Tell Your Anti-Gunner Friends: This Is How Gun Control Failed In The Parkland, Florida School Shooting


If you’re like me, the endless babbling and bleating of people all over social media and mainstream media outlets makes you want to puke, too. Right after you punch something.

Especially when ignorant people (and I have yet to find a single anti-gunner who isn’t ignorant about guns) spout opinions about subjects that they know nothing about.

You know, things like how the way a firearm looks makes it an “assault weapon,” or how guns are dangerous without someone actually touching them. Or about how gun control actually stops people from getting guns.


See, the fact of the matter is that Nikolas Cruz, the 19 year old charged with murdering seventeen kids at a high school in Parkland, Florida, passed an FBI instant background check to purchase a gun and legally bought the Smith & Wesson M&P 15 .223.

Now, if gun control is going to work, then people who support gun control need to be able to show that they can predict who is safe with a firearm and who isn’t.

But they can’t. And this incident in Parkland is another example of that.

So, anti-gunners will argue that we should ban all guns. Except that history shows that banning guns doesn’t get rid of guns or prevent criminals from getting access to guns.

For example, the United Kingdom has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world. It’s a downright pain in the neck to (legally) get your hands on a gun in the U.K. But a January 25, 2018 article by Alan Travis gives us these alarming statistics:

The rise in crime in England and Wales is accelerating, according to police figures, which show a 14% year-on-year increase in offences recorded by forces across England and Wales.

Knife crime has gone up even more steeply, by 21% in the 12 months to September, and gun crime has risen by 20%, according to quarterly figures released on Thursday.

The fact of the matter is that gun control doesn’t keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

Another example is Australia which has had mandatory gun buy backs several times already, but, each time, more guns are brought in. Where are these guns coming from? Obviously, their gun control policies aren’t preventing people from getting guns.

Anti-gunners need to face the facts: gun control doesn’t work. We can have a discussion about spotting mental health issues or about other ways to try to prevent this type of violence, but gun control isn’t the answer.



  1. They need to pass the law where you have have to be be 21 have to buy an assault rifle. If the officer at the school would have been doing his job this shooting at the School in Florida may not have happened. But people starts yelling for tuffer gun laws and the bad guys get the guns easer.

    • Before this school shooter made it to the school there is plenty of blame to go around. Start with his paper work when applying. On form it has info for psych history, not filling it out is a felony. Meds that he was on should show up in data base. Dr. most likely should have sent info in. Fbi and police both had his name and being told he was a threat.All of these show incompetence in protecting others, but they blame it on legal gun owners, what a farce.

      • Randall,
        There wre enough people who cold have stopped this whole incident but they were too busy or did not see the danger this guy possessed. That was the cause of the shooting. Also, students contributed to the cause by bullying the guy. What does one expect? A shooting. It is not rocket science.

  2. The real reason us the jews-rothchilds satanic worshipers want guns removed so they can initiate their one world rule…the tell us what we can do what we cant, who lives in your house and who dont, and its not your family. What to wear what to drive if you can drive, when to eat sleep drink and where to work and on and on….. the stupid 15yr olds think they will rule well they have another thought coming……. THATS WHAT THESE DEMOCRATS WANT. And that includes rape

    • Look what happened to the Jew and other undesirables in Europe before WW I I well before that war kicked off. Every citizen under control of the Germans was disarmed. That too started off by requiring every weapon having to be registered, then came the Police to collect all the registered weapons. Guess what weapons weren’t collected? How about all the weapons owned by the criminals.
      If the police and the FBI had done their jobs, this crackerhead would have never been able to purchase a gun. This nutcase had been reported to law enforcement numerous times and no one bothered to shut him down from passing a FBI background check. The FBI was alerted three weeks in advance that he was about to do something just like this.
      Besides all that, everyone keeps forgetting that the rifle didn’t kill these young people, the rifle was only a tool. This wasn’t an assault rifle, it was a semi-automatic rifle. Not some super charged demonic weapon because of it’s outer dressing. Simply a semi-automatic rifle. The laws are already in place to prevent this from happening. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING ??? They did and law enforcement failed to act on it. Especially that chicken-you-know-what Sheriff in the country that this occurred. And how about the Deputy who was posted at the school? What happened there? I am retired military and spent 6 years as a Police, we were trained to run to the fire, not hide or run away. There is another major failure in this NIGHTMARE! God help us and God bless America.

    • That what I said. Saw on news today A KID saying we ARE GOING TO DO WHAT THEY SAY OR THEY WONT STOP. I say let them do the dance of the ages like we did when got smart they would stop this mess. BUT they do rule us NOW and we can’t lift a finger and they know it, that alone will be and is becoming a major problem. If kids know so much then they should have a car a job a house an get out from under mom before they realize they really don’t know it all
      BUT by then we will not a country you would recognize..Just a thought

    • This is the reason for this push. It has been coming. Can’t say anything on here. They watch & know everything. I told Democrat Senator If they continue pushing to take the guns away., that is their mission. I will bring up the sanctuary city. My politicians protect them. All I had to ask was are they illegal? They get nervous because nobody has questioned them

  3. The FBI failed big time and the local law enforcement failed also. Why should law abiding citizens have their 2nd Amendment taken away from them. When big brother gets to strong is when they will absolutely show you how weak you are !!!’

