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If you’ve ever wondered if there was a way to become invisible to thermal optics, then you’ll see how to do it today.

In fact, you’ll see exactly how to build your own “thermal evasion suit”.

Thermal imaging is the technology that picks up thermal signatures — aka your body heat. Originally military technology, it’s now used on drones, rifle scopes and it’s so popular it’s readily available for not much money (hunters use them for example).

Despite some common beliefs, it’s not impossible to hide from this technology.

First, What Is Thermal Imaging Technology?

The most simple description comes from The Night Vision Company:

“All objects emit infrared energy. The amount of infrared energy emitted is proportional to the amount of heat an object or organism produces. Thermal imagers sense this infrared energy and provide a thermal signature of a scene.”

In short, anyone with thermal imaging technology can see your body heat.

Here’s an example of two men walking in the woods, viewed through thermal tech – their body heat is in red:


Many people think that it’s impossible to hide from such technology.

That’s not the case …

How Can You Hide From Thermal Imaging Technology?

There are a lot of myths about thermal imaging …

Thermal can’t see through walls. (Unless, it’s a VERY thin wall and your body heat is heating the wall up enough to be seen from the outside.)

Thermal can’t see through other objects either …

For example, a bunch of trees in the forest. So if you’re in a very dense forest you can hide quite well. Likewise (as many terrorists in the Middle East have figured out or were trained by our forces to do) other natural terrain like caves/hills/mountains will hide your body heat.

Sadly, I was watching Predator the other day (the original one) and I would not count on using mud like Schwarzenegger to hide from thermal because even if the mud did block out your body heat for a short time — it would quickly heat up and then be visible.

So let’s talk about what does work…

How To Build A Thermal Evasion Suit

Snakebite Tactical sells a ready-made suit for this purpose. They also produced this video to share the info on how to make your own for free.

Let’s talk about what we have learned …

So the main thing you want to do is block your body heat right?

The first thought everyone has is using an emergency blanket because it reflects your body heat back at you.

It’s a sound idea, but the problem is that your body heat quickly warms up the reflective material.

According to these guys, the best way to avoid all these problems is to go with a multi-layer system.

The first layer is Radiant Barrier material — the stuff made to reflect heat back into homes — appears to be the best material to make it out of.

Second layer is thin layer of polyster padding to create airspace. Airspace is crucial. About an inch thick.


Third layer is another layer of Radiant Barrier Material – facing the opposite direction of the first layer.

At this point, you have blocked your thermal signature.

But because you want to actually be camouflaged, you need to add an extra layer to camouflage the suit.

The primary problem here is extra layers cause the suit to heat up quicker. Their solution is very thin ripstop nylon camouflage for the outside. To further break up the shape of the cloak, they added sniper veil webbing (extremely light) and fake leaves (help break up shape and also help to break up thermal energy).

You Can Also Use This Method To Create a Tent/Shelter Type Structure

Max Velocity Tactical used to sell something called an MVT Shield – designed to block thermal imaging too.

It works in much the same way.

To be completely clear, I’m not sure exactly how they build the MVT shield — but it this is what Max had to say:

“The MVT Shield, both this specific design as well as the general concept using less effective methods, has been tested and will block viewing of your thermal image, including all thermal bloom through the material. The outer sandwich layers are constructed of 70 denier rip-stop coated nylon with an inner double layer of thermal blocking material. The inner layers of thermal blocking material are not Mylar type ’emergency blankets,’ but a better, softer, more foldable/durable (‘non-crinkling”) alternative material.”

Further Max expands on some important points (emphasis mine):

“The MVT Shield is designed to be optimally used in conjunction with good fieldcraft, i.e. terrain and vegetation masking, as well as with an air gap between the user and the material.”

The important part is the “air gap” that the MVT shield is designed to utilize.

This air gap between you and the cover you’re using to evade thermal will keep your own body heat from heating your cover and rendering it ineffective.

Also, like Max says, utilizing good fieldcraft of regular concealment/camouflage will help.

That’s because even if you manage to block your body heat completely — you need to break up your silhouette to make sure you don’t look like a human. And in the day time (where thermal can also be used) it’s even more important obviously.

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Once again, I bring you another installment of “This is why it’s impossible to ban guns” because they’re just so darn EASY to make!

