Looking For A .22 Precision Rifle? Volquartsen Has One To Look At

Image courtesy Volquartsen Firearms.

People become interested in firearms for a variety of reasons. Many people get started at a young age because of a close family member who was a gun owner, often a hunter. Others were taught at a young age that that self-protection was important, and, so, favored firearms for that purpose. Still others, though, found a love of firearms in areas such as competitive shooting and the sport aspect. All are valid, and all are welcome in the firearms world.

If you’re one of the folks looking for precision in your shooting, for the sporting aspect, then Volquartsen Firearms have introduced a new model of precision rifle which may interest you (hat tip to here for the lead). From Volquartsen’s website:

With the popularity of precision 22 LR rifle shooting continuing to grow, we felt this was the perfect time to introduce the VF-ORYX. This chassis set up is perfect for precision shooting. As we’ve discussed, 22 LR is a great way to introduce new shooters to the long range game. Teaching them how to properly use an optic, learn their holdovers, and manage their breathing to execute the shot, long range 22 LR is ideal for competitors and recreational shooters alike.

The VF-ORYX is the latest addition to our line of 22 LR rifles. It features a CNC-machined stainless steel receiver with an integral 20 MOA rail making it ideal for long-range 22 LR shooting.

The Snake Fluted Barrel is threaded into the receiver. This increases rigidity between barrel and action, and ultimately, accuracy.

Additional details include the 2.25lb trigger pull, and the rifle has a “one-piece integrated aluminum chassis and buttstock [that] is designed to improve the consistency and accuracy of your rifle, whether you’re shooting from the bench, a bipod, or a prone position.” The rifle also has a ten round magazine capacity and weighs in at approximately nine pounds, three ounces with an overall barrell length of 20.5″.


So, if you’re involved in precision rifle shooting or looking to get into the sport, Volquartsen’s VF-ORYX may be one to put on your list to look into.



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