How To Defeat Thermal Imaging Technology (Become Invisible To Drones!)


If you’ve ever wondered if there was a way to become invisible to thermal optics, then you’ll see how to do it today.

In fact, you’ll see exactly how to build your own “thermal evasion suit”.

Thermal imaging is the technology that picks up thermal signatures — aka your body heat. Originally military technology, it’s now used on drones, rifle scopes and it’s so popular it’s readily available for not much money (hunters use them for example).


Despite some common beliefs, it’s not impossible to hide from this technology.

First, What Is Thermal Imaging Technology?

The most simple description comes from The Night Vision Company:

“All objects emit infrared energy. The amount of infrared energy emitted is proportional to the amount of heat an object or organism produces. Thermal imagers sense this infrared energy and provide a thermal signature of a scene.”

In short, anyone with thermal imaging technology can see your body heat.

Here’s an example of two men walking in the woods, viewed through thermal tech – their body heat is in red:


Many people think that it’s impossible to hide from such technology.

That’s not the case …

How Can You Hide From Thermal Imaging Technology?

There are a lot of myths about thermal imaging …

Thermal can’t see through walls. (Unless, it’s a VERY thin wall and your body heat is heating the wall up enough to be seen from the outside.)

Thermal can’t see through other objects either …

For example, a bunch of trees in the forest. So if you’re in a very dense forest you can hide quite well. Likewise (as many terrorists in the Middle East have figured out or were trained by our forces to do) other natural terrain like caves/hills/mountains will hide your body heat.

Sadly, I was watching Predator the other day (the original one) and I would not count on using mud like Schwarzenegger to hide from thermal because even if the mud did block out your body heat for a short time — it would quickly heat up and then be visible.

So let’s talk about what does work…

How To Build A Thermal Evasion Suit

Snakebite Tactical sells a ready-made suit for this purpose. They also produced this video to share the info on how to make your own for free.

Let’s talk about what we have learned …

So the main thing you want to do is block your body heat right?

The first thought everyone has is using an emergency blanket because it reflects your body heat back at you.

It’s a sound idea, but the problem is that your body heat quickly warms up the reflective material.

According to these guys, the best way to avoid all these problems is to go with a multi-layer system.

The first layer is Radiant Barrier material — the stuff made to reflect heat back into homes — appears to be the best material to make it out of.

Second layer is thin layer of polyster padding to create airspace. Airspace is crucial. About an inch thick.


Third layer is another layer of Radiant Barrier Material – facing the opposite direction of the first layer.

At this point, you have blocked your thermal signature.

But because you want to actually be camouflaged, you need to add an extra layer to camouflage the suit.

The primary problem here is extra layers cause the suit to heat up quicker. Their solution is very thin ripstop nylon camouflage for the outside. To further break up the shape of the cloak, they added sniper veil webbing (extremely light) and fake leaves (help break up shape and also help to break up thermal energy).

You Can Also Use This Method To Create a Tent/Shelter Type Structure

Max Velocity Tactical used to sell something called an MVT Shield – designed to block thermal imaging too.

It works in much the same way.

To be completely clear, I’m not sure exactly how they build the MVT shield — but it this is what Max had to say:

“The MVT Shield, both this specific design as well as the general concept using less effective methods, has been tested and will block viewing of your thermal image, including all thermal bloom through the material. The outer sandwich layers are constructed of 70 denier rip-stop coated nylon with an inner double layer of thermal blocking material. The inner layers of thermal blocking material are not Mylar type ’emergency blankets,’ but a better, softer, more foldable/durable (‘non-crinkling”) alternative material.”

Further Max expands on some important points (emphasis mine):

“The MVT Shield is designed to be optimally used in conjunction with good fieldcraft, i.e. terrain and vegetation masking, as well as with an air gap between the user and the material.”

The important part is the “air gap” that the MVT shield is designed to utilize.

This air gap between you and the cover you’re using to evade thermal will keep your own body heat from heating your cover and rendering it ineffective.

Also, like Max says, utilizing good fieldcraft of regular concealment/camouflage will help.

That’s because even if you manage to block your body heat completely — you need to break up your silhouette to make sure you don’t look like a human. And in the day time (where thermal can also be used) it’s even more important obviously.



  1. Glass also will block the effects of thermal imaging. But law enforcement and military use a type of imaging called Radar-R which can show them where you are within your home and this was leaked in 2015. And think about this… With 3-D Smart TVs in homes combined with this type of surveillance equipment it’s not inconceivable to marry them to be able to render a full spectrum view of the environment within your home.