This guy made a home-made 9mm “carbine” pistol from:

* A paintball gun
* Random parts from a hardware store
* hacksaw, dremel, welder, drill press and hand tools

And of course using his brain. In fact, he even designed it from scratch! Check it out:

How to make a homemade 9mm “carbine” pistol from a paintball gun!

This is neat, because I’ve never built my own gun from my own design. But this guy did.

Talk about simple, but genius!

Pretty neat that he used a Taurus PT111 magazine for this pistol caliber “carbine” pistol build. Like he said, he thinks he can use Sig P226 mags.

Except for the little bit of welding, none of this looks that hard. Pretty neat.

Homemade Guns Are a Learning Process!

This is the same guy, and I found this other video of his, where he shows off all the homemade guns he has made in the past and how well they worked, what went wrong, etc. Some very SIMPLE designs here! Especially the bolt action ones.

Have You Ever Made Any Homemade Guns?

If so, I’d love to hear about it. Share your story in the comments!

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It’s all over the news …

And I’ve heard the same thing over and over from people I know “inside the industry” …

Trump may be the WORST thing to happen to the gun industry in nearly a decade!

What’s going on?


Here’s the story …

Obama was BEST for gun industry, Trump looks the WORST so far!

If you’re reading this, then you probably voted for Trump.

Good for you!

You also might have thought that Trump would be GREAT for the gun industry.

But the fact is, so far, he has been really bad.

Here’s the surprising reason why …

Obama Was The World’s Greatest Gun Salesman EVER!

You might remember, shortly after the election, I wrote an article called “3 Reasons Why Obama Was The BEST President America EVER Had For Gun Owners!

I pointed out three facts:

#1: Obama’s Anti-Gun Policies Divided The Nation Into Vehemently Pro-Gun & Anti-Gun People

In short, he cured a lot of gun owners apathy.

He got a LOT of us to really care about gun ownership, protecting those rights, and buying more guns.

In fact, he led me to create this website you’re reading right now because I was so tired of him trying to ban guns!

#2: Obama Is 100% Certified The Greatest Gun Salesman In The History of The World!

More guns have been sold under Obama than any other president.


Practically every single month he was in office, record after record was broken in gun sales.

Of course this was mostly because so many people were worried he would ban guns — so we all stockpiled!

#3: Concealed Carry Has Grown More Under Obama Than Any Other President In History!

The bottom line is that — despite his best efforts to stop them — under Obama, right-to-carry laws have benefited to the point where there is NO state in the union that does not have some form of carry law because it was proven that it’s a constitutionally protected right.

Even Obama’s home town of Chicago, Illinois — one of the last hold outs — has a concealed carry law on the books now that happened during his presidency.

Why Pro-Gun Trump Has Been BAD For The Gun Industry … So Far

You might think, with full NRA endorsement, that President Trump would be great for the gun industry.

To quote the Donald …


1. Gun company stocks have dropped – and stayed down – since Trump was elected.

According to NPR, “… the day after the election shares of gun maker Sturm Ruger fell 14 percent. And the price of Smith & Wesson, which has since changed its name to the generic sounding American Outdoor Brands, fell 15 percent. Shares of both companies are still down”

2. Most companies in the gun industry are reporting lower sales (especially AR-15 companies!)

It’s estimated that AR-15 sales make up more than 70 percent of the long-rifle sales in the United States (after all, the AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America. Ever.)

But even AR-15 sales are down.

Boutique shop Primary Weapons Systems’ sales are down about 35 percent since Trump’s election last November.

Other gun companies are reporting the same. Sales are down all around!

3. The Gun Industry is laying off people left and right!

Trump promised to create jobs … but people are losing them in the gun industry!

According to,

“… Vista Outdoor, which operates Idaho’s largest ammunition-making plant in Lewiston, with 1,465 workers.

Vista reported a quarterly loss of $378 million in early March, compared with a profit of $43 million for the same period in 2016, the Lewiston Tribune reported. The company laid off 10 Lewiston workers in February and 15 in March, and it placed about 100 employees on furlough for a month.”

And they’re not the only ones …

A Minnesota ammo maker, Federal Premium Ammunition, laid off 110 of its 1,430 workers in March, according to the Star Tribune in Minneapolis.

