Manhattan DA Makes Ridiculous Statement About CCW Reciprocity


Maybe this story shouldn’t cause any surprise. It is from that hotbed of anti-gun sentiment known as New York City, after all, but the sheer stupidity of the statement just boggles the mind of anyone who actually studies history and statistics.

The guy who made the ridiculous statement is Cyrus Vance. identifies him this way: “Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. is the Manhattan District Attorney and co-chair of Prosecutors Against Gun Violence.” To their credit, even though they probably agree with him, says that Vance’s viewpoint on guns as expressed in the editorial published on are his own. They are, it seems, at least trying to uphold a facade of unbiased journalistic respectability. Here is what Vance writes,

I’m proud to say that New York remains the safest big city in the nation, at least according to the Economist’s Safe Cities Index.

But this progress could come to a screeching halt if the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, known as CCRA, passes Congress.”

He then goes on to talk about how each state should have the right to decide their own rules about carrying weapons (I wonder if he felt that way when the last administration was trying to force top-down gun control.).  We can discuss whether the states’ rights issue is a valid concern in reference to this issue, but, then, Vance says this:


As the No. 1 tourism destination in the United States, my city receives more than 46 million adult visitors from other states each year, and 6.5% of American adults have a concealed handgun permit. Passage of CCRA could unleash countless new concealed weapons on the streets of New York. That could mean more shootings, more victims and more tragedies in America’s safest big city.

No one will bear the burden of those tragedies more heavily than our police. Under the CCRA, cops would have to patrol our streets surrounded by hidden, loaded guns. They would have no way to confirm whether an out-of-state permit is legitimate and no database to check on the status of those permits. And because many states don’t even require permits to carry, the NYPD would have to take armed individuals at their word.

So police officers are against this bill. Prosecutors, like me, are against this bill. Who would actually be for this bill? I can offer one answer: ISIS.

Seriously? Vance’s argument is that CCW reciprocity is primarily a terrorism issue? In reply to this, I wonder how many people would have died if someone on those planes during 9/11 had been carrying a concealed firearm? Answer: probably just the terrorists. The same answer could be made for the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Orlando, and London.

This is the kind of nonsense that we are constantly up against as law-abiding responsible gun owners. The facts, when looked at objectively and in context, support us. The facts do not support gun control. Why? Because armed citizens prevent terrorism; they don’t enable it.



  1. Vances’ real problem is that CCW would cause the crime rate in NYC to go down thus creating less need for his empire of costly attorneys and NYC might even need to reduce the police force. Government only wants to “grow” the size of the organization. When it comes to Police and DA’s, they need crime in order to keep their job. They literally do not want to admit that something out of their control might work to reduce the epidemic of crime.

    • Your observation is spot on, John. Police have a vested interest in keeping crime statistics soaring. Without crime, their jobs would end up on the scrap-heap. The same is true of Soldiers… there is nothing more they look forward to, than engaging in a real, live, war. All that training, all those cool weapons, “Damn, would someone please give us an excuse for a good war? And, if they don’t… we’ll just make one up,” (Vietnam — ‘Gulf of Tonkin incident’ or Iraq — ‘Weapons of Mass destruction.’) It is actually amazing, the amount of people whose income depend on how much turmoil can be created in the world. From the “Media” (no one tunes into CNN more than when there’s a good war, or act of terrorism, murder or mayhem to be reported) From Jet fighter manufacturers, to Pentagon personnel, Police, Media, uniform makers, to… (fill in your own blank here.) Every wonder what “terrorism” itself is all about? “Terrorists” blow up some buildings, shoot up a night-club, blow up a train, or, bomb a marathon race and… what do they get out of it? Well, they gain nothing at all. Who does gain something? The public now happily screams for more protection… meaning increased Police, FBI, NRA, TSA, CIA budgets — the Media’s stats soar… everyone now tunes in, buys papers. And, of course, we now must take away rights from citizens… in order to protect citizens. The ‘Terrorist’s’ gain absolutely nothing… but an awful lot of other players gain plenty. If you want to know the true cause behind something… just look to who gains the most.

  2. That is why we will not go anywhere near NY City.
    I was mugged twice in that city and I was NOT allowed to carry my gun.

  3. And don’t forget Ft. Hood murders, many lives could have been saved if soldiers were permitted to carry weapons inside, and in fact, it would probably never happened since only cowards are mass killers of the innocent.

  4. “Who would be for this bill?” – That terrorists, persons bent on mass mayhem or criminals in general would prefer to confront a crowd in which there might be armed law abiding citizens? The man is irrational! Does he somehow dream that criminals won’t be carrying concealed if there’s a law against it?

    • For some strange reason, they just can’t wrap their headsa round the fact that when “Guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” It’s only common sense, something of which they lack.

  5. The guy is a moron who either just doesn’t understand; or he thinks he is smarter than the masses and is trying to bullshit them!

    • I think both of your statements are true. The left have a horrible habit of thinking they are smarter than everyone else. They say differently until they think no one on the right is listening and then they joke how stupid The American People are. That’s been Hitlarys game play and glad to see that mess might just get caught this time.

  6. You have to understand the NYC mentality. They have none. This clown is probably guarded by armed bodyguards and lives in a gated secure community. I’m sure he has been fed absolute crap by the illegal loving POS mayor also.

  7. Its NYC, not much more needs to be said. They don’t honor residents of NY State, that have a CCW license.
    Let alone non residents.

  8. Vance is a Legacy Charter Member of The 1% NWO Crowd…er, Cartel.
    His family has been smeared on USA Gubbamint for decades.

  9. Since when is NYC the safest large city. I have no desire to go there because of the crowds and the crime that gun wielding criminals commit. At least where I am I have a chance to defend myself

    • FooFooLaPoo:
      I carry a gun:
      1. not because I am afraid; however, I don’t want to be afraid.
      2. not because I feel inadequate; I know I am inadequate against an arme criminal or mob.
      3. because I don’t want to try to depend on some crazy, like you, to protect me, not if but when I am attacked.
      4. because, when seconds count, the police are but minutes away..

  10. “If the central government has the authority to tell a state it must accept permits from all the other states, then it also has the authority to tell a state it may not accept a concealed permit from any other states. If the central government can do these things it can set up a national concealed carry permit scheme and in essence bring into existence a national arms registry. That is exactly where this is headed.” Attorney Richard D. Fry written by publiushuldah, posted by ConMa.

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