  2. Good Article Caleb. We need more along these lines with what’s coming down the road after the still entrenched ‘dark state’ takes out Trump, or forcefully ‘converts’ him.

    But to respond to James, I wrote a couple articles on this specific topic a couple years ago. And it is now 2017. And everything you suspect…is now in full implementation by the police state regulars especially focused within the illicit ‘War on Drugs’ hoax, where they do dozens of THOUSANDS of Swat raids a year on non violent pot heads so that they can seize their assets for profit and continue the proliferation of Totalitarian control over formerly Free American Patriots.

    The wall penetrating ‘radar’ equipment is a Flir hybrid and has several currently deployed formats. The one I get a charge out of is the one known as ‘Backscating’ vehicles in the form of white Mercedes van trucks pulling up next to a ‘suspected’ vehicle on a public street and in a manner of seconds illegally searching it top to bottom corner to corner without even getting out of the van and then storing the illegal files in an illegal data base for future reference. Therefore committing illegal unwarranted maximum level profiling, based on nothing more than random, whimisical, and capricious UNCONSTITUTIONAL ‘fishing’ expeditions.

    But the worst government proctology tool that is coming soon to a theater near EVERYONE is another new hybrid-radar imaging device, the prototype of which I saw over ten years ago at a LE trade show. It was called Frisk at Distance equipment, and now it’s called ‘radar something”. They are marketing it as the greatest thing since body cavity searches by narcotics cops right out in the public highways on a traffic stop!

    And improved versions will eventually tone down the humiliation of body searches for air travel because this one…

    WILL BE BODY FRISKING YOU EVERY FUCKING PLACE YOU GO IN PUBLIC! So strategically placed units will have scanned you numerous times before you even check in to your terminal!

    They are seriously up and running and you can even buy stocks in this company!

    It will give new meaning to concealed carry persons. You won’t be concealed from the ‘surveillance state’!

    But what do you expect from citizens who still haven’t banned their municipalities from using their tax dollars to by license plate scanners. Or armed police drones.

  3. I like that but its too bad if a fictional Movie like predator too have the technology too mask are features that would be great alsome too ben light but your idea is cool too I like it but I am 100% american and I am not doing any crimes I am 100% legal American that don’t have too hide I believe in the 2nd Amendment I follow the law I don’t break it & I am 100% Christian Orthodox if I don’t fill safe then its time too pack my stuff up and get out of town .

    • James, The last words of many political prisoners and otherwise “100 per cent innocent”–LOL– people like you, who are now prisoners or made into criminals by illegal, unconstitutional laws, said the same thing.
      “But I’ve got nothing to hide because I didn’t do anything wrong?”.

      You represent EXACTLY the type of Sheeple a potentially Tyrannical government would like to keep in their totalitarian corral to exploit for profit.

      Because you actually go along with them or say nothing or relish in your blissful apathy so that they can make more illegal Fiat laws to control you, and anytime they want to take you out of action if you are in defiant political opposition to their Authoritative Tyranny plans, they will simply make another law to make another target focused group into criminals so they can invoke the most insidious Tyrannical law ever perpetrated on a free society–the 1968 Gun Control Law–which defies the essence of even JEESUS’ idea of criminal justice and rehabilitation, because it makes every convicted criminal permanently prohibited from their ‘god’ given natural rights of owning a firearm, just because the violated a social law, even though they were punished and that punishment was completed! Can anyone think of a better way to impose a Totalitarian enslavement?

      Of course, Holier-than-thou- people like you, James, are true believers that if you ‘do nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide…”, right?

      Someone like you, then, would be shockingly surprised when you heard the police knocking on your door demanding entrance without a warrant and forcing themselves in to search for and seize any firearms or other dangerous weapons…Just Because You politely ‘admonished’ your sinful fat assed neighbor(just to put a little friendly ‘fear of god’ into her) about her shit assed dog who left humongous piles of stinking dog shit on your nicely manicured front lawn that you just stepped in!

      Instead of repenting she promptly called the police and said she was in fear of danger because you threatened to hose down her trespassing dog if it was caught damaging your property again, and she knows you are one of those religionist zealots and you have guns because she saw you put them in your car to go on a hunting trip!

      Under Kalifornia and New York Safe Act laws, this is actually a current developing reality. And it would have been put forth as a national Federal law had the Clinton regime succeeded in taking the election.

