INFURIATING: Tragedy Strikes, And He’s Trying To Exploit It Against You


Former Obama Chief of Staff and former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel once famously said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Whether Emanuel meant that for good intentions or not, it’s an obviously manipulative attitude that advocates exploiting tragedy for personal and/or political gain.

Frustratingly, many anti-2A politicians have taken that quote to heart.

Take, for example, the ridiculous statements that one major city’s mayor said at a press conference discussing the shooting of a police officer. Chris Enloe writes,


Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney (D) contended Tuesday that supporting gun control is a prerequisite for supporting law enforcement officers.

At a press conference addressing the fatal shooting of Temple University police officer Christopher Fitzgerald, Kenney used the moment to push a narrative that suggested lenient gun laws were responsible for Fitzgerald’s murder.

“You can say you back the blue but if you don’t back gun control and gun availability, you don’t back the blue,” Kenney said.

Let me be blunt: that is one of the most idiotic statements that I’ve ever heard. This clown is saying if I want to protect my family due the fact that law enforcement officers simply cannot physically be in every place at all times, that I want police officers injured or killed.

That’s an attempt to manipulate people, plain and simple, and it’s simply a false statement.

The fact of the matter is that, statistically, the people who want to injure law enforcement officers are overwhelmingly people who aren’t getting their firearms through legal means anyway. Criminals can’t legally get firearms, and how many antifa members seem to be either homeless or minimum wage workers who have no clue about reality and, therefore, not enough income to buy a firearm (And are often convicted felons, too.)?

But, like typical anti-2A politicians, this guy is trying to manipulate emotions instead of looking for the truth or for real solutions.

The people of Philadelphia deserve better.



  1. Ok stupid!!! If you want gun control go to new zealand ask them how it works.
    You stupid people cops sjow up after the fact they cant do nothing before the fact until it happend. Your so damn stupid it stinks!!@

  2. Who shaves the barber? If you haven’t heard this logic problem, it goes: “The barber shaves everyone in town who does not shave himself. Who shaves the barber?
    Those who would ignore the Second Amendment and limit or eliminate the right of citizens to bear arms are ignoring the fact that police have no duty to protect the lives and property of citizens, per several supreme court decisions. Look it up if you think I’m lying. Who then defends citizens from criminals and government who can easily become the same threat to life, liberty, and property?
    Criminals kill a few. Governments have murdered millions.

  3. 2A all the way! LEO’s are a reactionary force to crimes that have been committed. I’d rather be judged by 12 peers than carried by 6 or 8 family n friends.

    • GGP. The reality is the Dems have stopped alot of the anti-crime units( ie disbanded them). 3 years of Covid and George Floyd and every cop that can leave is doing so nationwide ! You would too being constantly vilified by Dem politicians! there aren’t enough cops working usually to be proactive. Everyone is working shorthanded and the OT is mandatory in alot of cities. Never thought I’d say this, I’m sick of overtime! Rather see my family ! We are like the little Dutch boy with all our fingers and toes in every hole of the dike ! The situation is dire ! Better have your gun cause now days we are reactionary! It’s sad. Glad I’m nearing the end !

  4. I work as a LEO outside the city of Philadelphia . Kenney and Krasner ( Mayor&Da-Suoer anti cop ) I won’t use title in-front if their names they don’t deserve the respect! They have no respect for the men & women in Philly PD . Every cop that can retire and leave the city is doing so. What more the amount of cops from the city taking civil service tests at other PD’s trying to get out of the city is astronomical. The city averaged over 500 murders every year they been in charge (8 years now !) 90-95% of those killed were people of color ! Statistics say that 90-95% of their murderers were also of color ! Almost same stats as Chiiraq! Yet the morons keep electing them! Kenney has to deflect to as BS reason or otherwise you have to look at the actual facts . The Mayors and DA’s policies have FAILED ! Put the criminals in jail and then prison and watch the crime rate drop! It’s not quantum Physics it’s simple common sense ! White black or Hispanic commit a crime get locked up it ain’t racist it’s reality !

  5. I absolutely agree with GreatGrandPa:I’d rather be judged by 12 peers than carried by 6 or 8 family and friends. Democratic woke mob is an internal enemy of all American people.They afraid of us and that is the reason of them trying hard to disarm us. Then they will be ruling forever.
    Our Republican leaders now are crying that the end of Republican party is close because Grass Roots (us) are not providing as much support to them, as Soros and other Davos billionaires globalists like Bill gates. We voted for them to protect us, the American people. “Grass roots” does not mean that we are to be pissed on. What our congressional leaders do? Murderers Clintons are still roaming freely. Fake media is still poisoning our minds with woke disinformation. Republican leaders are asking for money daily but there is never any possibility to reply to them. I do not donate any more to Republicans except Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is really true American patriot and leader and the biggest nightmare of DemocRATS. He will be the greatest American president, if he decides to run.Gob DeSantis will make America great again!

  6. How is it that those mental midgets don’t understand that the Constitution, being the highest law of the land, is also FEDERAL LAW? As such, it follows that violation of Federal Law, requires indictment, trial, and (hopefully) incarceration. The Second Amendment,. just like the rest of the Constitution, is not a list of suggestions. It is Federal Law.

  7. anybody that is associated with OBAMA should be viewed as underhanded and questionable at best.

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