Victory In Georgia: Judge Won’t Stop Campus Carry


Campus carry has been a hotly contested idea in many states, and anti-gunners, including many teachers and professors, vocally opposing guns on campus or in classrooms. Fortunately, this anti-gun opposition didn’t stop the State of Georgia from passing a law allowing campus carry.

Of course, that law sparked the inevitable lawsuit as anti-gunners desperately tried to make students “safer” by making them less likely to be able to defend themselves from violent attacks. Eric Stirgus writes that “[t]he professors argued campus carry is dangerous and unconstitutional.”

Now, when you think about that filing, you have to wonder what Constitution that these professors are reading because my copy doesn’t mention any limitation of being able to carry a firearm, and there certainly isn’t a specific clause talking about firearms on campus.


Fortunately, though, a judge didn’t buy that argument. Stirgus writes,

A Fulton County judge has denied an injunction request by six Georgia professors to prohibit the state’s contentious campus carry law, which allows licensed gun owners to carry a firearm on some parts of public college campuses.

Superior Court Judge Kimberly Esmond Adams wrote in her ruling her decision had nothing to do with the merits of the complaint. Instead, she wrote, “because the State has not waived sovereign immunity [which prevents a government from being sued], and, to the extent Plaintiffs claims could be sustained against Defendants in their individual capacities, official immunity would bar such claims.”

Okay, so Judge Adams didn’t address the basic reason why campus carry is absolutely legal (the 2nd Amendment), but she did give gun advocates at least a temporary win, and we’ll happily take it. Because, as we all know, anti-gunners aren’t going to take this decision by the Judge very well.

Still, on whatever grounds this particular judge decides to use, we’re just glad that she made the right decision which will allow students in Georgia to be safer.



  1. I hope the law in Georgia is passed, & I applaud the judge for standing up for our sacred 2nd Amendment! My greatest wish is for all States to follow suit! Now I wish we could get rid of gun free zones! The insane liberal Communists believe this stupid law will stop creatons from killing! How dumb can People be? If I’ve got a small pistol in my pocket that doesn’t print, I’ll carry it anywhere I Please! If I’m toting a large firearm, then I won’t go into any store that is” gun free “ Molon Labe

  2. Best way to get rid of “gun free” zones is to ignore them , if you are permitted to carry at all. I carried for 22 plus years with permits and no one but my wife ever knew I carried at all.
    If you do not wave your firearms around acting like a fool, they will never know you are carrying.

  3. “Guns on school campuses” has absolutely nothing to do with the second amendment. The problem in this country is that the education level has been on a serious decline for decades.

  4. The reason they are so upset, is they don’t want the students, or any other Citzens, to be safer. They can’t keep pushing their anti gun crusade unless they manage to get 15 or 20 kids killed, every so often.

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