CT Liberal Proposes 50% Ammo Tax


Research by the RAND Corporation shows there is “little empirical evidence to indicate how taxation would influence firearm-related outcomes, such as violent crime or suicides.”

But who cares about empirical evidence when you’re a liberal?

Connecticut state Rep. Jillian Gilchrest certainly doesn’t. All she cares about is pushing her agenda, which currently includes imposing a new 50% tax on all ammo sales.


Since Connecticut currently taxes ammo at the normal rate of 6.35 percent, the new proposed rate would represent an increase of 687 percent!!


According the Hartford Courant, Gilchrest said:

“We see this as a public health measure similar to what we’ve done in the state of Connecticut with increasing the tax on cigarettes. When we increase that tax we’ve seen a reduction in use. And so we want to continue Connecticut’s legacy of being a leader on preventing and addressing gun violence and we see this as another step forward in that direction.”

Higher taxes reduce the usage of products like cigarettes, alcohol, and sugary beverages because those are all unhealthy products that people consume on a regular basis. If the higher taxes hurt their budget, they consume less.

But somebody intent on violence will not be deterred by an ammo tax. Violence with intent to harm or kill is typically a one-time event, not a daily habit like smoking or drinking. So, as the RAND Corporation concluded, higher taxes won’t reduce violent crime.

At best, Gilchrest’s proposed tax would reduce the shooting activities of lawful gun owners. But what’s the good of that?

Here’s Gilchrest herself talking about her proposed tax:

So, what do you think about this proposed 50% ammo tax? Let us know your thoughts below.



  1. Mzzzz gilcrest is a good little DemocRATic communist/muslem/nwo sycophant who does not understand the SUPREME COURT JUDGES have stated: “The Police are not RESPONSIBLE to PROTECT individual Americans. The Protection of the INDIVIDUAL resides WITH THAT INDIVIDUAL!”

  2. Obviously Never “Got it” in Statistical Analysis classes! How the heck did she even get her degree???
    And now she is a State Representative? Remind me to vote for her when she’s re-running for office. Oh wait, I don’t live in her state. YEAH!! Good luck with “logical” representation of this warped sense of what will work for those she represents.

  3. To quote the late, great Charlton Heston, famous actor and NRA Life Member, the only way you will take my guns is “FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!” PEOPLE NOT GUNS KILL and if these mentally ill individuals can’t get a gun, they will use a knife, a hammer, a motor vehicle, explosives, whatever they can find. Unfortunately State of CT representative Jillian Gilchrest is obviously biased and ignorant of the history and facts including the fact guns pour thru our porous borders daily along with drugs, criminals, terrorists, and illegal aliens; not to mention there are more guns than people in this country today and have been for quite a while now! The 50% tax will hurt law abiding individuals, sporting goods and firearms stores in our state and will do little to nothing to prevent or reduce anything else! Dedicated, Life Long, Sportsman & Shooters like myself will just purchase our ammunition elsewhere and eventually move to a State that is more “Gun Friendly” and Much LESS TAX EVERYTHING crazy!

  4. What part of”shall not be infringed” do these stupid people not understand? All gun laws are unconstitutional and, therefore, should not stand and should be unenforceable. This country seems to be moving towards a point of no return. These being elected officials and having taken an oath to uphold the constitution, they should all be tried and thrown into prison for treason.

  5. No common sense left in the radical behavior by many of our legislators. If a 50% tax on legal citizens purchase of ammunition makes sense, should we propose a 100% tax on monthly cell phone use since there are so many citizens killed or maimed each year because of illegal texting or talking on their phones while driving. Based on being able to reduce distracted driving deaths, it would make sense to tax them at an even more aggressive rate of 687%. If that wouldn’t work, maybe we should just outlaw cell phones completely.NO COMMON SENSE, NO LOGIC, NO MATH 101 PASSING GRADES, EXTREMIST SOCIALIST BEHAVIOR!!! How on earth do some of these folks ever get into our government? That is just how dangerous this far left direction will take this country if the voters don’t get involved and pay attention to just what their lawmakers are up to! This mentality would never pass the vetting process to enter this country as an immigrant much less allow them into our government??? Recall them and promise them free money whether they work or not – NOT since that is contrary to a Democratic Society!! This stuff is just beyond belief!

