Meet The Organization That The Media Called ‘The NRA For Black People’


We can have a long discussion about why a group of African-Americans in the U.S. felt the need to put together their own pro-gun organization, and we probably should have that conversation. But you have to ask why a well-known media outlet felt the need to specifically call the organization “The NRA for Black People” (hat tip to here for the lead).

Think about it. Why bother to compare this group to the NRA? Probably because, like the overwhelming majority of the mainstream media, they assume that all gun owners are alike (as in fervent NRA members) and that being black is somehow incompatible with being an NRA member.

Aside from the implied accusation of racism toward NRA members (which is insulting), this idea is simple ridiculous. As if the NRA would reject people for their DNA.


But, regardless of the reason why this specifically African-American pro-gun organization was started, the media are seeking to position them as the “alternative” to the NRA in the public’s thinking. Lea Scruggs writes,

The National Rifle Association has shaped gun policy in America for generations, but another lesser-known gun group is hoping to also shape the narrative around gun ownership. The National African American Gun Association is the largest minority gun group in the country.

But why join NAAGA when the NRA has been around for so much longer?

“This is America, right?” says Colin Mapp, Atlanta chapter president.ADVERTISEMENT

“And why shouldn’t we create an organization that we’re prideful of?” he said. “We don’t care what anyone thinks. It’s not about them. It’s about us.”

Scruggs goes on to mention that the NAAGA now has 75 chapters in the U.S. and 34,000 members.

Those are respectable numbers.

But what are their attitudes about gun ownership? Scruggs continues,

“Good people should have a fighting chance to defend themselves. And if they want our assistance in that process, we’re here for them,“ Phil Smith, NAAGA’s president, told VICE News, “I’d rather have a good guy with a gun than a good guy without a gun.”

In other words, they NAAGA members want to own guns for the same reasons that the overwhelming majority of people own guns: to protect their loved ones and themselves.

Good for them. We hope that they continue to reach more and more people with the gospel of responsible gun ownership.



  1. I wouldn’t give a dime to the NRA. It has turned into the lobbying arm for the gun industry and second has strayed too far into right wing politics outside of second amendment and training issues for me to join. IF I COULD FIND RELIABLE GEAR MANUFACTURED BY A FIREARMS COMPANY THAT DIDN’T DONATE TO THE NRA I WOULD BUY THAT COMPANY’S PRODUCTS. I bet some black Americans feel the same way, especially following the NRA’s tepid response following the shooting of CCW holder Phillandro Castille who told the police he had a weapon and was reaching to get his wallet.

      • nra refused to take my case because I had a rifle in my car. FOLLOWING the laws written in the book. They can go to hell as far as I am concerned.
        I would love to see this organization make it BIG. A trained man or woman with a weapon, and the knowledge to use said weapon, is a plus in this country.
        My problem, as I consider this, is the fact that people are being segregated AGAIN.
        I refuse to accept that racism will again raise its ugly head, just because some people refuse to accept each other. I gave 37 gallons of blood while here. I am very much in demand. O-Neg. GSWs and Knife wounds in New Mexico, as well as stupid drunk drivers, have taxed my production of hemoglobin a lot. Sometimes up to four times a month. Yeah I know, 8 weeks only. BS. Can’t we just do as the Bible tells us to do?

  2. They have a right just as anyone who wants to PROTECT themselves and family. Just wish there was a organization that stood with ALL AMERICAN who love this country. Not be DIVIDE like those want us to be! We are stronger as long as we believe in God! Because he was the one who created all race! Man was the one who created EVIL! As there is drugs, alcohol, and other things that destory a man mind! As long as they are around we will always need GUN to PROTECT our family.

    • Should be ONE NRA for ALL Americans… as soon as mention a COLOR then you’re RACIST !!!

      BTW, all religions are evil psychotic mass murderous FOREIGN mental illness and create EVIL !!!

  3. As a member of the NRA, if they feel their dues are better spent supporting a Black Only group, they have the right to do so, but the Self Segregation from a group that doesn’t ask about your ethnicity to become a member, of a group that only wants your ethnicity to become a member, is in reality and by description, as Racist as it gets. It’s a step backwards, not a step forward.
    As a CCW holder, in my home State, and the County that issued it, the use of marijuana, recreationally or medicinally, bars one from obtaining and/or keeping a Concealed Carry Permit. Marijuana use, recreationally or medicinally, still has a Federal Ban on Gun Ownership (see ATF Form #4473). I know not what Minnesota’s law about Marijuana use and Gun Ownership say, but I do know that even the ultra-liberal 9th Circuit Court has ruled the Federal Ban On Firearm Ownership and Marijuana Use still stands. Mr. Castillo had a lit Marijuana Cigarette in his car at the time of his stop, when his death occurred. The NRA’s “tepid response” to refrain from commenting on Mr. Castillo’s death, until All The Facts Around the incident were guided by Legalities and not by Emotions.
    My opinion on Marijuana Use and Gun Ownership doesn’t matter, until the Laws are changed or revised, owning a gun, let alone a CC Permit, is still considered a Felony under Federal Law.

  4. An example of RACISM at it’s finest! They constantly complain about segregation and racism but they establish organizations that, by their names are racist. NAACP, now NAAGA. How can you combat racism if you continually to create movements and organizations that are BLATANTLY RACIST and SEGREGATIONIST????

  5. I’m not exactly sure why there is a need for a separate gun group, one for each “color.” Maybe I’m just a little bit dense, but isn’t this what all the brouhaha across the country is about right now? I was under the impression that black and white were arguing about equality, was I wrong? I refuse to be forced to pick a side, simply because people are people, not the color on the outside.

  6. The right to keep and bear arms is about protecting life, which is on the inside of a person, not the outside. That someone believed themselves compelled to start an organization after the manner of the NRA but for people of color, should not be so frowned upon as to use harsh, denigrating language. These people, these humans, these American citizens, are now legally owning, training, carrying and preparing to use firearms in a lawful manner, based on a very real need, not for reasons of race, but for reasons of protecting what we all value: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
    My criticism of the NRA, and the reason I did not renew my membership, is for the non-response of the NRA to USSC Justice John Roberts’ comment in “Heller” that he saw no problems with “Reasonable restrictions”. Then the NRA stepped in it again by using “Heller” for “Chicago”.
    “Heller” justified the foot-dragging of Washington D.C. against its adhering to the USSC ruling in “Heller”, which mandated that D.C. remove its heavy-handed restrictions against keeping arms ready to use in one’s own home. “Chicago” kicked the door open a bit farther.
    I say to the NAAGA, “Go for it. Get it done”. Exercise your rights lawfully, for regardless of color you are citizens first. Hence my only disagreement is with the “AA” part of NAAGA. But at the same time, can someone tell me how to frame a name without the first “A” and attract members of color? Hence, in this instance, I shall not quibble. It has been my witness that in most circumstances where there is a hyphen between African and American, the hyphen seems to act like a bullet from the former aimed at the latter. But, not in this instance. In this instance, the hyphen is every bit an “equal” sign joining the two, not dividing them. Well done, NAAGA.

  7. To all of you misinformed yes the name says National Africa American Gun Association but if you did you fucking homework you would see and know that there are white people in the group also.

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