Remington Outdoor Co. laid off 110 workers at its New York plant in March, according to The Wall Street Journal.”

4. Even Silencer Sales Are Suffering Under Trump!

This one might surprise you, given that there is a pro-silencer bill circulating right now largely due to Trump’s election.

But again, it has hurt sales!

In fact, Silencer sales have dropped off nearly completely, because two federal bills would make it easier, quicker and cheaper to buy sound suppressors, Martinez said. One of the bills is sponsored by Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho.

Many people in the industry thought one of the bills would pass in the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency. That prompted would-be silencer buyers to wait for its passage before buying, Martinez said.

“However, Martinez said there are not enough votes in the Senate to pass either bill. If either survives, passage will take years, he said.”

So Is The Gun Industry Going To Fizzle Out Under Trump?

I hope not.

Another problem is that many people think Trump is somehow America’s savior and that they don’t need to be prepared, buy guns or ammo, or get training anymore.

He’s not.

In the long term …

If the silencer bill passes …

If some type of national reciprocity for concealed carry passes …

Then I think we will maybe see an uptick in the gun industry.

Will it rival the legendary growth under Obama?

I doubt it!

But maybe the shooting sports industry will grow. Maybe more youth will get involved. And maybe more and more people will start to conceal carry under Trump.

My only hope is that a — seemingly — pro-gun President Trump will help to reinvigorate the gun culture in America. In the long run. Because it’s not happening now!

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People always argue about what may be the best gun for home defense.

One of the things people always worry about for home defense is “over-penetration“. That is, they worry about stray bullets going through walls.

In this video, you get to see multiple different bullets fired through AR-15’s, AK-47’s, pistols, and even a .308 “sniper” rifle!

Check it out:

Home Defense Penetration Test – AR-15 VS AK-47 VS Pistols

Reid Henrichs has a good video here where they shoot MANY different self-defense bullets through AK-47’s, AR-15’s and handguns.

You’ll notice that many of their self-defense rifle rounds are chosen from this list of the BEST self-defense ammo for pistols and the best self-defense ammo for .223/5.56 rifles.

AR-15’s Are Great For Home Defense!

As you’ll notice, none of the excellent performing self-defense AR-15 bullets over-penetrated and left the house. Many stopped within a few layers of drywall.

In comparison to both pistol and AK-47 rounds (not to mention .308) they overpenetrated the least.

That makes them excellent for home defense.

That’s why we’re a big fan of the AR-15 for home defense around here.

You may also want to check out my other articles …

Keep In Mind, ANY Bullet That Will Stop a Bad Guy Will Go Through a Standard Interior Home Wall!

Many people think there may be a bullet that could stop a bad guy but that also won’t go through your wall if you miss.

That’s just not going to happen …

Keep in mind, after watching this video, almost every single bullet went through AT LEAST one or two walls before stopping.

That’s because if a bullet is designed to reach the — FBI recommended — 12-18″ of penetration in the human body (necessary to reach vital organs) then it will go through at least one interior wall easy peasy.

Remember that …

What you want is performance like you see in this video. Penetration but not “too much”.

In short, the AR-15 is GREAT for home defense!

What did you think of the video? Did you expect it to turn out that way?

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I’ve spilled a bit of digital ink introducing you to Rob Leatham before.

That’s because you absolutely CAN learn a lot from the man they call “The Great One“.

He’s arguably considered the world’s BEST pistol shooter …

He’s an 8-time IPSC World Champion, a 10-time NRA Bianchi Cup Champion, a 17-time Single Stack National Champion and a 26-Time USPSA National Champion. He’s been around for so long and has been winning for so long that he no longer tallies the local, state and regional wins.

Today, he’s going to DESTROY 4 popular gun myths to make you a better shooter. Check it out:

World’s BEST pistol shooter destroys 4 gun myths [Must See!]

Rob is no stranger to busting myths.

Remember this? Where he told you to STOP AIMING to become a better shooter?

Pretty mind-bending stuff 🙂

Let’s see what he has for us today.

Gun Myth: Cross Eye Dominance!

Cross eye dominance is when you’re “different” with eye dominance than hand dominance. For example, you are right-handed but left-eye dominant.

Rob reveals why it simply doesn’t matter with handgun shooting … definitely NOT use your left hand (why make it harder?) … and why you should just tilt your head instead of moving the gun!

