Kids In The House? This May Be The Gun Lock For You


If you’ve thought about gun safety at all, then you have likely considered ways to keep children from getting access to your firearms. Maybe you have hidden your guns. Maybe you have a gun safe. Maybe you hoping and praying that your training and teaching your children will keep them safe.

Whatever else you have tried, you may want to consider a gun lock, and, if you have kids in the house, a new gun lock may be the ultimate way to keep your children safe from a firearm accident at their own hands. Sentinel Inc. has put together a gun lock using cutting edge technology so that you don’t have to worry about passcodes or having your key on you to get access to your weapon, but while still keeping other people away from being able to fire your weapon. David Maccar gives us details:

Sentinel Inc. has taken the concept behind a biometric smart gun and applied it to a new kind of gun lock.

The company has officially released the Identilock gun locking system, saying it will be available at Cabela’s retail stores across the country […].

The device was created to keep “unwanted fingers off the trigger through the use of fingerprint identification technology.”

The story says the device, which fits around a handgun’s trigger and trigger guard, is outfitted with a fingerprint sensor that identifies the user and provides access to the gun in less than a second (300 milliseconds exactly) when the clamshell lock falls off and “harnesses the same computing power and speed as complex consumer electronics.”

In [a] story on, Sentinel founder Omer Kiyani said that his device will ensure that the “right person gets in every time, and the wrong person never does.”

The beautiful thing about this type of lock is that , while children can’t get at the trigger of your gun, because it unlocks based upon your fingerprint, you don’t have to fumble with keys or remember your passcode when you are in a stressful situation and needing to unlock your weapon quickly for self-defense purposes.


So, if you do have children in the house, you may want to consider this as an extra layer of safety on top of everything else that you are doing to keep your children safe.



  1. So, if your not home and the bad guy breaks in, your wife is fair game to what ever takes place because your gun is useless to her. The best ‘ gun lock’ in the home is education and training. We raised 4 young ones 2 boys and 2 girls with not a single problem. All four can knock a gnat off a flys a** with a handgun. All four knew that guns were not toys, they were multi purpose tools when they were still in their low single digit ages. I feel sorry for any thug that screws with any of them, thinking they willl be an easy target.

  2. Given the choice between kids or gunsin my our home, we long ago chose wisely for us, guns rather than kids.

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