They Seemed To Hate This Carbine. Should You?

Image Courtesy Hi-Point Firearms

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to firearms, and, with so many options, it’s pretty much a given that you’re going to dislike certain models in any type of gun.

For example, take carbines. Maybe you like a specific brand or you have a preferences in materials or type of ammunition. And, if you’re like most people, these preferences can be very strong.

A case in point is a recent review of Hi-Point’s 10mm carbine. Candice Horner calls it “quality garbage.” For example, when describing how the firearm looks, Horner writes,

Hi-Point’s 1095TS 10mm carbine is the epitome of “you get what you pay for.” It’s no secret Hi-Point makes budget guns. “You have to take into consideration the entire Hi-Point line of firearms were built to be affordable for anyone, including the poor,” said David Kiwacka, social media director of MKS Supply, the sales, marketing, and fulfillment arm of Hi-Point.

At first glance, the 1095TS looks like a chunky toy gun found in the clearance aisle of Dollar General. With so much plastic making up the carbine, it doesn’t look like a high-end firearm. Hi-Point stayed within its low-cost manufacturing niche with the carbine models, using die-cast metals and polymer.

So, from the start of Horner’s review, they seem to hate this firearm. The irony in the review is that, after firing the weapon, Horner actually seemed to like it overall, concluding,

Non-ergonomic features and right-handed bias of the Hi-Point 1095TS are outweighed by its performance and low street price of just over $300. As with the other 10mm covered in this issue, this PCC can pull multiple duties if you want it to. There are plenty of ammo options from hunting, home defense, to general range shooting available online. So, if you only care about function and a stop-them-in-their-tracks caliber, the Hi-Point 1095TS 10mm carbine might fill a special void in your heart.

Now, maybe you’re more forgiving of Hi-Point than Horner is, and maybe you’re purchasing a firearm for primarily practical reasons as opposed to looking good on the range in front of the guys (or ladies, as the case may be). If that’s the case, then you may want to consider the Hi-Point 10mm carbine.

But, if how your self-image is tied up with how think your gun looks to others, then there are plenty of other quality choices out there for you, too.


  1. Aesthetically, it’s not really that much worse than many AKs. It fits a niche market. In my experience Hi-Point firearms are reliable. I’ve fired them quite a bit and they typically eat through just about anything. And, Hi-Point stands behind them with a lifetime no-questions-asked warranty. If you need a home defense gun that is reliable and won’t break the bank, either a pistol or carbine from Hi-Point will fit the bill. Not sure I’d try to carry one, but have them around the house or in the car for an emergency? Definitely.


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