Thoughts On Ruger’s Precision Rimfire Rifle

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What kind of gun uses .22LR ammo but “feels more like a long-range bolt-gun?” If that is the firearm that you are holding right now, there’s a good chance that you may have your hands on Ruger’s scaled-down version of their Precision Rifle called the Precision Rimfire.

This good-looking rifle has an 18″ barrel made of threaded cold hammer-forged 1137 alloy steel, a capacity of 15, an AR pattern grip, and a suggested retail price of $529.00.

Chris Eger gives us more details:


The Ruger Precision Rimfire‘s Quick-Fit stock is adjustable for both length of pull and comb height while a bolt throw adjustment on the oversized replaceable bolt handle enables the user to select either a 1.5-inch throw for rimfire or a three-inch throw to mimic a short-action centerfire for those using the smaller caliber gun for economical practise or training. The threaded 18-inch cold hammer-forged 4140 barrel is shrouded by a free-floated handguard with multiple M-LOK slots for accessories and a bipod while a Picatinny scope base on the receiver allows for optics.

The rifle uses a replaceable AR-pattern pistol grip and incorporates Ruger’s Marksman trigger, which is adjustable from 2.25 to five pounds. Overall weight is 6.8-pounds while the length is just over 35-inches using the shortest length of pull on the stock.

Another nice feature about this firearm is the easy way that the bolt-throw can be changed. Our friends at put it this way:

To make the .22 LR chambering feel more like 6.5 Creedmoor, Ruger engineers designed the Big-Gun adjustable bolt throw technology. By simply removing a spring clip, shooters can change from a rimfire 1-1/2″ bolt throw to a short-action center-fire 3″ bolt throw, reducing the chance of short-stroking the bolt in competition. Identical to the Ruger Precision Rifle, the oversized bolt handle makes for positive bolt manipulation.

And, of course, the adjustable stock allows for plenty of options for different size shooters and different dress and shooting positions.

All-in-all, by virtually all accounts, this is a rifle with a lot of flexibility and lot going for it to make it worth considering for your next rifle purchase.



  1. Good article with good information. I’m looking into purchasing one since I’m well over age 21 and of sound mind (Statement is for government watchdogs).

    • Alan, were it not for Judicial Watch we would not know anything about all the crap that is going on in our GovernmentQ

  2. AAAARRRGGHHH!! Horror! Oh, the horror, oh the humanity! Have you people lost your minds? Anybody can plainly see that g-g-g-gu—GUN! is evil and mus be kept from people’s hands…..That gun is nearly the same color as the AR-15 so many thousands of school shooters have used. It has one of those curvy magazines, just like the AK-47, the widest-made assault rifle ever made, and a favorite of school shooters everywhere. And an adjustable stock? Don’t you people realize that with an adjustable stock, a third-grader can shoot up a school as accurately as a Senior? And that barrel shroud? Don’t you awful people realize that looks almost like the same barrel shroud as on a 50-caliber machine gun? Horrible, just horrible. We need more anti-gun laws NOW, today, this very minute, before the three-thousandth school shooting takes place by next week………..Oh, the evil, the horror, the humanity, oh I’m so upset I can’t take my wife to Planned Parenthood this afternoon. we’ll have to reschedule………….

    • You neglected to mention the threaded barrel, which can be used to mount a “silencer” so that no one will know there’s a school shooting until its over. When will our over-bloated federal government step up and protect us from these potential “assault” weapon features. God protect us from fools and liberal progressives.


  4. Once again there”s a lot of opinion on prepping guns Etc. 99.9%don”t make a lick of sense. I bought a case of subsonic 22 long rifle ammunition with the muzzle velocity of 1100 ft per second. This is more than fast enough to work a blowback semi automatic 22 rifle. I use a Ruger 10/22. They manufacture a screw on adapter for the muzzle of this rifle. It”s available for round $10, no ffl. They make another adapter for this screw on adapter. The second adapter fits an oil filter perfectly. Add to this Ruger 10/22 a picatinny rail, Red Dot sight, screw on the narrowest oil filter available and you have a fully suppressed 22 long rifle weapon. By the way the same adapter for the Ruger 10/22 Fits the Ruger Mark 1 and Mark 2 Pistols. Ignoring the cost of the rifle and pistol we are talking less than$40 to fully suppress both the rifle and the pistol. I haven”t done this yet because it would be illegal and of course who wants to go to jail?

  5. i am 60 years old and Im thinking about getting a gun where i live we have ppl from ny and nj selling drugs next door and crime is up in my area too

  6. Scary looking, ain’t it?

    I have a Remington Model 550, .22 semi-automatic that my dad bought in April of 1941. It will shoot short, long and long rifle ammo and they can be intermixed. It only holds 14 long rifle, but will hold 16 shorts. It looks like a ‘regular’ rifle and not scary at all, but it can kill just the same as a scary looking one can. Lethal range is a mile-and-a-quarter.

    I learned to “Bump Fire” at age 14 (1955) with this rifle by hooking my thumb in a side belt loop, holding my trigger finger rigid and not gripping the stock. Guess the government is going to have to outlaw belt loops since they can make a semi-automatic ACT like a fully-automatic rifle. “Bump Fire” generates about 8 rounds-per-second while a M-16 on Full-Auto generates about 14 rounds-per-second. BIG difference!

  7. fact is it is already illegal for someone in high school to legally obtain any weapon or even possess un supervised and it is only a semi auto weapon if it is modified in any way is illegal only way anyone can legally have an auto is if you have an ffl and fill out enough paper work to provide shit paper for the world how about ban all 2nd amendment infringement

  8. The article is interesting and I’m interested, but I want to know how it shoots! Will it shoot a ‘dime’ at 50′ with little effort or is it a fancy ‘plinker’? Will this $529 gun replace an Anschutz for competition use? So I can use the rest of my funds for the necessary accessories?

  9. The comment about a 22 long rifle being deadly at a mile and a quarter(is a joke that’s 6,600 fee or 2,200 yards. in the 1950’s I elevated a woodsman pistol about 20 degrees and and hit a a 5 gallon tin can ” about 25 gauge” dead center at about 300 yards it made a small dent. I do not believe you make a 22 long rifle shoot 2,200 yards let alone kill at that range.

  10. I want to buy an 1892 lever action .45
    , I know at some point the Government considers these weapons made before a certain year antiques. That means anyone can buy an antique firearm without all the Tag, FIB, background checks and not having to ship to a NFL. I’m interested in a Marlin .45 lever action holding 10 rounds. can I buy this weapon with out any fire arm licences, Is this correct?

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