Gun Myth: Stance!

What stance to use? Weaver? Iscoceles?

Rob says it all in one pithy sentence: “Stance is unimportant. What matters is balance point and ability to control the gun in recoil.”

Boom! Myth busted! Check it out:

(NOTE: I think it’s pretty cool how Rob does the forward pressure thing with his entire body. Never seen that before!)

Gun Myth: Relax to shoot better

Ever heard someone tell you to “relax to shoot” because it will make you more accurate?


Here’s what TGO (“The Great One”) has to say:

The gun simply moves around too much when you relax!

What Did You Learn?

Did you learn anything from TGO?

I’ll be keeping his words in mind next time I shoot.

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March 22, 2017: An attacker in London killed 4 people and injured at least 50. His weapon? A car and a knife.

December 2016: An attacker at a Christmas market in Berlin Germany kills at least 12 people and injures 48. His weapon? A truck.

May 18, 1927: In the deadliest mass murder to take place at a school in United States history, a man kills 38 elementary school children and 6 adults while injuring at least 58 other people. His weapon? Bombs.

The fact is: evil exists in the world and evil people will use whatever weapons they can to hurt people.

You Won’t Believe The Weapon Used In This Vicious & Brutal Attack [Must Watch!]

John Correia from Active Self Protection brings us this incredibly disturbing video of what appears to be a completely unprovoked attack caught on camera in Los Angeles, California.

WARNING: this video features extreme violence against a woman.

The weapon used?

A Hammer.

Do watch the video and consider the lessons that John shares with you. They’re good. His website has the full list.

But here’s why I bring this up today …

You Can’t Ban Evil By Banning “Tools”

Guns, Knives, Cars, Hammers, Screwdrivers, etc …

Virtually any tool, object, or “thing” can be used as a weapon.

To use a popular quote (if I could remember who is the originator I would credit them) “anything is a weapon if you hold it right“.

Cane killed Able using a rock.

In short, as I’ve spilled much digital ink discussing here, it’s impossible to actually ban guns and banning the tools used by evil people does not work.

Evil people can hurt and murder with their hands, fist, and feet or they can utilize practically anything and use it as a weapon for more destruction.

For an example of this futility, the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report for 2014 shows that more than twice as many people are beaten to death by fists and feet each year than are shot to death with rifles of every kind (yes, that includes “scary assault rifles”).

As always …

You’re on your own.

Your safety is your responsibility.

No amount of laws banning things will keep you safe.

The first murderer recorded in the Bible used a rock.

The worst mass murder in American school history — as early as 1927 — used bombs.

Today, terrorists are using trucks and cars and knives.

Random attackers are using hammers. Their fists, feet and baseball bats.

Oppose gun control. Get prepared. Get training. Get a gun. Learn to fight. Practice. Get fit. Exercise. Keep your head up. Be aware. Be safe.

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During a recent Clandestine Carry Pistol course, at Cowtown Range, in Phoenix, Arizona, one of the students asked me a question that, in one form or another, I am asked at pretty much every class I teach, and in numerous emails weekly. That question is, “What are your favorite training drills?

It’s a good question,  but a tough one to answer, because it requires clarification. How are we defining “favorite?” Are we defining it as the drills I think are fun to shoot, regardless of practice value, or are we looking for the drills I think are most important to successful improvement of my abilities behind the gun? Assuming most interrogators are seeking an answer to the latter, then we have to clarify, what specific aspects are you trying to improve?

Assuming that most are seeking the drills I believe offer the most benefit, across the range of skills needed to employ a firearm in the combative, anti-personnel role, below, I’ve listed my five favorite drills, including why I believe they are important, and a couple ways that some of them can be modified for additional training benefit.

Fundamental Aspects of Combative Shooting

In my classes, books, and articles, I’ve repeatedly made the point that there are three fundamental aspects of employing a firearm in a combative encounter. In the modern world, regardless of context—armed citizen, sworn peace officer, or combat soldier in a war zone—they ALWAYS apply, in this day and age.

1. You need to be able to hit what you need to hit, as many times as necessary, to elicit the desired response. In some cases, it may simply require pointing the gun at the bad guy, or a single shot, delivered anywhere on his body may be adequate. In more extreme cases, three or thirteen rounds to the upper thoracic cavity may be what it takes. In some cases, you may have to take the head shot, or you may have just their knee, hand, or part of their face exposed for the shot. You need to be able to hit, what you need to hit.

