It May Not Be A “Crime,” But It Looks Like It Does Pay


Maybe it’s an old-fashioned sentiment, but many people actually believe that people should do the right thing because it’s the right thing. That’s not to say that they begrudge someone making a good income, but, if that person says they are doing what they do for moral reasons, then that person’s actions should follow that up.

Which makes you wonder why some gun control advocates really take that political position because, apparently, being a gun control advocate pays well. In fact, it looks like it pays very well.

Take a recent news story about a home owned by Shannon Watts. You may not be familiar with her, but you’ve probably heard about her organization, Moms Demand. Miguel over at writes about this:


Take a look at this humble 4 bedroom, 5 bathroom side of the mountain abode located tat 1145 Timber Ln Boulder, CO 80304. […]

However, it is not for sale, it was bought in 2014 by measly $2,275,000 (Yes, that is seven figures) and according to Boulder County records, the owners are:

Yes! John and Shannon R Watts formerly of Zionsville IN!

I am not gonna say that all those trinkets, t-shirts and fundraisers from Moms Demand went to pay for this palatial Rockies’ place. I am sure their old art gallery business was sold at a premium because it made crazy money in Indiana.

And to say that it pays to be the puppet of Michael Bloomberg would be pure unfounded speculation, so don’t.

Of course, Miguel is being very tongue-in-cheek. This nice, innocent, “mother of five” who just wants to make the world a better place seems to be doing pretty well and not living among the teeming masses who can’t afford to pay over $2 million for a home.

When you see stuff like this, you don’t even have to be very cynical to think that maybe, just maybe, all those gun control supporters are getting fleeced because maybe, just maybe, it’s not actually about wanting to make a difference, but it’s about selling something to people that they’ll buy.

And, by the looks of it, people sure have been suckered into buying Shannon Watts’s propaganda.



  1. This is how it has to be with liberals who obey their masters ONE WORLD ORDER. You see, the ordinary guy won’t buy what they are selling. And Shannon sold her soul to Bloomberg.
    Did you expect anything but corruption from them?

  2. if liberals can make a buck off of whatever it is they are all for. if they can’t than it is evil capitalism and must be destroyed.

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