#1 Book EVERY ‘Modern Day Minuteman’ & 3 Percenter Should Read (Review: The Reluctant Partisan Vol I: The Guerrilla)

I know that's Marpat and not Ranger Green ... but hopefully John understands

If you consider yourself one of the growing number of liberty-loving folks who think to be a TRULY prepared gun owner … you need to consider the possibility of one day being a freedom-fighting guerrilla war fighter … then I have two things to say.

Number one, you’re smart.

America was founded by a bunch of liberty-loving guys that had to fight a revolution to become more free.


And two, you’re in luck because today I want to tell you about a book that is truly “The prepared citizen’s answer to The Ranger Handbook.

In short, if you want to know anything about unconventional warfare as it relates to being a freedom fighter, you need this book!

What Are You Preparing For?

Whether you’re worried about a total socio-economic collapse of society where you will be facing increasingly bold and violent street crime, robberies, home invasions and (at least temporarily) mass riots, mobs, looting and a full blown WROL (without-rule-of-law) situation …

Or an increasingly authoritarian Federal government that has slowly morphed into a tyrannical regime hellbent on painting traditional, conservative Americans as “Domestic Terrorists” over the last few decades (while increasing their ‘legal’ powers such as Martial Law, the PATRIOT Act, the NDAA, etc) …

Or an invasion by Russians, the Chinese or even Foreign UN-backed “blue helmet peace keeping” troops being called into our country (possible in any one of the aforementioned scenarios).

And especially if you consider yourself a “Modern Minuteman” or “3 Percenter” …

In short, for ANY reason, if you want to take your preparedness to the next level by learning the basic doctrine of Unconventional Warfare Guerrilla Operations as it applies to the liberty-minded American civilian in the modern world — THIS is the book to read.

It’s a 384 page handbook called The Reluctant Partisan Vol I: The Guerrilla

Who Is The Author And Why Should You Listen To Him?

The Reluctant Partisan Volume One: The Guerrilla is written by John Mosby. He spent 10 years in Army SOF (Special Operation Forces), including the 75th Ranger Regiment and Special Forces. He’s also currently the author of an online blog entitled “Mountain Guerrilla” which I have been frequenting over the last few years …

His blog and book are, of course, a study of individual and small-unit irregular warfare, as it applies to those of us concerned about impending disquiet in the socio-economic structures of the world and our nation.

WARNING: John is extremely foul-mouthed. He is a former Special Forces operator after all. I don’t know if you’ve ever spent time around anyone in the military but they tend to use language for effect.

If that offends you, or if you can’t look past or (God forbid!) enjoy his use of ‘colorful’ language then there is no need to read any further.

(I should point out though, that you’re a certified idiot if you think that because someone happens to cuss like a soldier, you should not listen to them. In short, if mere words offend you, you would never make it as a guerrilla fighter anyways, so there is no need for you to read this book.)

Moving on …

John shares with you the Guerrilla warfare Special Forces doctrine that’s heavily influenced by three things (as he says himself):

1. John’s personal, real-world experiences in small-unit combat and failed state environments during “nation building” operations …

2. Undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in history, with the resulting perspectives they may or may not offer …

3. John’s personal interpretations–based on the previous two factors–of what the continuing decline of socio-economic structure will resemble.

In other words, you have the perfect teacher in John. Why?

I’m not sure if you’re aware of the differences in the different types of U.S. Military Special Operations forces, but Johns’ background is all you could hope for in a teacher of these topics.

That’s because the primary and original purpose and mission of the Army Special Forces (also known as the Green Berets) has always been to train and lead unconventional warfare (UW) forces, or a clandestine guerrilla force in an occupied nation.

Which, obviously, means John is exactly the teacher you’d hope to stumble across if you want to learn these skills and why I’m so excited to share him and his book with you.

What Will You Learn?

John has actually posted the full table of contents to his website, so I feel comfortable posting it here too:

The Reluctant Partisan, Volume One: The Guerrilla

A Comprehensive Training and Evaluation Program for Community, Tribal, and Family Security Preparedness

by “John Mosby.”

Table of Contents

  1. Cogito, Ergo Armatum Sum (I think, therefore I am armed). The introduction to the book and the reasons why I wrote it and consider the information important.

  2. Tactics are Like Assholes…Everybody has One. This chapter is a discussion of doctrinal considerations for irregular warfare and how to develop doctrine and training doctrine for your own group.

  3. Strong People are Harder to Kill….and More Useful in General. It’s not secret that I believe a sound, solid PT programming is the baseline foundation of life in general, and preparedness specifically. This chapter discusses in detail, my thoughts and beliefs on that, as well as offering a complete strength and conditioning program.

  4. Throat-Punching and Skull-Stomping, or “Put the Pointy End in the Soft Spots”…The Sho Kosugi Shit. This is a discussion on the realities of what works and doesn’t work in the context of unarmed and close-quarters combatives, in the face of people who actually want to fuck you up, versus people who are more concerned with protecting themselves.

  5. Hips and Heads, Kids! A discussion of the realities of running a rifle in modern combative environments, whether an AR15, AK, or “battle rifle.” This is not Basic Rifle Marksmanship alone, nor is it a cool-guy “carbine at pistol range” subject, but spans both…and more.