2. You need to be able to introduce the gun to the fight, in time for it to play a decisive role in the outcome of the encounter. In a three-second gunfight, having a four-second draw from concealment means, you aren’t in a gunfight…you’re a shooting victim. If an enemy combatant is maneuvering towards you in 3-5 second rushes, and it takes you 6-7 seconds to get into a suitable firing position and fire your carbine, you’re probably going to get beat to death with the butt of his rifle when he finally gets to you.

3. Under physiological stress, you need to be able to achieve 1 and 2, utilizing contextual decision-making regarding who and what you should be shooting, when. If you’ve never tried to shoot more accurately than an entire IDPA silhouette, at 21 feet, but now, you’re presented with a head shot requirement, at 30 feet, guess what? You cannot—responsibly—take that shot. You MIGHT be able to take it, and you MIGHT get lucky enough to get the hit, but making THAT decision is part of number 3. “What is the potential result if I miss, since I am probably going to, never having tried such a difficult shot in practice?” As I point out, ad nauseum, shooting bystanders does not generally solve the problem of stopping an armed, aggressive assailant.

Most of us—all of us really, in the days of cell phone cameras with Internet access built in—do not live in free-fire zones, where we can use a “Mad Minute” of rapid-fire mag dumps in the hope of hitting, or at least “pinning down,” an attacker or hostile belligerent. Even a uniformed serviceman, fighting in a war torn Third World city, if he starts smoke-checking unarmed women and kids, is going to face grievous penalties. We exist in a world where there ARE innocent bystanders, including pregnant mothers and young children. We exist in a world were, even if he was shooting at you moments ago, once a dude drops his gun and “reaches for the sky,” you’d better not shoot; all macho posturing aside, if you shoot him anyway, and there WILL be witness, pre- or post-mortem—and probably video as well—that will be used to ruin your life.

The Fab Five

1. Group Shooting: Whether we call it “group shooting” with the carbine, or “the Dot Drill” with the pistol, I find that wringing out the maximum level of precision and accuracy that we are capable of with the gun, should be the cornerstone of the foundation of good combative shooting. While it is popular in some circles to blather on about “combat accuracy,” and shooting the entire silhouette being “good enough,” it is an old truism in combat marksmanship training, that your accuracy degrades significantly under the physiological stress of a gunfight. Starting with a high level of accuracy and precision gives you more leeway for achieving the three fundamental aspects of combative shooting, if this does happen to you.

2. Snap Drills: I’ve written extensively about the importance of “Snap Drills,” with both carbine and pistol, including a recent article on, HERE.

3. The Rhythm Drill/”Bill Drill”: The Rhythm Drill (one variant is called the “Bill Drill,” after Bill Wilson, founder of Wilson Combat, and one of the founders of the International Defensive Pistol Association—IDPA) is an important drill for learning to shoot multiple shot strings quickly and accurately. It is useful for teaching the shooter to find the pace at which they are able to fire, then reacquire a hit picture, make the decision to fire again, and then break the shot, without missing. If we are shooting a very staccato, rhythmless string of fire, in many cases, it may be that we are not managing the gun efficiently. This can range from needing to fix our grip on the gun, to the very real occurrence of we’re not actually seeing our sights on the very quick shots, while we’re taking too long to dial in our sight picture on others. Forcing ourselves to stay on a solid, fast rhythm, in training, teaches us to take the available time to find our sight picture and prep the trigger for the next shot, and then break the shot.

4. VTAC 1-5: This drill gets double billing. Not only do I believe it to be an extremely useful drill for developing a number of significantly important skills, it is also a whole lot of fun to shoot, once you start getting good at it. It is the closest thing to a “mag dump” drill you’ll ever see me run or teach, in a class.

In addition to basically shooting a “rhythm drill” on each individual target, it allows you to practice shooting the same rhythm BETWEEN targets. This forces you to drive the gun from target to target more aggressively, leading to better, faster transitions.

