handguns. Reply was they were a California company , doing business in Oregon, and were not allowed to. Never been back there either.

  19. I will back you all. The hell with them all. The first time something bad happens to one of there love one’s or there self, they will be the first one to cry and wish they had kept selling guns of all type and that if we can’t protect our self and love one’s by oweing a handgun or rifle. it’s our God given right, and the government or any one who says you can’t protect your self should get jump on and see what they would say about it then. I will not spend my hard earn money at Dicks Sporting Store or any place that is against the second amendment or protecting my love one’s or friend or a law abiding citizen.

  20. It use to be called ‘Big Richard’s Sporting Goods’. Then they changed it to ‘Little Dicks, We Suck!’ lol!

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