      So ‘what would Jesus say about THAT, James? Totalitarianism, not unlike Religionist Authoritarianism, means ‘TOTAL enslavement of the mind and body and your money. You can run, James, but you can’t hide from the eyes of ‘god’. And that includes government ‘gods’.

      But maybe, because you are such a holy, unsinful, 100% law abiding good Christian, you might forgive the nasty fat bitch and take your dog shit and eat it? As the police confiscate your firearms and anything else they subjectively determine is a danger to public safety, and cause you a lot of trouble and money to recover and clear yourself afterward.

      But most of us see this as a serious undermining of what being a Free American Citizen under protection of Constitutional Bill of Rights LAW of the LAND REALLY means.

      I suggest you tear your self away from your bible for a moment to do a reality check on the existentialism of your mortal life here on Earth while you still can. There’s a lot of REALITY truth out there that you dont’ have to merely ‘believe’ in, but you can actually KNOW, beyond any objective reasonable doubt, that it is a concrete verifiable fact.

      So Check out–when you can take a break from being so law abidingly ‘holy’, a well written book by Constitutional attorney John Whitehead entitled BATTLEFIELD AMERICA, The War on the American People.
      In it you’ll find references based on empirical research studies that the average American commits at least a misdemeanor a day and a Felony a week! And mostly don’t even realize they are doing it! This is because of the literally 10’s of thousands of unknown laws and counting that overwhelm our lives every day for nothing more than to control us as ‘required’.. (for a short preview, read George T. Will’s article on ‘The Criminalization of America’.

      So, If my old tactical detective team wanted to take your guns away for some reason, or arrest you because you were a dangerous gangster, we would do a proprietary data-base search, you know, of the information we’re not supposed to keep on Free citizens, and link to your National Nazi I,D, card, which everybody must be in ‘compliance’ with and have by next year (Real I.D. Act of 2005) complete with all direct physical access info and biometric face recognition technology, interfaced with license plate recognition/location technology and go do a stake out of where you sleep. If social surveillance cameras were already installed on your street lights, we’d focus deploy those and All we’d have to do is watch and ‘track’ you a while we analyze your lifestyle and ‘behavior’. When we find out your email, we’d hack into your computer to see what you are doing there, as well.

      If you own a house we will send a small quiet police drone to illegally scan your property(like one Sherrif’s dept in North Dakota has Already Admitted to Doing, to see what code violations, municipal ordinances or etc. we can use to ‘legally’ send an inspector knocking. ‘Smelling GAS! was the one most commonly used for an ‘Emergency’ warrantless door kick in home invasion. Of course we’d wait until you weren’t home. We’d know that from the small, quarter sized GPS tracking unit we slipped under your car bumper interfaced with Plate recognition data bases.

      Once inside, we’d of course search and ‘plant’. Either ‘contraband’ for future ‘probable cause’ or other more intrusive direct surveillance devices. But likely we wouldn’t even have to do that. Because of the likelihood you, or someone in your home would be breaking some kind of law already.

      Within a relatively short time, we’d make a criminal out of you, James, with or without ‘god’s’ Will, lol!

      And you would be ‘subject’ to arrest and conviction, at Our Convenience! If you were convicted, and we wouldn’t go to all that ‘effort’ if there wouldn’t be a virtual guarantee of that, especially if we were ‘buds with the judge’, guess what? No more of those bad evile guns for you???

      But don’t worry, bow that you are an ex criminal banned from having guns. It will actually be EASIER to get one.

      And one more thing. James, don’t waste too much time praying to Jesus when you’re in the lock up. Because I guarantee–from a ‘vision’ I had, and from ‘voices’ I heard from an angel’…that Ol’ Boy, The JEEZE was too busy with some devilish business to Bail your holy water ass out. So hope you have enough cash—that we didn’t seize already because a hit came back on it for pot residue from when we brought in the drug dogs (who miss, by the way abour 60% of the time), but not in your case, lol!

      So Bless you for being so high and mighty and 100% Christian Law Abiding, James! I’m a prayin’ for ya!

      Just remember what the Christians’ last words were to each other in the Roman Days when they were thrown to the Lions:

      “Do you think they look Hungry, my brothers?”

      Oh, by the way, HERE’S THE COMPANY THAT’S MAKING THE ULTIMATE SPY ON CITIZENS DEVICE AND INSTALLING IT in a friendly neighborhood near you.. AS WE SPEAK. These will give new meaning to ‘concealed Carry’. The company is called: Patriot One Radar. Frisk at Distance imaging devices. Stock Market reference codes: OTCQB/PTOTF/TSX.V.PAT

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