The Simple Solution To Mass Shootings At Schools


School shootings.

Everyone has an opinion on them and what to do to prevent them. Unfortunately, most of what you are hearing as proposed “solutions” are not solutions at all but are simply virtue signalling to make anti-gunners feel better while not doing a thing to save any lives.

So, what is the solution, then, if all of the solutions promoted by the media don’t actually make any difference? The solution, according to a writer named Brandon Morse, is one that has been talked about, but very few people want to hear. He writes,


It’s tough having to write this article again. Not because it’s horrible having to cover a topic under the worst of circumstances, but because in order to suggest this one has to seemingly put his heart down as so many others are breaking in half in order to turn to cold logic. But in this case, cold logic is going to save lives, and keep hearts whole.

You probably already know what I’m going to write, but I’m going to write it anyway. If you want to stop school shootings from occurring, put guns in the school. Hire armed off-duty police or ex-military, and allow them to wander the halls of the school. Should a shooter be stupid enough to wander in and begin attempting to slaughter the innocent, then Darwin will have his day, and one less idiot set on doing evil will exist on this plane.

Morse is right: having someone armed at the schools to protect students and faculty is the only solution that makes sense because, frankly, there is no way to be able to track down and stop every would-be mass shooter before they commit their crime.

The one thing that I would add to Morse’s solution is that the armed person in the school needs to have the mindset training so that they can do the deed when it needs to be done (an armed school resource officer was on site at the time of the Parkland, Florida shooting but did not go into the school to engage the shooter). No sane person wants to shoot another person, but, if someone else has already used the tool of violence, then having the intent to do as much violence as necessary to the perpetrator, including killing them, if need be, is necessary to prevent more innocent deaths.

So, next time your anti-gun friends want to start blaming guns, ask them how they plan to stop the murdering before it happens because the fact of the matter is that, if it’s not guns, it will be a car driven into a crowd, or a homemade bomb, or a knife attack (which have been known to kill as many people as mass shootings), or some other horrible thing. They can’t answer that question because they are fixated on the tool and not on the intent. The only solution to prevent more needless deaths is to have someone on campus with the training, intent, and tools to take down a would-be murderer before they can do all of the damage that they want to do.



  1. It is very hard to know how people will react when the SHTF. I would hope an unemployed combat vet could do the job you are talking about.
    Another semi-solution (I call it a semi because there is no perfect solution) would be single point of entry.
    Students would have to show a badge and pass through a screening (metal detector/x-ray) process. It could be as simple as showing a badge to a reader and then gaining access or a full on pat down, metal detector/x-ray and chip imbedded id. This would cost money but how much is your child’s life worth. Large schools like the one in Florida could have more than one entrance.


    • There is an alternate solution. One put forward by the Veteran’s Party years ago: Change the whole eduation process. Make it internet based, where kids can do their work, and classes , at home.
      WI has a program modeled on that. Their ‘campuses’ only contain admin offices, gym, and auditorium for common events, But all work, discussions and lectures are done on the internet.
      If terrorists can’t FIND targets how can they shoot them?

        • I think that rather than have students go to assembly for an anti-bullying session, they should be required to. go to an evening session and part of the requirement would be that at least one parent/guardian must attend with the child, attendance taken and another session during the day with child/patent if parent can only come in daytime. This would help open discussion between patent and child.

        • Kids get bullied because they never learned how to deal with bullies. If we, as a society, would allow children(usually under 12) fight it out instead of separating them, they might learn no one wins in a fight, one just hurts more than the other. They need to learn a pecking order, just like any other mammal.
          Never allowing them their own order leaves many frustrated and ready to accelerate the confrontation with knives or guns. Parents also should know where the guns and ammo are at all times(do not underestimate your child’s resourcefulness or overestimate his conscience).
          A single or even multiple points of entry could add an hour or more to the school day, and who is qualified to man these posts?(who will work part time at what pay in the middle of a normal work day? This would make for a great opportunity for a shooter, because of the huge number of students waiting to enter – of course it would be off school grounds…..

