World’s FASTEST Preacher reveals secrets of shooting sub second from concealment


Today I want to introduce you to one of the fastest shooters from concealment I’ve ever seen.

Even cooler is that he’s a preacher.

That’s right he’s not some spec-ops, door kicking, snake-eating, Navy SEAL Ninja — he’s just a civilian preacher who happens to like shooting and has recently been teaching people how to do what he does.


How This Preacher Shoots Sub Second From Concealment

In the video below Baret Fawbush reveals exactly how he practices so that he can consistently draw from concealment and get hits on targets in less than one second.

In fact, in the video below he’s averaging in the .80-.89 speed and then draws from concealment and gets THREE shots to the chest in about 1 second!

Check out his tips for neuro-learning and how to practice below:

Did you learn something from Baret?

How fast can you draw from concealment and get hits on target (consistently)?

NOTE: you can find Baret at or

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  1. Great video. I would love to know who he trained with. His approach reminds me of Travis Haley.

  2. Baret, very fast! Though I do use several different techniques, as one tends to limit speed to commit while multiplying techniques helps to endorse more speed and accuracy.

  3. I tried these techniques and, although I’m nowhere near his speed and proficiency, I’ll keep practicing, it works amazingly well! My problem is that, with my middle-aged spread, the grip of the pistol tends to lean away from me and prints horribly. I was never very comfortable with 3:00 carry but it hides so much better. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to have a six-pack again to make this belly button carry work?

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