Invariably, in the classes when I remember to have students do it this way, students who run this drill before I teach them to use the rhythm drill on transitions, and then run it again after, we see a noticeable improvement. On the initial runs, students will fire noticeably faster strings on some targets (typically the fourth and fifth target), but—invariably—the overall elapsed time for completing the drill is significantly faster once they begin applying the rhythm drill. Using the Rhythm Drill between targets, as well as on targets leads to faster times on this drill, which allows us to use this to teach and practice a large number of very important skills, in one drill.

In fact, incorporating a mandatory speed reload after the third target, does a really good job of making this drill a spectacular replacement in the training tool  box, for the classic “El Prez.” It achieves everything that “El Prez” does—multiple shots on multiple target transitions, at a high rate of speed, and a speed reload to really disrupt the rhythm and timing—while avoiding the major detriment of “El Prez,” namely, hardwiring the “double tap,” “controlled pairs,” or “hammers,” as a default into the shooting program.

I’ve had students who had shot “El Prez” consistently enough to know both their average time and PR time, who ran “El Prez,” and then ran what I jokingly refer to as the “El Prez 1-5,” against each other. Despite firing MORE rounds in “El Prez 1-5,” (15 rounds, versus 12 rounds to run “El Prez,”) and despite using a significantly smaller “A-Zone” (I use 4×6 index cards in classes), they have managed to drop significant time on the “El Prez 1-5” versus the standard “El Prez”…once they had learned to use the Rhythm Drill to their advantage.

5. Third Grade Math: I stole this drill from Frank Proctor, at Way of the Gun, the very first time I saw a video of it being run. In fact, I’ve been using it so long now, I’m not entirely sure I even run it the exact way that Frank prescribes. It is a solid decision-making drill that does a good job of building your ability to perform Fundamental Aspect #3, while executing a shooting problem. It incorporates multiple potentially “correct” solutions, requiring some pretty high-order thinking. If the “sum” numbers are kept low, it is also a relatively inexpensive drill to run, in regard to ammunition, while still being efficient at achieving its purpose.

When I teach it, I use up to 8-9 targets, numbered from 2 and up. I never use a number 1 target anymore, because I found that everyone defaulted to shooting the 1 target, in the quest to make it easier.

One of the two major modifications I use for it is, whether running it with pistol or carbine, I require the shooter to move to a position of cover after the first target has been engaged, before they can engage the second target. For example, the shooter draws, say “8.” She shoots the “2” target twice. Before she can engage the “6,” she has to move to a position of cover. Since I intersperse the targets, randomly, but in pretty tight confines, occasionally, upon moving to a position of cover, she may discover she physically cannot shoot the “6” from there, so she has to maneuver to a new position from which she can.

Another variation I like to incorporate is to have some numbers missing, and multiple targets with the same numbers on them. So, I have ten targets arrayed, numbered 2-9, there are two targets that don’t have numbers on them, right? So, I’ll put numbers on them as well, and from the first eight, I might change 3, and 5. Now, I might have one 2, two 4, two 6, one 7, one 8, and three 9. Now, the shooter draws “8.” They might shoot 2 and 6 (or 6 and 2), or they might shoot two different 4. Both are “correct.” They just have to up their mind about which one they’re going to do, and then do it.

Maybe, they draw 7. How can they shoot two different targets that equal 7, in the array described above? They can’t. So, while almost invariably, a shooter will start out by blasting away at 2, or 4, or even 6, they suddenly realize, there’s no way to complete the drill. Sometimes, they just start blasting away—inexplicably—at some other target. Sometimes, they just go, “Uh, wait, what!?” At least once, I’ve seen a student, in a class, throw down their rifle in disgust and frustration. What is the “correct” solution? Don’t shoot! There is no way, within the context of the drill, to solve the problem with gunfire.

This last example illustrates one method that this drill uses to force students to take in ALL of the available incoming data from the battlespace, BEFORE they start blasting…pretty critical in a world of off-duty LEO and CCW permittees, if you decide to whip out your CCW piece, in response to a shooting event in the real-world, don’t you think? It’s not particularly popular, but I believe it is absolutely morally crucial, for combative shooting trainers to—at least occasionally—incorporate “no shoot” solutions into training classes, especially in an industry where in the typical class, we see every iteration require high-volume, high-speed shooting as the solution to EVERY drill.

So, there you have it…my Fab Five Favorite Drills for training, and practicing the three fundamental aspects of combative shooting.

