How Red Flag Laws Will Kill More People


You may be familiar with red flag laws. These are laws that allow law enforcement officers to take firearms (yes, even legally obtained and owned firearms) from people because someone has reported that person as a danger to either themselves or others.

Unfortunately, these laws are often worded in such a way that the reporting requirements require little to no proof of that danger, and this is a threat to every legal gun owner’s right to bear arms. David Codrea writes about concerns about these laws,

It’s not like what happened [in the recent death of a maryland gun owner when police came for his firearms] couldn’t have been predicted. Are you surprised?

“Governor [Larry] Hogan disregarded our veto requests and has signed … the ‘red flag’ bill (HB 1302),” Maryland Shall issue complained last May. “Basically, under that bill as it became law, virtually anyone can ask a law enforcement officer to file an ex parte petition with a state district court judge or commissioner and allege that the gun owner poses an immediate danger to himself/herself or others because (and only because) he or she possesses firearms.”

But people are concerned about more than our liberty (which would be enough). Red flag laws are likely to cause more people to die. Codrea continues,


And how many times do we need to learn the lesson that you’d better not summon the state into your home unless it’s truly your last resort, because they’ll bring with them an up-to-lethal force continuum they’re trained to escalate when not immediately obeyed.

It’s not like Sheriff Andy knocking on the door and saying “Floyd, we need to talk,” is it?

So the cops were primed. And what better way to defuse a volatile situation than to pound on a door in the wee hours when it’s still dark and scare the hell out of someone you have reason to believe is armed?

And, so, as you know, unfortunately, a man died when he was likely simply trying to protect himself from what appeared to be an intruder to his house. And, as Codrea notes, “What we do know is what some of us have feared—that such laws will increase tensions and danger in citizen encounters with police.”

Unfortunately, Codrea is probably right. Red flag laws are going to raise tension levels between law enforcement officers and even law abiding citizens, and history tells us that is never a good thing and will lead to more unnecessary deaths.



  1. Ya want a have some fun? Send letters to the police in maryland, saying that all the elected officials plus the governor are a threat to themselves and the public. Specifically due to this law. And they have guns, and knives.

  2. I’ll say it again. So far it’s just been law abiding Citzens, and the press has been able to ignore it, but pretty soon they are going to be loosing police offices, then the shit is really going to hit the fan!

  3. So remember if you are out to get someone turn them in …
    Now what part of SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED don’t these politicians understand ??? INFRINGED must confuse them it’s not used much anymore definition …
    past tense: infringed; past participle: infringed
    actively break the terms of (a law, agreement, etc.).
    “making an unauthorized copy would infringe copyright”
    synonyms: contravene, violate, transgress, break, breach; More
    act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on.
    “his legal rights were being infringed”
    synonyms: restrict, limit, curb, check, encroach on; More

  4. What the stooges won’t admit is that if 99% of Dumbascraps were disarmed these issues would go away.

  5. It seems the beginning of Nazi Germany started this way. History is not being taught and in fact is openly suppressed. Anyone who does not know their history is doomed to find out the hard way what opression really is.

    • Nazi Germany started when the Communist Party and the Bolsheviks tried to overthrow the German Government in 1918, and kept on trying to overthrow it by force until 1933. Germans didn’t want to be a Soviet Republic under the boot of the ‘Bolsheviks’ as they already knew what they were doing to the Russian people in the USSR. The German Left was crushed in the streets by the police, the military, the Freikorps, and the Nazis — all of whom were on the side of the German people and against the non-German, anti-German Left. In the US today, there is no political party on the side of the American people.

  6. Makes you wonder if the governor signing red flag laws into effect could be considered as an assessor after the fact in the wrongful death of a law biding citizen. It is clear that the incident described police came prepared to provide maximum damage if needed. Clearly bad decision by police. Did not hear if this was a white or black man, but, there would be hell to pay if it was a black man. Why should there be any difference? Gary

  7. Red flag laws are well intentioned, but the irony is that the left is infringing on the 4th amendment to usurp the 2nd.

  8. One ‘enemy'( or what-ever your ‘estranged lil bro/ ex-wife/envious neighbor, Calls themself), & an Honorable Vets life gone, awakened at 4am,& DEFENDING HIS LIFE , as 2A is all about…NOT the LEO’s fault; they usually JUST WANNA make it home, when work is over..( Remember when , waking , you were assumed to be, ‘Not Awake’, for 30 seconds?Not in a ‘Red Flag situation’..).
    40 years of 2A Advocacy, and these red flag laws are The worst yet; Bound to CREATE incidents that ‘stoke the disarmers, they will eventually be found ‘Un-Consttitutional’,,.IF THE CONSTITUTION,_ & what it Protects,( US..& USA).survive that long…Cuz the well meaning left(& Malicious Progressive LEFT) , appear to be determined , to sink this Ship as their only Allowable alternative to a totally ‘Firearm-free-Disarmed’ society..& Many freedom lovers/ Patriots wont accept that… Molon Labe…i hope the LEO’s are allowed to go home to their families..& that , WHATEVER JURISDICTION, the Laws DO NOT force them into lethal conflict with law abiding Citizens…DELUGE YOUR LEGISLATORS! Save some lives..(& remember that estranged leftist/ or in YOUR life, who Could cost you yours…)

  9. Even though we don’t have a ‘red flag’ law here in Ohio (so long as we can avoid ANYthing from Gov. Kasich until he leaves office!), I have long been fearful of this kind of gun control becoming reality. As an earlier commenter stated, the constitutional (il)legality needs to be handed down through the SCOTUS as soon as possible. The 13 or so states where these laws exist are going to experience citizen deaths at the hands of overzealous S.W.A.T. and other police forces dispatched to engage in the illegal search, seizure, and confiscation of legally-owned firearms in the name of “mental health” issues. The man who died in Maryland had the police set upon him by a disgruntled family member. These laws are bass-ackward: no one should be presumed guilty, or “a danger” to himself or others, without proof through due process. Lets hope these red flag laws are overturned and outlawed post haste.

  10. Sadly, politicians care nothing about the laws protection our country unless it improves their position of power. This is not just one sided. Both are two sides of the same coin. Good cop, bad cop scenario. Red flag laws are straight from people that don’t have as much control or power over others. They want everyone to be sheep for the slaughter and they have the knife. They are all protected by gun toting security and all we have is ourselves to protect our families. Law enforcement agencies all over the country are flipping for the gun haters, some I suspect over fear of losing their careers in law enforcement. Others want an excuse to use their authority. While others are true believers in disarming the public. Which brings us again back to control over other people. The gun haters ate playing on the weak minded millenials to further their ” sheep” campaign. God help us all when they control the House, Senate, and White House.

  11. Hopefully, many or most of the deathys will be those of the state Gestapo agents violating Americans Constitutional rights. MOLON LABE!!

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