Who Really Suffers When Gun Control Is In Place?


As you likely know, those who advocate for gun control like to imagine that they’re doing it “for the children” or to help poor inner city minorities. They like to tell people that they are trying to make the world a better place for the downtrodden.

If we take them at their face value, then you have to come to one of two conclusions: either anti-gunners are stupid (okay, maybe willfully ignorant) or they are lying.

Why do I say that? Because the people that anti-gun policies hurt the most are the poor and minorities who are disproportionately hurt by gun control legislation (hat tip to here for the lead). John R. Lott writes,


Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., promised Wednesday that if she becomes president she will use executive orders to mandate background checks on the private transfers of guns, revoke the licenses of gun makers and dealers whose guns are used in crimes, and ban the importation of many semi-automatic guns.

Her proposals follow Sen. Cory Booker’s push for licensing gun owners and an even longer list of gun regulations. Like Harris, Booker, D-N.J., is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination.

The regulations Harris and Booker are proposing would hit low-income Americans – many of whom live in high-crime neighborhoods – particularly hard, because the regulations would effectively prevent them from owning guns for protection by making gun ownership more expensive. Black Americans would be disproportionately affected because of their disproportionately high poverty rate.

See, the problem with gun control is that it means that only people with money can afford to do what it takes to fulfill the requirements to get the guns. As Lott points out, minorities, in many cases, are more likely to deal with poverty situations. This means that gun control is more likely to prevent them from legally buying a gun. Which makes them more likely to be victimized by a criminal.

But anti-gunners don’t want to hear this truth. They want to pretend that they have the moral high ground when the reality of their proposed policies is the racism that they say that they oppose.



  1. Harris doesn’t want to be president she wants to be a dictator. She is a very stupid sick woman. Has No education just moved of in jobs by screwing anyone who would get her to the top. A liar and a disgrace to America. She deserve nothing . Her and the rest of traitors in Democrat party will rip up the constitution and turn America in Nazi Germany all over again. She doesn’t know history or the American people.

    • Yes she allegedly was promiscuous her way into politics, the California Sacramento way according to Democrats. Ask your Democrat friends who knows about this future dictator.
      On a recorded webcast she mentioned about allegedly smoking pot, while as a lawyer put allegedly criminals away for drugs, maybe the wrong person went to jail.

    • You are correct…This sl#t screwed her way to the top…and now she wanting to screw the American people.

      • I don’t want to be screwed by her, please.
        May we make some other arrangements, instead.
        Such as putting a tall fence around California. And tossing her and her handlers over it. Permanently.

  2. We all know .gun control is about people control (remember Hitler and others like him). Has nothing to do with criminal control. The worst crime in the U.S. is in the cities with the most gun control , also the same goes for the states.

    • Hitler was a vegetarian, doper, antisemitic, animal lover like allegedly the people eating tasty animals are.
      The big mistake the Jewish people made back in WWII was giving up their guns to the gun control soup Nazi’s.

      American history classes are not taught anymore to these supposedly PHD educated young Turks, who think they are educated. They are doomed to repeat these historic events from their Socialist education.

      Socialist in America are waiting for the WWII & Viet Nam generations to completely die off for their Socialist freedom taking agenda against the Constitution & Bill of Rights to take effect.

  3. The Liberal do-gooders & politicians that are responsible for mass shootings. Gun free zones are a magnet for the mass shooters. Many mass shooters are Liberals and Democrat affiliated with their own legally purchased guns.

  4. Tell me how background checks will solve the shootings in Chicago? Or Baltimore or St. Lois or LA or San Francisco? Tell me how well background checks work in Virginia Beach?

  5. A Gun is only a Tool, Lately Guns have became a major POLITICAL Tool. A Bunch of the Democrat Wannabe Presidential hopefuls are Screaming “Gun Control” Hoping that they will attract a crowd of voters that are as ILLITERATE as they are.

  6. FredK All the gun grabbers really don’t care who gets shot. Withthem ist’s about cotrol of the populace. They are cumonists in their hearts. Wake up, America, before it is too late. Vote all those control freaks out of office. May God bless President Trump

  7. All of the above is true…..gun control to me is using both hands. The media makes it sound sensational and
    that just makes some moron want to kill more that the last moron did. This fight will go on forever. Stand up for your rights or very soon you won’t have any at all.