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One of the biggest benefits of the AR-15 is also one of the biggest downfalls …

It’s so versatile and there are so many options!

You can choose barrel lengths, optics, handguards, grips, triggers, gas systems, and on and on and on it goes …

A theme we’ve explored here before is the “1 rifle for everything concept”. I think this is it.

Is This The ULTIMATE AR-15?

In the video below, “Garand Thumb” describes his Recce Rifle setup.

Now, keep in mind, I don’t think that Garand Thumb’s personal rifle setup is THE ultimate setup.

But, I do think the “idea” is the ULTIMATE setup for the AR-15 because it gives you so much versatility.

Like he says, you can do everything from CQB type room clearing/home defense to taking shots at 500+ yards with a setup like this.

I think that’s ideal.

With that said, from the video, here are the specs I got …

Garand Thumb Recce Rifle Setup:

* 14.5″ BCM 1/7 Barrel
* BCM Alpha KMR Lightweight Keymod Rail
* Magpul Mbus BUIS
* BCM Kinesthetic Angled Grip (KAG) when using NOD stuff
* Streamlight Protac Light
* Arisake Mount for light
* Steiner M5Xi 1-5×24
* Bobro scrope mount
* BCM charging handle
* B5 Systems Stock with storage
* Frank Proctor Way of The Gun Sling

More On The “1 Rifle For Everything” Concept

In the past we’ve talked about a similar setup.

Check out How To Have One AR-15 For Everything From 0-600yds for more info on how Frank Proctor, US Special Forces vet and USPSA Grandmaster shooter sets his up (you’ll see a lot of similarities).

You can also see How Special Operations Soldiers Setup Their AR-15’s for another active duty guy who gradually modified his rifle over multiple deployments until he had what is basically a very similar setup.

What do you think? Do you setup your AR-15 for various uses or do you have multiple ones that each have a specific role?

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Ok so this is going to be a little bit of a rant.

But it needs to be said because in this day and age — with the internet making practically all the information of the world available at your fingertips — we’re not suffering from a lack of knowledge sources or information to potentially learn from.

No. In modern life, you need to carefully sift through an incredible amount of information and pick out what’s good and bad.

So here’s your warning/rant for today.

Don’t Do Stupid Sh*t Just Because “Special Forces XYZ Does It That Way!

I don’t mean to pick on the Krav Maga experts and their followers, but it seems like it’s always something with these guys.

I wrote an article where I explained how “Israeli Carry” (Condition 3, no round in the chamber) got started. And why it’s obsolete now. (As a followup, you can Watch as Israeli carry nearly gets an Israeli Police Officer stabbed to death when you click here if you insist on carrying that way.)

But this isn’t about Israeli carry …

This IS about not doing stupid sh*t just because “Special Forces XYZ does it!

Here’s a new one to me …

Israeli Krav Maga “Tactical Movement” Shooting Position. Just Don’t.

There’s a Facebook vid that’s making the rounds …

In it, the instructor demonstrates a modified retention/CQB shooting position that goes like this.


Blade the body …

Shield yourself with an elbow out …

And put the pistol on the crook of your elbow there.

Looks like a perfect little place to stick the gun huh? Nice little spot, like it was made to cradle your pistol barrel …

The guy shoots a target and doesn’t shoot himself. It works out for him.

But do me a favor?

Just Don’t.

Just because you see this guy who was in a cool military service (Israeli something or other …) doesn’t mean you should mimic what he’s doing.

There’s a ton of problems with mimicking this …

Probably, what should be most obvious, is that you will eventually shoot a round through your elbow. If you’re really using this in a situation where people are making contact with you — bumping you around, grabbing for your gun, fighting you, etc (as is the justification in the video) — then your shielding arm IS going to get pulled away from you just enough to let the gun muzzle slip down to where it’s pointing into your elbow and you’re going to need a new elbow after you smoke a round through the one you were born with.

Just saying.

If you don’t believe me, clear a pistol for dry-fire or grab an airsoft gun and “war game” this one with a buddy. Basically get in a fight with him trying to grapple with you while you try this.

I’m sure there’s other reasons to not do this, but I just don’t have the energy right now …

If you’re going to shoot from retention, then check out my post where an Ex-Navy SEAL Shows You The Basics of Close Quarters Shooting.