      • What about the kids whose parents both work. Your idea would be ok for some but not all…that’ll be the case with any idea….a single point of entry doesn’t sound too bad but shooters knowing they will have opposition may be a greater deterrent also. If you want to rob a store or house would you intentionally enter one known to have guns waiting? I do think any teacher volunteering to carry and protect should go through some hand to hand tactics as well as firearms training.

        • ANY student capable of and with the intent to pick a lock that belongs to someone else should be reprimanded if not suspended OR locked up !

  3. You are partly right . But maybe the the weapon needs to be changed. A device that immobilizes without killing, does not need a skilled user to be effective. One that homes in on the sent or sound of the killer in some way. Some kind of a killer seeking device that never misses its target when fired. We do it with planes and missals.
    Come on American innovation let’s solve many problems with a new invention. Define the criteria, innovate, experiment, demonstrate and SOLVE the Problems. STOP THE ARGUING !(nothing gets done)

    • Older but not wiser I think. The purpose here is to stop the shooter from killing kids and if the would be killer is still alive some liberal Judge will have him back on the street before the ink is dry on his rap sheet!

      • Arming teachers is unwise. Many are adverse to handling guns. An armed teacher would have to be able to function like a soldier to accurately target and fire upon a shooter. Few would be able to do so in a calm matter. Plus the dilemma of hiring a greatt teacher versus a marksman becomes an issue. An armed veteran in the school would be preferable since they are trained to react appropriately in a dangerous situation. Plus it would provide much needed jobs for veterans. Metal detectors should become a routine part of all new school buildings as should bullet proof doors with internal locks and bulletproof windows.. Most of the doors currently in schools could easily be kicked in or shattered by the fire from a gun. Traditionally schools have been built cheaply by the lowest bidder. Every school needs to be staffed with a full-time counselor. This teacher has been alarmed by the increase of mentalky disturbed students during a 35 year career. It isceasy to theorize about the reasons, but it too often comes back to dysfunctional, disinterested parents. Protecting our children should be a priority not restricted by money. This is not the place to pinch pennies. Do that with the White House’s expense account.

  4. I agree with you that we should use ex-military we would be helping our man and women coming home from the Middle East as well as other locations and we would definitely be protecting our children and teachers to the up most of our abilities. I do not agree however with using off-duty police officers for the simple fact that they tend to hesitate to be indecisive and in some cases just complete cowards. We have had off-duty deputy sheriff’s that have in fact done a pretty good job I would support using them as long as they have the train needed to tackle a situation that could occur in a school building.

  5. The kids that do this stupid thing should not be able to by a guy. He should be on the do not sell list, which in a law. With all the trouble they got in to with the law. The government justice system did not do it’s job. Cops,David,judges ,etc. You can’t fix stupid.

  6. The laws to deny, only helps the bad guy. Use the present laws. Do not sell list for troubled people.

  7. The protector has to be punished or else the next person we have “protecting” our kids will just wave his hands and say “I don’t know nuttin about protecting no children!”

      • Who determines which people are “troubled”? Do you want that responsibility? Some Dr who hates Conservatives? Some public health psychiatrist who has a huge caseload and no assistance? Who, then?

