BIG Court Win For Gun Manufacturers


Anti-2A activists, including their crony friends in governments at all levels, want nothing more than to strip the right to keep and bear arms from every single American.

Now, many will tell you that they don’t want that, that they only want to keep guns out of the hands of the dangerous people, but they haven’t even begun to be remotely successful with that so far.

So, how far do they want to go to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people? The answer is: as far as they need to go to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people. The problem with that thinking is, of course, that dangerous people can and will get their hands on guns whether or not they are legally allowed to own guns.


In other words, taken to its logical conclusion, they will do whatever it takes to ban guns. They may not (yet) be calling for an outright ban, but all anti-2A people eventually come to that conclusion because they think that laws on the books have the magical ability to prevent people from doing evil things.

But they can’t always get the laws passed that they want, so, they look for “creative” (indirect) ways to strip away Americans’s gun rights, such as suing gun manufacturers. And, in at least in one case, they got another country’s government to participate, too, but that didn’t go so well for them. From the NRA-ILA’s website:

Last August, Brady – an American gun control organization – teamed up with the government of Mexico to sue various companies within the U.S. firearms industry, seeking to hold them responsible for the violent acts of narco-terrorists south of the U.S. border. It was, as we noted at the time, an audacious and desperate maneuver to blame rampant crime in a nation known for its own official corruption and human rights abuses on the lawful businesses that enable Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights. The lawsuit also sought to create a loophole to a law Congress enacted specifically to prevent suits like this against the gun industry.

The Brady/Mexico gambit has, for now, utterly failed. On Sept. 30, the judge presiding over the case dismissed every count in its entirety.

This is a big win, not just for firearms manufacturers, but also for legal gun owners in America.

But we can’t rest on this win. Anti-2A zealots certainly won’t, and we still need to win the education battle so that people know the truth that legal gun ownership is good for everyone except criminals.



  1. The anti-2A people couldn’t care less about the laws on the books and what they can or cannot do. They want to disarm all Americans so they will have the power to tell the Americans people what to do and when to do it. That’s the simple basic bottom line evil unspoken fact behind everything they do. Don’t ever mistake any of their actions for being altruistic, they are nothing but evil.

  2. A BIG THANK YOU to ALL invilved in THIS P G O association….I am in Ca. And it is near impossible 4 a middle income person to afford any REAL home defense….as well as ALL RED TAPE & WAIT TIME . If there is a donation dept. I would help as I can ….GUNS =
    L I F E .

  3. I’m 73 and not as good as I used to be… A couple of thugs, with or without weapons, are a major threat to my health and well being, UNLESS I have a firearm. Then they are in major trouble.

    If the honest person can’t have a gun, the bad people don’t need them to make victims out of us.

  4. Think about those in the United Kingdom that don’t have a right to self defense at all, if they use any kind of weapon to defend themselves they would be prosecuted by the Crown since they have no right to defense! I would hope that it never comes to that in the U.S., but I think that we are headed that direction with all of those that actually believe that eliminating the private ownership of firearms is a solution to the problem we have with criminal behavior as opposed to those, like me, that believe we should be concentrating on separating the criminals from the rest of us.

  5. How did their suit against Eric Holder/Fast & Furious go? I haven’t heard the results of that yet.

    • Covered up by oblowzits rats in the DOJ and other alphabet agency’s the traitor oblowzit corrupted.

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