Top 3 Selling Concealed Carry Guns


American Rifleman has a nifty way of figuring out what the top three selling concealed carry guns are. Instead of asking manufacturers, who are often pretty secretive about actual sales numbers, Rifleman asked six of the biggest holster manufacturers. This method reveals which guns people are actually carrying. They came up with this list. Can you guess what gun is number one?

Check out this video with the top three carry guns from Lock, Stock, and Barrel:


Off the top of my head, I might have guessed that Glock would have been number one. It turns out that the M&P Shield is the winner according to the impromptu poll conducted by American Rifleman. Since most gun owners have more than one gun, it’s interesting to see what gun they actually carry on a regular basis.

All three make fine carry guns, as the number of Americans who carry concealed continues to surge, it’ll be interesting to see which brands stay on top. What do you carry and why? Talk amongst yourselves in the comments section below.



  1. I usually carry either a Glock 19 or Glock 23. Sometimes when it’s cold enough outside to keep on a coat the whole time I carry the full size Glock 17 or 22. I like the full size best but seldom carry them because they’re harder to conceal. In Texas, open carry is legal but I always carry concealed.

  2. I carry a Ruger LC9S with a green fiber optic front sight and two red fiber optic rear sights. It also has a laser which activates as I grasp the grip. I also carry a soft eyeglass holder with an extended magazine in my left pocket. My holster is a Sneaky Pete and it is very comfortable.
    To retrieve my weapon my finger goes right behind the trigger and as I pull the weapon out and shift it alongside the slide my thumb releases the safety in one motion.
    I can have my weapon at the ready in the blink of an eye.
    I have no problem with any failures to feed with Hornady ammo and I make sure to practice once a month by shooting the good ammo in the magazine first and a box of 50 target rounds for my 9 MM and a 5 .357 magnums and a box of 38 cal in my Smith and Wesson revolver as well as a few rounds in my Springfield 45 cal. just for grins.
    My 9MM is my everyday carry weapon and it feels like I left my wallet out of my pocket when I do not have it. I have it in the holster even in the house, it is that light and comfortable.
    I am over 70 years old and while I was younger and in the Navy I thought I was indestructible. Now I just want to present a low profile and just be ready to surprise any young punk who wants to harm my family or myself. It is a world of rude people out there and I am always very polite. Sometimes people may confuse that with weakness but amazingly enough I find that somehow they sense not to mess with me because they can’t figure out why I am not afraid.

  3. My choice for”CC” is the Springfield XP 9″MM”..I am c urrently looking for a”soft” holster,that could be worn inside or outside,,righrhanded…My choioce is bnased soley on the looks and feel of the weapon..

  4. Smith & Wesson m&p 17+1. Recently i lost 25 pounds so i carry inside the waist and its perfect. When asked if i am caring something on the one side its my cell so i say no but i am in the other side and they can’t tell.

  5. I like the SCCY 1, small, accurate, light, dependable, and affordable. I also like the RIA .45 in the Officer’s Model. Again, small, slim, reliable, and it packs a punch. As a retired cop and a long-time carrier, I sometimes cannot sleep without a pistol digging into my kidney. Since the release of the SCCY series, I now own three of the model 1 style, and one of the Model 2. This weapon brought me back into the fold of 9mm owners.

  6. Springfield XDM, 9 mm, 4.5 barrel, 19 rounds with 1 in the pipe makes 20 and 2 extra 19 round clips. Shoulder holster rig under the arm. With a vote for Trump/Pence sign on my vehicle its always good to be prepared.

  7. There are two revolvers that are selling really well and are my favorites as concealed carry handguns. The S&W M-640 air weight 38 special and the Ruger SP101 DAO. They are both highly reliable. My father who has arthritis carries the 640 and loves his. For people who for one reason or another cannot carry an auto they are easy to use and with HKS speedloaders are almost as quick to reload as an auto loader. The Ruger SP101 is a handgun I carry almost everyday even though I am a hardcore 1911 fan. Mine is equiped with an XS Systems tritium big dot front sight and compact Hogue Monogrip. Having carried a wide variety of revolvers over the years I find the SP101 thus setup to be the most perfect carry revolver I have ever owned. It is very accurate for a fixed sighted 2 1/4 inch handgun and with 125 grain Hornady Magnum loads is not punishing at all where recoil is concerned. Both revolvers are worth a close look for concealed carry.

  8. I carry the Ruger P345 which is a full size semi auto, During summer I carry it IWB in my own personally designed holster(hard to find commercial brands for this pistol) during the winter I carry it OWB. Yes it is heavy but I don’t mind. Even OWB it conceals easily w/ just my shirt tail out. I own 3 other pistols Taurus millennium 9mm,S&W .40 cal & Taurus Tracker in 44 mag all very nice pistols but prefer the Ruger. Before I bought the Ruger I checked every pistol that the gun shops in town had & decided the Ruger felt best in my hand.

  9. I have carried a S&W M&P Shield in 40 cal for some time now. I find it to be easily concealable, even with an OWB holster, and it is controllable and accurate for anyone who practices with it regularly. My only problem with this gun, and the other two M&Ps I own, is that it can fire out of battery. Smith and Wesson claims this cannot happen. When I sent them positive proof that my M&P 45 fired out of battery, cracking the frame and rendering the firearm unsafe, they examined the gun and the ruptured brass casing of the round that damaged it. They sent the frame and the round back to me saying “Our engineers have examined your frame and have determined that this is not the result of faulty manufacturing. Therefore we claim no liability for this alleged firearm malfunction.” They advertise it cannot fire out of battery and yet all of the M&P models do so. Therefore, my advice to anyone thinking about the M&P in any form as a reliable self-defense weapon should think again.

  10. I carry either a full size or commander 1911 in either .45 or 9MM, or an XD in 9mm (very reliable, and light for the amount of rounds); government model 1911s are FLATTER, though. Bob

  11. Living in Florida gives me two options over the course of a year. For winter carry I have a Kimber Pro Carry stainless in .45 that hides well under a flannel shirt or light jacket. For summer use a Sig P938 in 9MM fills the bill. I can hide that well under a teashirt. With a good gun belt both firearms are held close to the body and takes off any concerns about weight. My guns are not carried inside the waistband and are carried in a concealed style holster.

  12. I carry a Beretta 9mm with 4″ barrel. It is my second choice for number 1 I carry a full size CZ 9mm. It is the most accurate of any pistol I have ever shot and I have shot quite a few. For the price and its incredible accuracy with 16+ in mag. you can’t go wrong.

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