Shocking ATF White Paper Is Great New For Gun Owners


A recently leaked white paper could be great news for the Second Amendment. The report from the ATF is full of ideas to reduce the regulatory burden on law abiding citizens. Under President Trump the ATF moved in a totally new direction. Since many members of congress want to eliminate the ATF entirely, this leaked document might be an attempt to save the agency.

That’s the power of last election, now that Republicans control congress and the presidency, agencies like the ATF will feel the pressure to change their ways or be destroyed.

Look at this list of proposed regulatory roll backs (from Red State):

  • Opening FFL eligibility to gun-show-only dealers
  • Reforming the “armor-piercing handgun ammo” classification process
  • Easing re-import of American-made “Curio & Relic” service arms
  • Revising “Sporting Purposes” language to include Modern Sporting Rifles like AR’s and AK’s
  • Reclassifying suppressors as non-NFA items–other sources indicate mainstreaming suppressors would dramatically cut ATF workload, allowing more focus on other duties
  • Letting FFL’s check potential employees out via NICS before hiring
  • Clean house getting rid of outdated regulations like the ’94 AWB

Can anyone imagine the ATF coming up with ideas like these with a Democrat in the White House?

If the ATF puts its support behind deregulating suppressors, it will probably put an end to all federal registration and regulation on them. The ATF is basically doing a 180 and arguing for less power rather than more.

Second Amendment supporters shouldn’t be fooled. The ATF will be advocating for more gun control as soon as a Democratic president is back in power. In order for the bureaucracy to justify it’s existence it must advocate gun control over the long run. Less regulation means less regulators, the ATF will be right back where it was under Obama as soon as a Democrat returns to the White House.

In the meantime, enjoy watching the ATF pretend to join forces with the NRA to advance pro-gun reforms.



    • Te ATF was a decent group of people before the Muslim usurper infestation. I had regular dealings with them concerning crossing state lines with mys select-fire rifle each year for decades. Very different then what they have become over the last eight years. Just my .02

    • Yup, Bullet (10mm I assume?) I agree. Otherwise we are all still falling for their obfuscation bullshit while they still press on incessantly to disarm any potential anti-Tyranny resistance forever with ever increasing specially targeted to particular group think individuals to make them criminals, the conviction of which then completes the illegal anti-Constitutional automatic permanent conviction disarmament which will eventually kill any chances for a ‘well armed Militia’ of the people, by the people, and for the people, to overthrow an intensified Totalitarian regime.

      As we can see now, after a ‘valiant’ attempt at keeping his reform promises unlike all the other previous political agenda Potus’ Trump is now realizing it will be a constant uphill battle to break down the totalitarian deep state hold outs so well dispersed in all aspects of government from the last 8 years of Obamism Marxist Socialism.

      I’m estimating that the next Congressional/Senate elections on the totalitarian side will have virtually unlimited campaign and media blitz funding from the Soros/Bloomberg Marxist Cartel.

      It could all be over before we begin if we don’t start urging, no, Hammering our legislator employees fast to start REPEALING all of gun control laws with no compromise, no quarter, and no exceptions to “…Shall Not be Infringed!”

  1. I say get rid of ATF, BATFE anyway, we know they will be trouble again when the time comes, these people LOVE their jobs and love killing when ask to, the poor rancher Lavoy Finicum is proof of that! This man was flat murdered, and till this day his family has not had a fair trail! These people are nothing more than the SS for our Gov., and are really evil!! I took an oath to defend my country, and I’ve been around some of these people a little bit at a Gov shooting range, and I’m not sure if they took the same oath I did, if at all, I disagree with their thinking, these are cold hearted people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Look what chit-head Harry Reid is still trying to do to the Bundy’s. Those poor men are wasting away in jail because they refuse to give their land to Harry’s little brat to build a resort hotel on it. They want to keep their ranch but must fight the FF Reids for it. I am about ready to declare war on the NV asshole.

  2. The ATF may have been needed in the past history of our country. Now I feel that they have lost focus on why they were created and have become a political group much like the FBI has become. Let the local law deal with the issues that are a problem in the country. In many cases the ATF and FBI only serve to get in the way and make problems greater than they should be. Now , the second amendment did not include regulation of any type of firearm . It intended for the people to have as good or better firearms as the military . It excluded none. We need to get back to the Constitution as it is stated, without the opinion of the political blood suckers that have become life long government employees, who have never held a real job and it is very possible they could not. Most of the things in the firearms field that they regulated have no basis for the regulation. They only were put there to progress their careers, egos and bank accounts. Not in the interest of the people.

  3. if they re-classify ar rifles will that stop ca. registration since they would be sporting and not assault rifles/////fix kalifornia

  4. When will the ATF hearing process for those who lost their firearms rights be funded and restored? The second amendment is a right not a privilege. The 68 GCA is a lifetime sentence of defenselessness for those convicted of a felony and have been rehabilitated. A CLETS Domestic Violence restraining order is a lifetime sentence of defenselessness. This is not the original meaning of the second amendment, shall not be infringed. Americans have the right to be armed and a hearing process and procedure is necessary in a free society which gives a citizen a chance to restore a basic constitutional right.

    • That’s correct Samuel. And if Hellwench had gotten in, and the Marxists controlled the Legislature, you would also get a ‘life sentence of defenselessness’ just because you didn’t ‘think’ accordingly to their Totalitarian mindsets because then you would not be ‘psychologically fit and therefore unsafe’ to ever own a firearm again.

      So it never was about criminal justice or public safety. The ONLY way you make it hard for a serious danger to society to get ANY weapon, including the most dangerous which is a vehicle or the gas that fuels it, is to take away THE PERSON committing crimes, from society. Which we’ve NEVER done a good job at because of the corruption of the judicial system.

      So until enough of us think like you, and completely reverse all gun laws, they’ll continue to use this ‘Populate Disarmament Loophole’ to stop any future potential of defense against initiatory control force by an out of control Tyrannical government. And ALL excessively powerful governments are always at risk. That’s why the Founders devised the 2nd Amendment.

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