  8. As the MSM is feverish to tell us that arming teachers is a bad idea, the “resource” officer on all campuses seems to be a good one. These don’t need to be uniformed personnel, but more akin to roaming, plain clothed advisors that can patrol hallways and other campus locales and integrate with the student body to be, truly, a resource. These people can and will soon be recognized as a vehicle for the students to connect with administrators; they have no agenda other that the protection of the student body. While the students may initially look upon these folks as the dreaded “narcs”, over time and with some sensitivity, they should blend in with campus society and soon be recognized for what they are and why they are there. I mentioned advisors. above. I remember when I was in school some centuries ago, my school employed such advisors and they rapidly became every student’s friend; an authority figure, an adult, to whom you could talk, who observed and reacted in that environment to build trust and relationships between the school and the students. The teachers had an agenda, to teach but also to grade and evaluate. This is where the relationship sometimes broke down. The advisors did not have any other agenda than to relate to and, I suppose, provide protection and even refuge for the students. No grades were issued, and few judgements made. When one of these people left the school, the majority of the student body was sad because of it. Save for the troublemakers and wrong-doers who would act out and prey on others. But that had a leavening affect on the student body; they would be sought out by the good kids and avoided by the bad ones who would automatically suspend their antics.

  9. We do need to harden schools, we need to harden students as well! There’s no training in schools. Everything to teach them how to defend themselves have been removed, including first aid! They just DON’T WHAT TO DO! Parents need to participate in this as well! You don’t need to own a firearm to learn firearm safety. There are countless programs out there that teach this, for example, Mike Seeklander and Rob Pincus. Our awesome veterans are a great source to teach our kids how to survive and thrive. These kids don’t realize they have a valuable resource they can use against a shooter–THEMSELVES! They out number a shooter. Bum-rush and dog pile one of these assholes! Teach them how to do this and they will survive! Teach them that a shooter can’t operate if they are dodging books and chairs being thrown at them! These kids can learn how to band together and FIGHT BACK! This is how to stop stupid ass’s from hurting our kids! Be hard to KILL!

  10. brooksmith texas ind school texas is a small country school and their
    school board armed their teachers because they have no police force.
    all members were agreeable to this

  11. All schools need to be protected by trsine, armed resource officers & selected teachers who are also trained with guns & psychologically & the school’s to have signage indicating that armed guards are in the school, unless the shooter is suicidal, they will not walk into any school


    • Anti gun people are anti gun,their real agenda is to disarm America doing so by spewing propaganda and opposing and denouncing any reasonable school security action to protect the students whom they pretend to care about only to further their real mission to ban all guns from the honest public and don’t have the balls to reveal their real motives.

  13. My opinion is trained armed guards onsite is the most logical solution. In a shooting event police response time is too slow- even two or three minutes is too slow. As for airport type security, you’ve taken the students and lined them up at the door like a plate rack at a shooting gallery. A shooter could drive up and fire four or five magazines, the kids would panic, many would be shot, and the shooter could just drive away. In that situation no one would be able to describe either the shooter or his car. Maybe and it’s a big maybe, the shooter would be on a camera aimed at the parking lot, but it’s not likely. As far as students rushing the shooter, these are thirteen to maybe eighteen year old kids. You can’t ask that of them. The military takes the better part of a year to brainwash, and be honest, that’s what it is, their recruits to the point of being able to kill another human being when ordered. Gun control is a bad joke. It will disarm the law abiding people who won’t kill anyone, and leaves the criminals as the only civilians with guns. And they have no sense of morality to stop them from killing. Until we can read their minds to stop psychopaths before they kill, the rational solution is to have armed, alert, and ready security onsite for the fastest possible response time.

    • How will this person be talking and listening to kids if they are patrolling the halls to find potential gunmen? We had someone like you mean. He was called a SCHOOL COUNSELOR!
      Also, wearing a uniform has a deterrent effect. They would be there to deter these shooters, wouldn’t they? To keep them from bringing guns to school? Plain clothes and being a friend to the kids is again, A SCHOOL COUNSELOR, NOT ARMED SECURITY.

  14. It will also be necessary to make the use of “Voice of God”, aka “voice to Skull” technology illegal for even intelligence agencies to use on American citizens. Everyone should watch the video clip “Jesse Ventura Interviews Dr. Duncan on “Voice of God” weapon”. Google it and get up to speed on what very possibly has been going on.

