SCARY: New Armed Threat Is Another Reason Why You Need To Carry


One of the biggest reasons that people decide to carry a firearm on a daily basis is for personal protection. They carry in order to protect their own life and the lives of their loved ones, and I suspect that you would probably find that same motivation for why most gang members and many others who aren’t legally allowed to own firearms carry a firearm regularly (the guns that they get for crimes they try to get rid of quickly to get rid of the evidence, so daily carry guns would seem to be for protection).

So, I’m generally sympathetic towards the motivations of those who want to carry daily.

But what are you supposed to think about someone who comes to your country illegally (meaning not through legal immigration channels) and carrying a gun? Why are they coming here with a gun? It’s hard to imagine that there is a self-protection motive if they show up on the shore of, say, Florida (which only has water borders except to other U.S. states).


Yet, that is the exactly the situation that we’re starting to see. Joseph MacKinnon writes,

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission revealed last week that a pair of officers conducting nighttime water-based patrol near Sebastien Inlet on Feb. 29 stopped a 42-foot boat containing dozens of Haitian migrants along with weaponry.

“In their boat, in their vessel, they had firearms, they had guns, they had night vision gear and were boating very recklessly, which would potentially endanger other folks,” the governor told reporters during a March 15 press conference.

Two among the 25 individuals aboard the boat were American citizens, both of whom were turned over to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office. DeSantis indicated the the Haitian migrants were turned over to the U.S. Coast Guard for deportation.

Again, why would immigrants enter the U.S. by water (so there is no one for them to fight on land to get here) armed with firearms? It seems logical to assume that they brought them because they intend to use them here, doesn’t it?

Maybe I’m wrong about that (I certainly hope that I am). It doesn’t look, though, like they were coming to the U.S. to do things legally. Not if they’re coming by water with something that they wouldn’t be allowed to just walk into the country with.

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  1. First it was cuba, an now we have haiti. They exect the US to fix the problems they created themselves?NO IT’S NOT HAPPENING.

  2. Did all these armed illegals have to attend the firearms class I had to attend in CT? Did all these illegals have to apply for a town or city concealed carry permit before they can apply for a state permit, like I had to?
    Did all these illegals register their firearms with the state, like I had to do?

    • I am sure that Uncle Joe made sure that everything was alright, before they came into our country. Uncle Joe has repeatedly stated that everything is fine and that due to Bidenomics, the economy is booming. He also stated that the US/Mexico border is closed and sealed. So not to worry!

  3. Atleast fish&wildlife are doing their jobs. If the border patrol had caught them they’d just wave the boat on in and tell them where to go pick up their checks.

  4. You are very right, people better get ready to defend themselves. It’s getting worse every day, and I think the Libetards are hoping for it. If JESUS doesn’t come back in time, we’ll see things that will change our lives quickly.

  5. We know to be a Christian woman we have been targeted by a certain religious/political group…one who is plotting to take over the world. Not just them, but evil people who will attack the apparent most vulnerable…women. I for one plan to protect myself and my husband, who is soon to be 88 yrs. old. I know one couple who open carry. Think that’s a bit scary and one must be aware all of the time that someone might want your firearm and disarm you if you’re not expecting it. Want to get CC so it’s not so obvious that I’m carrying. Talk about the wild west, we have terrorists on the loose in our country, so we’d best be armed.

    • When people finally realize that the violence is not the problem, merely a symptom. The problem is a heart problem. People’s hearts are wicked, evil, and need a Saviour who can repair their hearts.

  6. You already have more then “Permission” from the Government the 2A is a guarantee, the permission to carry comes for Jesus Christ in Luke 22:36, he said if you don’t have a sword sell your coat and buy one. The sword was the best common combat weapon at that time, that’s why Roman soldiers carried them.
    Today its a handgun.
    Those who enforce gun laws are breaching there oath of office just like there leaders are, followers of satan.

  7. 2A guarantees the right to bear arms, the Constitution says it’s a God given right and there possessor cannot ever give the right away much less have it taken away. The wording of the Constitution is very plain. Why are these fools and even more foolish government employees who we put into office even allowed to debate this. Denying anyone with a beating heart the right to protect themselves, their family and their property with the same means that will be used to harm them, their family or relieve them off their property broadcasts to everyone that they are a lesser individual and their lives as will as the lives of their loved ones are of less value and their right to their own property which they had to work longer for at a lower rate of pay (just to purchase the same things that others who have the right to protect their belongings own) making them a target. Any agent or employee of our government who denies ANYONE the right to possess a firearm is in breach of their oath of office. Once they have breached their oath they are no longer fit to carry out their office and must be replaced. We need to stop when allowing these people to be put on the ballot. It’s not like they don’t openly advertise that they want us so open and unprotected. They are proud of it. They are all in a state of mind that screams they need to be committed by thinking that guns harm people. If you or I walked into a police station and told them an inanimate object killed our spouse they would have us committed immediately. Yet these people scream it and are voted into office. What else can we expect from people who are on a break with reality! It’s our job to keep them off the ballot in the first place. Putting an individual in office that things that is guns and not the individual that kills people can only come out bad. Putting people in office who plainly see a difference in value between your life and mine, between your family and mine can only come out bad! Yet there are those of us who want nothing more. Well here is the resolution. We already have a constitution. Round up every one of those who what to alter it and ship them off to parts unknown. Let them decide where they want to go. They can stay here and give up their right to own a firearm as well as their right to vote and participate in the running of the government or they can get in the boat and leave and go create a Constitution they like better elsewhere. Or they can refuse to leave and face a firing squad for treason. I will buy the first box of ammo and take the #1 spot on the firing squad. I vote we use .22 long.

  8. 1) ILLEGAL ‘IMMIGRANTS »HAVE NO RIGHTS!! THEY are -by definition « ILLEGAL » by their existance. That Judge is dead wrong!! (Legally speaking, of course!). The Constitution of the United STATES IS FOR AND OF the CITIZENS of the United States! Illegals are not afforded any of its Protections!! That should be common sense to anyone (but Joe Biden…and his ilk)!!!

  9. Caleb I attended your two day course at the patriot training center on February 24/25. I WAS PROMISED A GLOCK 19 gen 5 gun but I never recieved it. WHATS going on. It’s been over a month now


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