  4. I do not have anti-gun friends that I know of… But good info to be aware of…

  5. The Florida school shooting was a mass of mistakes. First doors at the school not locked, if they were he would mot been able to get in and pull the alarm and stsry shooting. 2nd once in the shooting starts they have 4 armed sheriff’s guards inside and they do nothing to stop him. 3rd the teachers were mot allowed to be armed. 4th the FBI and the sheriff’s departments all had many tips about this animal ahead of this horrific crime and none of them done anything. Instead of putting the blame where it should be the media wants to start a shark frenzy that it was because of an assault rifle. No it was because of an animal, first off even though this animal gave all kinds of clues to stop him everyone ignored them. I truly find it very hard that 4 armed sheriff department men did not do somthing about this unless there was a reason, they were told to stand down. The FBI had all those tips and did not act on them I find this hard to believe as well. Again unless they were told to stand down. Then there was the fact that the sheriff of tgst county was friends eith a very high up person , who would that be Hillary Clinton. She also hold some powerful ties within the FBI. I believe and that is what is nice about this country is thay I can have my opinion and according yo my 1st amendment rights I can voice it, I believe she is behind it found her a lone wolf pup promised him he would be famous and would get off on an insane plea and tried to orchestrate this horrific deed all to get our guns make Trump look bad so he would change his mind on gun control. Even possibly be able to impeach him. All to further their agenda to have a world government. She has killed many people over her career in politics even though she has never been made pay for anything her crooked deranged self has done. Murder is just the tip of what she has done. The media in all this they only want to blame the gun. The media wants to take advantage of the feelings of school kids who know nothing of guns, who are dramatically hurt by what has transpired and they feed off their emotions to get Trump and ban guns all for a world government and a socialized or communist society. What has this country come too. We the people must stand by the Constitution and this country and stop them vote out these people help our President Trump continue t get this country going in right direction

  6. Being an ex-military, ex-federal police officer and retired Philadelphia police officer permanently disabled from an on duty injury, i.e. Blown-up, spending 7 months in the hospital burn unit, have never shot an innocent person or non-combatant in my life. weapons are a tool to be utilized responsibly. Am an NRA member and do believe in heavily vetting persons who wish to purchase a firearms.If we run and start screaming that the sky is falling and try to illegalize weapons, then we will be at the mercy of the people who state that they can not stop the flow of illegal drugs coming into the country. Try to save yourself, your family or other innocents when only the criminals have weapons. REALLY THINK ABOUT IT. There are never any good mainstream media reports on how responsible, licensed gun owners saved people from an armed maniac.


  8. How about weapons-capable security cameras in classrooms, operated out of the School Security office so that the Officers don’t have to risk personal injury to shoot classroom offenders?

    • That is a thought but sooner or later someone unfamiliar with controls will accidentally push the wrong bottom, similar to Hawaii for their nuclear warning system.

  9. Nobody’s talking about what set the kid off – he was bullied and made fun of because he was slow. Why aren’t the kids who pushed him to his breaking point being held up as a causation? Because they are all survivors and we can’t question anything the say or do.

  10. The control issues about gun control do nothing to stop evil people. Not having a rifle or pistol, Cruz could have used an automobile or truck, gasoline, explosives, or even knives to kill many more people — and there is no federal registry for vehicles, gasoline, knives, and nothing to stop a determined individual from making explosives.

    We can not control evil, evil people, or the mentally ill: the ACLU has seen to that. What we can do is arm ourselves with knowledge, skills, strategies, and a gun.

  11. As a FORMER, (NOT “EX”), military man, who served in ALL branches of the services, one day after one of the earlier shootings. The talk was that our weapons were going to be taken away, if people had this mental problem or PTSD, or if a person had committed him or herself into a mental institution. Prez OBOOBOO talked about taking weapons away from people who received Social Security if they owned weapons (BS!!!!). I fought and almost DIED for my country, and I’D do it AGAIN, BUT DON’T try and take my weapons away!!!!!! I EARNED that RIGHT to defend my family!!!!!! I told my wife that a person didn’t NEED a firearm to kill and sure enough some IDIOT used a KNIFE in the next school attack!!!!!! I was NOT surprised at all and I have cried along with the families of ALL the victims, since. I wonder why we have evil people in this world who love to hurt their fellow human beings. I have a CCW, just so I may be able to protect my wife and others and I hope I DON’T get that chance. I was an officer before I went into the service and I never drew my weapon, thank GOD. I just hope these shootings do STOP, our children NEED to STOP dying.