  15. When the 32 students were killed with pistols at Virginia Tech (university) in Blacksburg, VA, the best IMMEDIATE ideas I was on the internet was for the college to give paid tuition to veterans returning from war against Islamic terrorism, or completing a term of service in the Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard, with no actual combat history – for all would have had basic rifle training – providing they would agree to concealed carry, and get current handgun training, coordinated with the campus, local police, and a registered NRA trainer. Inexpensive.

    Immediately publish that the school is not longer in-protected, that plain-clothes “officers” and others would be added to campus protection. Not 1, not 2, but maybe 20% of the people seen on campus!

    Local governments in charge of the schools should provide life and accident/health and medical insurance for these volunteers. Willing teachers, office workers, maintenance people, retired non-military volunteers to tutor kids with reading, writing (do we do that any more?) and arithmetic/algebra/trigonometry, chemistry, physics and the like (but NOT women’s studied for most teens are very advanced in this subject!) could provide the immediate response to these killers.

    This Florida school seemed to be an “open shooting range,” for the killer came into the school through a stairwell – which usually have doors that push outward, with an alarm, and lock again as they swing closed. That alarm should bring several protectors to the ready. But the were not there.

    • Correcting and adding to the above, my dyslexia had me type – “… best IMMEDIATE ideas I was (this should be “saw”) on the internet was for the college…”
      Corrections to my post a few minutes ago:

      I also need to add that my daughter, my wife and I recently went to a local sporting goods store with a pistol range, and paid $100 each to have a 3-hour class from a NRA trainer using handguns, including getting to fire 5 rounds at their range. it may be $150 each for us to get concealed carry training, once we have such a permit from our county – or perhaps I have that backwards.

      In the next paragraph, should read “…that the school is not (should be “no:) longer in-(should be “In-” protected, that…”

    • Sad to say, some (not all) of these shooters may actually be looking to commit suicide by police! That is, they enter a situation hoping that, during their escapade, some enforcement officer may actually kill the AND END THEIR PERSONAL PAIN!! As a retired high school teacher and veteran, I could serve, I suppose. However, I must insist that I also be armed with an AR-15 and a large capacity magazine. After all, most high schools have long, clear hallways; some as long as 50 yards to expedite student traffic between classes. I would not care to confront anyone with an AR-15 armed only with a pistol. The 15 has a very long range; a pistol a very short range. And if we have armed guards, we will need at least two on every floor at all times! After all, people need to have lunch, take a break, visit the restroom. If one is taking care of his/her personal needs, there must then be another armed guard readily available to face off with a shooter. It’s truly appalling that our attitudes about violence are so acceptable that we think having armed guards in every school is wholly acceptable. Ours is a seriously sick society. Do we really value human life? Or are we willing to kill anytime, any where? (PS I served a year in Korea and managed to survive two combat shooting situations. It’s not a game; it’s very dangerous business where even innocent bystanders can get killed!

      • The truly appalling thing about the attitude of today is that America has raised at least two generations of young people that have no concept of right and wrong and have no moral compass to guide them. I think the nobody is really held accountable for their actions mentality has fostered this epidemic of senseless violence. If evil is excused, it will flourish and the only way to stop it at this point is by force from a good guy. In the long run the way to sop it is for the youngsters that are still at home be taught that life is sacred, and not to be taken for the notoriety of fifteen minutes of fame. Those of you who have children at home might want to try to set an example, take your kids to church, and live a life that is a lesson of civility as an example.

  16. I’ve been saying the same thing for 20 years. Boots on the ground. Ballistic level 4 vest and helmet, weaponry and training. Warriors of mothers and fathers.

    • And let’s not forget about mothers and fathers teaching their children right from wrong, supporting teachers, and finding best methods for finding out what is going on with your children. In addition, both school and parents get involved with non-bullying tactics.