There’s a much better position for compressed shooting. It usually looks something like this:

Former Navy SEAL and professional Firearms trainer Kyle Defoor demonstrating shooting from retention.

Retention shooting/shooting in close quarters usually looks something like this depending on the application. The gun is in a compressed position, so it still can’t be grabbed (easily). The other hand/arm is WAY out of the way because shooting yourself with the gun in retention is a very, VERY possible scenario.  This is pretty basic/proven stuff and it should stay that way.

Just because something is “cool” looking or “new” or taught by “Special Forces” or they (supposedly) do it that way — doesn’t mean you should too.

Oh by the way:

Mini Rant: Stop Saying “Special Forces” Unless You Mean “Special Forces”!

First, don’t do the dumb stuff.

Second, don’t do it and then justify it by saying “Special Forces” does it if you don’t really mean “Special Forces”!

As explained here, “Special Forces” is a specific term for a particular group of soldiers in the US Army (also commonly called the “Green Berets”.)

Because not only do you look dumb for justifying your dumb/not well thought out techniques by saying you’re copying “Special Forces XYZ“, but you look double dumb for mis-using “Special Forces”.

Anyways, Enough Negativity. Don’t Try This One At Home Folks!

I really mean no disrespect to the instructor in the video.

I don’t know who he is, his background, or whether he could kill me in a 1-on-1 fight to the death.

And I’m not linking to his page.

I’m not starting a fight.

I don’t care.

He may be a great guy, and everything else he teaches is solid.

I’m just showing the technique that was demo’d in the video and telling you not to do it.

But the BIGGER lesson here has nothing to do with this particular technique and definitely nothing to do with this particular instructor …

MY KEY POINT: Just because you saw some “Super JSOC Jedi Special Operator Ninja” show a technique on the internet, you shouldn’t try copying it because they do it. Apply critical thinking first.

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9 1934

There are still millions of people in America that think simply banning guns will make it so that criminals and terrorists can’t access them.

That, my friends, is just dumb.

One of the easiest ways to prove or disprove this assertion is to simply look at other countries in the world that — unlike the USA — have practically banned guns and where there is no “gun culture” of normal citizens/civilians buying, using, carrying guns.

Does it work?

In a word? NO.

Gun Control Is 100% Useless In Stopping Terrorists & Criminals

As I pointed out in my article titled Why More Gun Control Will Not Stop Terrorist Attacks Like The Orlando Night Club Shooting, the killer in Orlando passed multiple background checks AND personal investigation by the FBI to go on to commit a mass murder in a “gun free” zone.

In my other article Why It’s IMPOSSIBLE To Actually Ban Guns, I pointed out that guns are actually really easy to simply make at home.

Even in some alternate universe — where the earth suddenly had ZERO guns — terrorists would just make them at home.

In another article called Terrorists ALWAYS get around useless “gun control” laws we talked about how Tel Aviv Terrorists Used Homemade Submachine Guns to attack Israelis …

In short, there is plenty of evidence to show that when guns are banned — terrorists and other criminal scum will still acquire them — and the only people that follow the gun control laws are the law abiding citizens that are then turned into sitting ducks.

Here’s something interesting I just found …

10,000+ “Illegal” Guns — Including Anti-Aircraft & Machine Guns — Seized In Spain

A story on the DailyMail reported that 10,000+ “deactivated” guns had been bought by a “gang” in Spain from online, then repaired and were being sold illegally throughout Europe.

They report an estimated black market value of around €10 million (£8.75 million) for the seized guns.

The collection is said to include more than 10,000 “assault rifles”, machine guns, revolvers, pistols and 400 grenades and shells

The DailyMail writes:

“Europol, which supported the operation, revealed the firearms were sold in Spain, France and Belgium.

It was previously reported that terrorists are finding it easier than ever to get guns because of the flow of illegal weapons flowing from the Balkans into the heart of western Europe.”

Meanwhile, All The Law Abiding Spanish People Sit On Their Hands With No Guns To Protect Themselves …

It’s enough to make you sick, but once again it’s proof that Gun Control only works to keep guns out of the hands of the people who need them.

What do you think?

Are you surprised that criminals are getting “Deactivated” guns and restoring them to use in crimes?


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