  12. I wonder if all of the teenagers and others who are calling for gun bans are in favor of banning cell phones and cars for teens because after all they are the No. 1 cause of teen deaths. Guess not, that would make way to much sense for them. Can you say hippocracy.

    in place so people had control of violent government
    .2nd admendment to ensure that

  14. My son-in-law is from the UK. You’re right, it is difficult to purchase a firearm there.
    Now talking about “gun control “, are children taught about firearms? I doubt it.

    Many parents want our children to be AFRAID of firearms, instead of teaching them how to use them SAFELY and RESPECT. Growing up, we were taught the consequences of pointing a loaded weapon at someone. That was ingrained in our minds as BASIC GUN SAFETY. There are on-line videos available where GUN SAFETY is demonstrated and the consequences of misuse.
    The children see gun violence, shootings, and killings on television and videos, it gets ingrained in their minds, and the ones who have mental problems act out. Those traits in those children can be detected at an early age, the child can be treated, mentored, and directed positively .

    Children need to be taught gun safety and respect.

    • Dave K you have a great point! So many people haven’t ever been around guns and know absolutely nothing about them! Therefore they are scared to death of them and they sure don’t want their kids to learn anything about them! It would make such a difference if all the adults had to take a mandatory class about guns and gun safety. I am not even saying they have to shoot one just be around one and get educated. We are always afraid of the unknown!

  15. We can all sit here and talk about this shit all day long. But what it boils down to. Its not IF, but WHEN. You better believe in something. Cause when they come for the guns, we will have to stand up for the 2nd amendment. I’m not saying violently. But we can’t rule that out. EVERYBODY and I mean EVERYBODY has to be ready. Fortunately most police and military service members still believe in second amendment. At least in smaller rural communities.

  16. Not much, it anything, has been mentioned about the part that video games may be contributing to the problem of unstable individuals acting out in ways not seen before. Today’s video games are fundamentally different than the violent movies and TV shows that we saw in the past. The difference is that the video game player is an active participant in the violence rather than an observer of it. There are some studies that claim that video games are addictive and that the brain of a video game player is changed significantly from others who do not constantly play them. We need to study this phenomenon to see if we are exposing the younger generation to mass brainwashing via video games. It may be that just some titles are complicit or none of them can be connected to the behavior being observed. The common thread of all the recent outbursts in schools is that they are carried out by peer or slightly older perpetrators, and at least some of them are reported to be video game obsessive. It bears looking into.

    • Just like legal psychotropic drugs for depression, anxiety etc. These common poisons Cause violence and suicide in users, there are probably millions of users. Most mass shooters were taking them, at least 36! But the deep pockets of the pharmaceutical industry keep a lid on this info and ignorant, useful idiots blame guns! Keep swallowing the Kool-Aid pushed by nasty people who don’t want gun control but rather gun confiscation. Our govt. has gained control of education and media and used it to warp a couple of generations by not teaching history and instead feeding them socialist and communist garbage. They are actively anti-God and pro “do your own thing.” Kids today often have no respect for anything but themselves and truly believe they know everything. Missing info: Over 200 Million unarmed subjects were slaughtered by their own governments in the 20th century. What a travesty if the wisely armed citizens of the U.S.A. allow power obsessed tyrants to remove our best defense, our gift of the 2nd amendment.

  17. If the law would have done their job,FBI and Parkland Police dept. as well as on site officer these people did NOT have to die!! At least surely not 17 people. There was an armed cop on site and more came and DID NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!! The SHERIFF IS responsible for his men!!

  18. The anti gun idiots propaganda states to solve the mass shootings is to make The whole of America a gun free zone when in fact the gun free zones we have now is where the mass shooters go to wreck their carnage,so the anti gun idiots think we should have one big gun free zone as it has worked out so well I the past,idiots.

  19. I can’t wait until there is a lawsuit against all of this bs. They are blaming the tool and not the person. WE NEED TO STOP SELLING HAMMERS for they can kill people, or knives, or anything that can kill. When did we become the nanny to the state because they have lost their minds!

  20. When guns are outlawed…..ONLY outlaws will have guns! Bumper sticker on my first car….a ‘53 mercury! Ihave had many guns since then (am now 71 years old) and have yet to point one at any human being! Perhaps a better understanding of weapons! Got schooled well by my father and got my own 12guage on my 7th birthday! My AR has never jumped up and threatened anybody either. 40 round magazine is so I don’t hafta lode so darn much when practicing on TARGETS! Have a great day, and God Bless all on this attempt to teach our dumb ass kids about the proper use of weapons!
    Donald (no, not that one!😳)

  21. When I went to school, many of us had pistols and hunting rifles in our cars because we would go hunting after school. Our cars were not even locked and no one bothered them. We never had a thought to do harm to anyone, especially with a weapon. I was small and was bullied a lot, but I stood up for myself with my fists. Never a thought to go kill a bunch of my classmates.

  22. Personaly I believe gun control is a firm grip a steady aim and a steady pull on the trigger and the training and ability to hit the target 5 out of 5 shots. That is gun control.

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