Media Surprised That Higher Gun Ownership Is Not Increasing Crime


An interesting thing to do when seeking to understand people is to observe what surprises them. Why? Because surprise is the result of someone’s expectations being challenged.

For example, if you walk into a room that you thought was empty only to turn on the light and jump because your pet was in there waiting for you, realize that your surprise wasn’t because your pet did anything. Your surprise is due to the fact that you didn’t expect your pet or anyone else to be there waiting for you.

In the same way, when the mainstream media is surprised that higher rates of gun ownership do not translate into higher rates of violent crime, then you know that the mainstream media has a specific expectation that higher rates of gun ownership equate to more violent crime in that area.


However, that simply isn’t the case, no matter how surprised the media is, and the State of Minnesota is proof of this fact. Pat Kessler, writing for television station WCCO in Minneapolis, notes,

Minnesota set a record last year for the number of gun background checks the FBI conducted in the state.

More people are carrying guns than ever before, but the crime rate remains relatively low. WCCO’s Pat Kessler is looking at the numbers, and giving them a Reality Check.

We took a hard look at the numbers, and found: Minnesota has a high rate of gun ownership, and a relatively low rate of violent crime.

Minnesota’s violent crime rate hit a 50-year low in 2016, according to the FBI.

And in 2017, the state set a new record for firearms background checks.

Frankly, the numbers couldn’t be more clear and clear cut: rising gun ownership has simply not increased the rate of violent crime in Minnesota. In fact, as we’ve said before, it’s very likely that the decrease in violent crime is due to the higher rate of gun ownership. But you’re unlikely to hear that from anti-gunners or the mainstream media because they are so emotionally invested in their faulty gun control ideals.

But, if you want to protect yourself and your family, gun ownership is a very effective way to do so, and we recommend it highly.



  1. The problem is that no matter what the statistics show convincing the anti gun left is impossible. If Maxine waters or Nancy Pelosi tells them that the earth is really flat these idiots will believe it. We must all stand up and fight these fools and the first place to start is with the liberals that are teaching our children and have been for the last 60 years

    • I can think of one or two. However, it was one of them saying another of them was smart so draw your own conclusions.

  2. Yeah, an idiot is unable to grasp the concept of the truth ! As Glen Campbell told Matty Ross in True Grit “ You’ve done nothing when you’ve bested a fool”

  3. Simple math: In a confrontation where the victim is unarmed there is a substantial likelihood of violent crime occurring. In a confrontation where the intended victim is armed there is far less likelihood of a violent crime taking place. Hmmm – curious about statistics: If a felon breaks into a home and is shot dead for his trouble before he commits any other crime, the homeowner hasn’t committed a crime – and the felon hasn’t done anything violent. Is that still recorded as a violent crime?

    • The only problem with that scenario today is, if the felon lives, the homeowner is more likely to be locked up than the felon!

  4. Ever so true, it’s the nut behind the wheel that make s muck of the roadways, but we still let “most” drive as long as they pass a knowledge and road test, as the vehicle is safe in most situations The same applies to Firearms… it’s NOT (well not always anyway) the Nut behind the barrel that causes the damage, as the firearm and RULES governing them generally prevent such from happpening. The firearm like a car is built safely, it just must be used responsibly.. remember behind the wheel it is car or a gun this is NO LONGER A GAME!!!

    • Guns kill people just like spoons make people fat – SAME LOGIC + cars make drivers drunk = ban cars.

  5. The last paragraph should have read …. remember whether behind the wheel of a car or stock of a Firearm … THIS IS NO LONGER A GAME!!!

  6. Left Wing liberal Logic: Someone who believes that a woman who’s body is found in some roadside ditch, or stinking back alley. After having been beaten, raped and murdered. IS MORALLY SUPERIOR! To a woman who is standing there. Explaining to the police. Why it is her attacker. Who is the one lying dead on the ground. With one or more bullet holes in his body! I cast my vote for Woman number two!

  7. There are intelligent people that have started out with the intention of proving gun grabbers right. Fortunately they saw the light. First come to mind is Professor Gary Kleck. This anti 2A’s are like rabid dogs metaphorically they need to be put down. Facts, truth, and reality don’t matter to them. I’ve been known as Standandfight05 long before the NRA. I decided to do that instead of early retirement to Panama. Si vadis Pacem para bellum.

  8. The major media IGNORES the fact that firearms are used daily to stop or prevent crime DAILY, but sensationalize gun crimes for days/weeks on end. The violence seems to be promoted to sell papers and media.

    • Wrong, I’m afraid. Violence is being promoted to generate a stronger anti-gun atmosphere among the populace so when the anti-gun crusaders come knocking on their doors looking for support, most people will give them said support and be happy. Subliminal messaging in some social media postings is also being used to effect changes in peoples thinking.

      • No because the anti-gun people don’t pay attention to the good guys with a gun doing good things. Unless they can turn in some propaganda in their favor. Like if lets say (a hot topic I know but I can’t think of anything else) a big well built black guy who tried to assult a white woman. The woman shot and killed the man. The anti-gun will spin to where the black man was shot and killed by an white lady who claims he attacked her yadda yadda yadda.

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