  8. Guys and Gals!
    If you want to look and sound like you are educated and knowledgeable about guns, spend some time researching gun laws, court cases involving gun control issues and actual self-protection gun issues and cases, then present your facts on the blogs. Also, spend some time proof-reading and correcting your posts before hitting “Send”. That way you will not only sound knowledgeable, but look intelligent when you post, rather than imitating the illiterate “gun-banner” idiots who typically can’t spell or put a sentence together with rationale that makes sense. Secondly, get up off your butts and actively campaign for the “pro-Second Amendment” candidates who are trying to save our God given and constitutional rights to protect families and rights from the knuckle-dragging crowd who are goose-stepping to the Hitler-want-to-be’ music. Then maybe, just maybe we’ll get some elected officials who want to be defenders of freedom and not just another set of career political hacks! Then maybe, just maybe, we will end up with a excellent group of statesmen and women willing to do right for all of America, not just trying to get a lifetime political career. God Bless America and Keep Her Free!!

    • There are a lot of pompous people on both sides of the gun debate fence.
      Out in California, we try to vote in the politicians who will stand up to the anti-gun people. We also have voter fraud that seems to negate our valid votes. We need real voter ID checks at the polls, there are some illegal votes that do get through the official ballot works checking.

      A good example of voting interference was the gas tax repeal bill. The bill’s title on voter’s ballot was re-written by the Sacramento Attorney General, so voters voted the wrong way, in favor instead of against the gas tax bill increase. By the time the voters found this out, it was too to change their vote. Now the gas tax has increased many fold. You can find this out from online California newspaper articles for fact.

      So we do vote for the Second Amendment in California, we also have Socialist educated young voters that are clueless of the Constitution and basic American history, so we get outvoted on important issues.

  9. I understand there are about 22,000 gun laws in the USA. I ask, what’s the right amount of laws? Give me a number that will do it. If you can’t then start thinking of new ways to get this done. The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a new outcome.
    Nj governor Murphy spent the first three months of his first year pushing the NJ legislators for more gun control laws. Each ended up being rewritten laws that are already on the books. Yes, NJ lost three months of a short period to repeat the mistakes of the past. No one is safer.

  10. KDB and FredK both have hit the nail on the head! The wannabe tyrants know they won’t be able to control an armed citizenry, so if they can outlaw guns in the hands of citizens, they’ll have a free hand controlling the population! Government of the people, by the people, for the people started to fade in the ’60s and has been steadily declining ever since

  11. Ok now that the socialist’s dumocrats are really pushing for gun, Confiscation/gun control do you realize that the only ones who will be able to keep and bear arms are our Senators and Congressmen, because THEY ARE EXEMPT FROM THESE LAWS. Gun control laws only work on the Law Abiding Citizen’s. They do not work on the criminal because the criminals do not care about the law’s that are made they will violate any and all laws. These laws are made by uninformed bureaucrats, who are aware that they do not work. They have there armed body guards and live in gated communities with 24hrs a day armed security patrols. What have we got.

  12. The left is the biggest danger to the US population with their anti-gun mongering which is solely about control of the people and NOT about safety. We were far safer when weapon handling was taught in schools and children were raised to be responsible adults. The left has bastardized all common sense in this country to the point of absurd pathological liars they are and the Repubs are just as guilty for allowing them to do so. This hypocrisy should NEVER have been allowed at all.

  13. These Leftist Dems are experts at using Hegelian Dialectic to make people believe that their theories are honorable and realistic. The facts of gun related events show that if a majority of the people present had been carrying guns the bad guy would have been short lived!
    Why does the Constitution say: “… the right of the people to keep keep and bear arms shall not be infringed “ ?
    And how can persons claiming to represent us, THE PEOPLE, propose to create “laws” that violate Amendment II of this country’s fundamental law ???
    I guess they are Traitors!

  14. No boasting or threats intended here. But I’ve served my country three times in combat, I’ve paid my taxes, I’ve broken no laws, and I consider myself an average citizen of our great nation. All that is gonna change if and when these idiots attempt to take away the protection I keep for my family. If “they” could make all the weapons disappear today the bad guys would be out tomorrow with knives and machettes robbing and killing just as they do now. I have NO INTENTION of surrendering my weapons nor abiding by any legislation passed to take them. If you check history gun control is the first thing dictators use to get their power. If you can’t fight back you are at their mercy.

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