  6. Oh Shit! I’ve Been Shot! Ouch, That Hurts! Tactical Combat Casualty Care and Casualty Evacuation Care…including extended care in Austere Environments for Irregular Warfighters.

  7. Who Has the Map? Oh Damn! We’re Lost! A primer on tactical land navigation skills and training.

  8. Hide-and-Seek for Grown-Ups. Escape-and-Evasion considerations for bug-out and “get home” planning.

  9. A Chihuahua Can Kick a Great Dane’s Ass…If He Remembers that He’s a Chihuahua. A discussion of the fundamental battle drills for irregular force small-unit warfighters, and how to train them effectively.

  10. Get Off My Lawn! Defending the Homestead and Community.

  11. Nocturnal Nature Walks. Fundamental skills and application of those skills for effective security patrolling operations.


  1. Schoolyard Stuff. Copies of the Mountain Guerrilla programs-of-instruction outlines. These are the notes and plans I use to teach my classes.

  2. How Many Suitcases Did You Bring? Packing for Partisans in both rural and urban environments.

  3. Mine is WAY Cooler Than Yours! A primer on effective weapon selection and set-up.

  4. Old School. Hard School. Best School. A revised and updated version of the classic SF/Recon Tricks of the Trade

To me, the best part about this book is the way John teaches this stuff …

As you can obviously tell from the chapter names in the table of contents — John has an entertaining personality. Which is CRITICAL because I don’t know about you, but actual Military Field Manuals are the most BORING manuals in the world to read.

I find this teaching style to be much easier to learn from. And that’s important because this is a DENSE book packed full of information and every one of the 380+ pages is valuable.

I Learned a LOT From This Book (So Much, I Bought It Twice!)

As you should know by now, I have no military or law enforcement background. I’m just a “regular Joe” who decided to become a Prepared Gun Owner. That means I know next to nothing about operating in a war fighter capacity because I have no previous military training.

And the fact is that — while I’ve taken over 170+ hours of open enrollment firearms/tactical training classes — for the most part, I’ve avoided most all “cool guy” spec ops type training classes …

In fact, I had only taken one formal, 1-day, carbine training class before reading John’s book.

That’s because — as I’ve explained before — training time is limited and the Prepared Gun Owner needs to seek out training that’s most applicable to his own paradigm as an armed civilian. In other words, most of the stuff you learn from Tier-1 door kickers– like running around with your AR-15 and full “battle rattle” — is not applicable to your daily life where you’re armed with a concealed handgun.

You’re not a member of a SWAT team doing entries, you’re not a member of a direct action spec ops unit doing smash and grab black ops–you’re a civilian dude that occasionally has to go get milk from the gas station and may have to deal with a violent criminal there or you may find yourself in a public place that some terrorist decides to shoot up (with your wife and kids right next to you I might add).

That said, if you have ALREADY taken quite a few applicable and excellent concealed carry courses that teach you what you need to know to operate in your civilian concealed carrier capacity …

And you’re looking to take it to the next level …

Then THIS is the handbook you need.

John shares the entire unconventional warfare doctrine to give you the correct frame of reference for you to later take those same courses and be able to apply them in a way that works if and when the SHTF!

As far as I know you can still order the book directly through John by going to his website or by visiting the Forward Observer website.

The book is NOT cheap, but it’s worth — at a bare minimum — 10 times what you will pay for it.

For example, at the time of this article publishing, it’s going for $70 over at Forward Observer.

And I can unequivocally state it’s worth TEN TIMES that.


That’s $700 bucks which is about the lowest price you’ll ever pay to acquire a suitable fighting rifle like the AR-15 … and … if you’re wanting to be prepared, but you don’t know how to actually FIGHT with that rifle (like John shows you in chapter 5) then you wasted $700.

I like this book so much, I not only bought my own personal copy but I also bought a second as a “backup” and to support the “cause”.

The truth is that unless you happen to be super lucky and know someone personally that has served in the GWOT as a Special Forces soldier, you simply can NOT get this type of “NO STUPID, THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!” info anywhere else.

That’s why I think it’s so incredibly valuable. And I recommend you pickup a copy of it today if you want to be a seriously prepared gun owner.

DISCLOSURE: I was not paid for this review or compensated in any way. I paid for my two personal copies of this book at full retail price. While I’ve never taken a live class from John I plan to do so in the very near future. And before publishing this review, I contacted John to make sure it was OK.



  1. The more the average citizen actually knows what to really do, not the made for tv or video game stuff, the better his outcome will be.
    Elections dont solve the problems if the real problems are not being addressed, so the future at this point is still uncertian at best.
    Any learning you can do will help you be better in the future and may also help you to understand the preparations that are still needed at this time.
    The result may be a greater Unity of the People.

  2. Most people who use social media have figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the government, for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to Seen.life. It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship.

  3. Looking forward to positive results stemming from these kinds of changes. I think we’re now on a good path, I hope I’m right.

  4. I have been reading JM’s blog for a little while now and just recently got this book from FO. I agree with the review that it is well worth the money. It’s far and above any field manual I’ve read. I love his writing style as it keeps the reader enthralled and entertained. I’m not law enforcement or military. Just a civvy training junkie. I will be getting the other books soon. I highly recommend vol 1 as it will lay the foundation for any dedicated group or individual.

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