One Grandma, One Gun + Two Thugs = [Shocking Answer Inside!]


One of the stories that went forgotten this year is that of a St. Louis grandmother who, when “knockout game” thugs came calling, turned her gun on the thugs.

Supposedly she shot and killed a man (some stories say two) who tried to walk up and punch her out.

This is the “knockout game,” a nationwide trend that got a lot of press earlier this year.


True news stories of predominantly black males targeting what are typically white senior citizens or middle aged people have alarmed citizens across the country.

A lot of people have started to wonder if this is the start of a black-on-white crime wave, because so many of the reports involve black criminals and white victims.

If a senior citizen used a legally concealed weapon to shoot a thug like that, to prevent harm to herself while putting a thug in his place, that would make her exactly the sort of person we would want to profile on these pages.

Sadly, however, we must report that the pistol-packing granny doesn’t exist. We can’t profile her for that reason. But the “knockout game” is very real, despite the fact that several prominent “liberals” and“progressives” have begun repeating the lie that it is a hoax.

You see, there’s a certain political class out there, a certain ideology, that sees your freedom as a threat.

You owning a gun, you being able to defend yourself, is the problem, to these people. They don’t want you to have a gun. They don’t want you to be self-reliant.

If you are attacked by thugs because of the color of your skin or your age makes you look like an “easy target”, they want you to be a good little victim.

They hope you’ll get knocked out.

They don’t care if you are killed.

They don’t care if your family is raped.

They only know that guns scare them and the freedom to carry guns scares them.

They hate self-defense and aren’t capable of it themselves, so they project their weakness on everyone else.

Any citizen who stand up to this, any citizen who uses legally and morally justified force to stand up to thuggery and political correctness, is standing for his or her rights as an American citizen.

Anyone who does this is worthy of a profile in these pages.

The grandmother who defeated the knockout game thugs doesn’t exit… but the threat, and the good people out there on the streets who are just trying to go to work and get home at the end of the day, are no less real than you or me.



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