  6. All this would do would is increase the burden on law abiding citizens that hunt and have a firearm for personal protection. If my intent was to murder someone a 1000 percent tax would not be an issue.

    The billions of dollars the criminal enterprises make even 1000 dollars a round would be would not faze them.

    She is a complete idiot.

  7. I unfortunately had to live in that idiotic state for two years while my Father finished his 21 yrs of Military service being from Texas and moving there right after Kennedy was killed was an experience and trying to Squirrel or Deer hunting (Shotgun Slugs Only) and if the people of that state elect these idiots they made the bed now lay in it

  8. I also have to asked these folks who come up with these schemes if they are personally ready to disarm me? I’ve asked this question of Feinstien and other gun grabbers and…no surprise… the answer is always been that I could go to jail if I don’t comply.

    I guess they are looking for “Brownshirts” to do it for them. United States – welcome to Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Russia!

  9. The Socialist are working overtime pushing for the UN agenda for this century. Look it up and watch. It is called Agenda 21.

  10. What is she NUTS! It only takes one bullet to kill someone. They just won’t be able to practice as much. None of these cheezie ideas will ever work. My dad always taught me that the criminals will always avoid the law. So if you try to control the guns then only the criminals will have the guns. Same thing goes for the ammunition.. These people definitely have too much time on their hands. Let us worry about something important. I do not have the solution but, education, ending poverty, hunger and stupidity would do for a great start. But, we need to start with the politicians educate them first…..

  11. This is not a case of gun grabbing! This is a case of government greed! Ms Gilchrest states “…similar to what we’ve done in the state… increasing the tax on cigarettes…”. That was done purportedly to help pay for cancer treatments and long term care for smoking related diseases. How much money actually went for treating patients and how much actually went into political pocket lining? If this is the case, maybe the legislature should look into raising the alcohol tax to help pay expenses related to drunk driving injuries as well, since they are about it!!

  12. People open your eyes, the agenda (is simple) to disarm honest law abiding citizens. Look what is happening in Venezuela, Cuba, North Corea, etc. The people is disarmed while very well armed Socialist (corrupt) DemoncRat governments control every thing in the people’s life. If that is what we want here in USA, just sit down idle and watch it happening right in front of your eyes. “Do not cry like a woman for what you could not defend like a man”.

  13. Why are these Democrats brain dead? I’ll bet there is provisions that law enforcement would be exempt from this tax. Now is she pushing for this across the board or just us civilians. Gun safety takes practice. Practice takes ammunition. Limiting ammo simply makes dangerous shooters. Obviously no thought goes into these knee jerk reaction Bills like this. Trying to punish all the people due to ignorance is stupid and wrong! Trying to fix something that isn’t broken is stupid and a waste of time. Next we can outlaw cars to stop D.W.I.s’. Give it some time. With idiots like her it’s coming.

  14. FredK… Another idiot{oh,excuse me,another fidiot} voted in by the uninformed American voter. Americans today don’t check who they vote for. That is why we have morons like her as polititians. Blaim yourself.

  15. These Constitutional liberties are considered to be God given and will not be infringed upon by the leftist socialists government they were written to protect us from!!!

  16. Most suicides I’ve dealt with either hang themselves, hit another car head on, or a truck, or park a car in a garage with the motor running or an overdose of medication. Maybe they should be talking about a 50% tax on cars, rope, garages, razor blades, knives medication or any object that can harm a human. That would make just as much sense as this idiotic idea. No more doctors would be needed. If you catch a curable disease, just hang in there till you die. Better living through leftist ideology.

  17. Dems want to control you all the time, the only to do that is to take you guns away! Gun confiscation is the only way they can win,no guns you will have a socialist dictator tuning this country, like bernie, and the rest of the democrat Jackasses,you will be a slave to the dems,or the low life Moslems and sharia law, take you pick!!

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