Do You Have $3,456 Buried In Your Garage?


Now I’d like to talk about a different sort of a freedom… 

Freedom to do what you want. When you want. With whom you want.

Without ever having to worry about… money

I’d like to show you a few simple ways to begin to build wealth — no matter your age, location, or level of education. 

Now, before we get started, I’d like to take a moment to discuss one of the worst wealth stealers of all time — taxes.


Put simply, taxes are theft. I despise them. And if you’re who I think you are, you hate them, too…

But taxes are something we have to consider when making more money. So while some of what you’re about to see falls into a legal gray area of potential “tax-free” income, know that I’m not endorsing not paying taxes. 

When you make money, whether by selling an item for more than you paid for it or by providing a service, you are legally obligated to pay taxes. Plain and simple. Don’t mistake what I’m about to show you for any tax dodging advice. 

Got it? 


Let’s have a look at the ways in which you can pocket some extra cash out of the alternative economies, in order to make your retirement a little more comfortable. 

Do You Have $3,456 Buried In Your Garage? 

Many of us are sitting on a mountain of wealth. It’s not a mountain of gold coins. In fact, most might see it less like a source of wealth and more like a mountain of junk. 

Not to promote any extreme hoarding tendencies, but… all that you own, which you do not use, can provide you with some retirement comfort. 

Selling your unwanted possessions is, of course, not a source of continuous income. 

Unless you are a particularly passionate consumer you will eventually run out of junk! 

It does provide you with money, however, not to mention more space. If your junk is particularly spacious, you may even be able to downsize your home. 

You’ll make money, and you’ll save money, all in one fell swoop! 

The traditional way to get rid of all things unwanted is to have a garage sale. If you live in a highly populated area with a thriving second-hand community this can pay off. 

If you don’t, you’ll be spending a lot of time organizing your sale, a lot of time standing around, and even more time re-organizing or hauling off all that you could not sell. 

You will earn some money, of course, but not efficiently and chances are that your items are not living up to their sales potential. So if you fall into this category, what do you do? 

The World Marketplace At Your Fingertips 

The 21st century way to sell your unwanted possessions is through the Internet. 

In much less time than you would spend organizing and tagging your items, getting the neighborhood association to sign off on your garage sale, putting up posters, and organizing and running the sale on the day, you could be photographing and describing your items online. 

Instead of sitting around watching your neighbors decide on whether or not they want to haggle about your old lamp, you could be responding to e-mails in your own time or take phone calls while you get on with your day. 

To get the most out of your time and out of your items, opt to sell through the channels that are the most appropriate for your items. 

Smaller items, such as books, high quality pieces of clothing, and valuables, such as antiques, collectibles, or jewelry, do best on auction sites such as eBay. 

Larger items, which would be expensive to ship, and items of lower quality tend to get more attention through local websites, such as Craigslist. 

Consider also the possibility of listing items through websites and businesses that specialize in those particular items, or selling directly to businesses. 

A second-hand bookshop may only give you few dollars for an old language course, for example, but Pimsleur Marketplace will pay you up to $80. 

Play It Again Sports buys used fitness equipment. 

A web search will let you know which businesses are willing to buy your specialty items, and another web search will let you know if it’s a scam. 

If you are uncertain about a site’s validity, even if it looks professional, you can also try looking them up on Ripoff Report. 

But what if you don’t have any goods you want to part with? What if you only have skills that could be valuable to your neighbors? 

Next I’ll show you a shockingly simply way that many everyday Americans are growing their wealth… even in the darkest of economic times.

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