  17. As much as it disturbs me to say this, hardening schools with body scanners and x-ray would stop weapons of any kind from getting into the schools. The TSA-type tactics have prevented airline hijackings since 911. You make it tougher to get into “gun free” zones and the evil, would-be-shooters might move on to softer targets. NOTHING we do will TOTALLY STOP violence, but taking my gun ownership rights away will have no impact on this kind of violence. Nobody likes the pain of all this, but what do you want, safer schools or inconvenience? Times have changed. We have always had guns, but 50 years ago, kids were not shooting up school. What has changed?

  18. How will this person be talking and listening to kids if they are patrolling the halls to find potential gunmen? We had someone like you that. He was called a SCHOOL COUNSELOR!
    Also, wearing a uniform has a deterrent effect. They would be there to deter these shooters, wouldn’t they? To keep them from bringing guns to school? Plain clothes and being a friend to the kids is again, A SCHOOL COUNSELOR, NOT ARMED SECURITY.

  19. He could have used a car at any cross walk and killed that many or more. He drove too the school but choice of weapon was an AR. You cannot protect people with loud music ear buds either by hollering drop or anything else look out? When they cannot hear anything. Respect is a positive attitude. Taught by parents, news media politicians a teachers. When everything is evil, disrespectful, ugly, and selfism as being taught by all of the above this is what you get. A breakdown of Casa hole and everyone needing to carry some form of weapon or taught martial arts. By the way those schools are the busiest now of all schools and should be. They teach respect to all students young and old. We have as a county been teaching gang mentally by politics as one side trying to take over the other by force. Lies manipulation cheating not abiding by the current law instead of changing it bringing in Violet people from other countries gang members drugs religions that only want to Cubs harm confusion destruction it’s a breakdown of society it has to stop.

  20. Don’t ban guns. Ban Schools! By the time most kids graduate 12th grade they’re so saturated with Leftist propaganda they’re too stupid to hold a job. All they’re good for is being “offended” by virtually everything, and then holding protests which invariably turn into riots. Try to talk to one and you’ll see what I mean. It’s either home school them or straight to prison on drug charges.

  21. All of these shootings were in gun-free zones so the shooter knows no one will be shooting back. Regretfully there will always be sickos, kooks, crazies, etc. The best we can do is to limit them if possible.

  22. My opinion is that repeated YEARS of liberal teacher instruction results in these shooters! GUN FREE ZONES + BULLY FREE ZONES cost billions of dollars over the years and have NEVER been successful. Teenagers are the easiest group to be emotionally manipulated by emotion(s) and follow teacher/parental insistence on certain issues the adults support! Manipulation of YOUTH on gun control issues is a “SIGN of DESPERATION” along with a preverbal “Means of LAST RESORT!”

    The last MAJOR Bi-partisan gun legislation was in 1968: by-the-way, the AR15 had been in the private sector for around a decade at that time and never was referred to as an “Assault Weapon” until DEMANDocRATS started “FUNDRAISING” on their contrived faux-issue.

    All states adopted “Mandatory Reporting” legislation decades ago going back to President Clintons Administration (when I was a substitute teacher, I reported problems and promptly received a letter from school that I wasn’t allowed to sub there anymore – reported students selling drugs in hallway(s) to vice-principle and resource officer)! Pass all sorts of legislation and then punish mandatory reports for following the LAW = equals waste of taxpayer money and school safety!


  23. Our schools have the police on site while school is in session, yes it costs money that the tax payers are paying but what is more important our kids safety or our tax dollars?

  24. Shithole Trump should just grab their pussies! Every elementary female teacher should have an AK-999999999 stuck in her pussy! That would solve all of Shithole Trumps lies!

  25. What I think is that when school starts all doors should be locked till time for them to go home. Also put in more doors at every junction that can be automatically locked along with security cameras with audio. Have a person monitor everything and switches for it all. So if somehow the do get passed the first door they won’t get far. To much to try and get through.

  26. In all of the recent mass shootings at schools, the shooter was on campus. Why? Why not secure the campus so unauthorized visitors would have to gain access through a controlled door. Where access would be controlled by the school’s administration.

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