What Does Trump’s DOJ Pick Mean For Pro-Gun People?


The head of the Department of Justice (DOJ) is something of real concern to pro-Second Amendment folks like you and me because the DOJ, in essence, runs Federal law enforcement. If you have someone seeking to run the DOJ in compliance with the Constitution, then you’ll see more gun friendly actions taken by the Federal government. If you have someone on the opposite side of the spectrum (Eric Holder, anyone?), then you’re going to see the Federal government trying to take away gun rights.

So, the question is: will Trump’s pick for heading up the DOJ be someone in favor of gun rights. According to David Codrea, unfortunately not. Codrea quotes an unnamed writer to give us an idea of whether Bill Barr, Trump’s pick to head the DOJ, will do the right thing for gun rights. Codrea writes,

“Barr has said little about firearms or gun control during his career, but he is widely considered to be the author of PL 101-647, The Crime Control Act of 1990,” an unsourced assertion by an unnamed author at at The Truth About Guns offers. “The ban on domestic assembly of semiautomatic rifles prohibited from importation is Barr’s big aggravation in The Crime Control Act of 1990. This was a follow on to Bush 41’s 1989 prohibition of ‘unsporting’ long arms importation.”

But, to be fair, that article doesn’t cite their references, so Codrea gives us a quote Bill Bar from testimony shown on C-SPAN which should disturb all of us:


On the assault weapon front, the proposal before us is the DeConcini amendment. And I think — I don’t know if this is a new statement or not, but I would support both the Brady Bill waiting period and the DeConcini amendment, provided they were parts of a broader and more comprehensive crime bill that included tough enforcement provisions, including very tough provisions on the use of firearms in crimes and illegal purchase and trading in firearms, which are part of the package that passed the Senate.

If you’re not familiar with them, the Brady Bill was a proposal for a waiting period when purchasing firearms, and the DeConcini amendment sought to to impact availability of “assault weapons.”

In other words, while Barr may not be another Eric Holder, he certainly isn’t going to be friendly to gun rights. Remain vigilant and put pressure on your representatives in Congress to do the right thing.



  1. Good revelation. These are important things to know in our war for Freedom and to save our rights. You can’t just ‘believe’ in any of these politicians, you have to KNOW what they are or they’ll fuck you big time. That’s why I killed my NRA subscription. They’re not into ‘upsetting’ the enemy too much. The obvious reason is if ALL gun control was completely repealed and prohibited (which it already is according to Constitutional statutes like USCC 18- 241,242) to strict enforcement every time a two bit ‘lyin til they’re dyin’ politician by perp walking them in shackles in front of the CNN cameras the ‘Shall Not Be Infringed’ rights would be restored and guess what? The NRA’s lucrative ‘non-profit’ organization would be out of business. Kind of like doctors who thrive on merely prolonging people’s death in pain and misery as long as they can to make a profit???

    But Gun Owners of America is a bird of a different feather. Instead of an NRA turtle dove, they are a rompin stompin high diving American Bald Eagle doing as much as they can with the limited resources they have…and doing better than the NRA! They just filed an accepted lawsuit that ruffled Pelozi’sold crow feathers enough to spew out some toxix remorse of how dangerous GOA is because this lawsuit could take years before it’s settled so the ban doesn’t go into effect until a final ruling and we might get lucky and get a Constitutional advantage by then in the SCOTUS?

    The GOA website also has a section on which politicians are anti- or pro-gun. The GOA theme is NO Compromise Unlike what the NRA likes to do as they did with the bump stock and suppressor debate.

    But by now everybody should realize that it all boils down to one thing: Them against us, the power elite against the ‘pee-ons’ , the masters against the slaves. With the exception of some shifts in the power balance at historic times, Like when the Pro-Liberty Framers envisioned and implemented a workable Egalitarian paradigm that could have succeeded in true liberty and justice for all had the Deep State at the time not decided that ‘wait a minute, this fucking Constitution gives the masses of dumb assess way, WAY too much power over everything!” And thus began their slow but rabid endeavor to destroy it. So the essence of the resulting dynamic never changes.

    The republican and the Democrat parties are each just one of two balls hanging off the same dirty dick. Both supporting the rape job when the time comes, as it always does, to bend over and take it where it belongs according to the power elite agenda because you didn’t kick the fuck out of them when you saw them pulling their pants down.

    If we want it any other way, we, what’s left of the people, have got to use our ‘masses’ power advantage while we still can, and shift the balance back to our favor. But it’s gotta be done fast. All the know-it-all experts said there was no way they could take back the House last midterm. Not with Repubs controlling the entire G. Oh yeah? Wait until you see what happens next?
    We have to organize on small political fronts, just like the original Patriots did in small neighborhood taverns and stores, even if starts with just our friends families and neighbors, and then merge all together from there for one political purpose. To defy and beat Totalitarianism Before they get too powerful and fulfill some of those ‘de-population’ prophesies as the foretold ‘population bomb fuze burns down in the next couple of years if they cant control us by spying on everything we do, banning all our physical revolt power, or excessive lawmaking. They’ll help usher in ‘The Four Horseman of The Apocalypse”. They don’t care, they’ve been spending all those ‘missing trillions’ of tax dollars for years to build their safe underground bunkers and protection. And you can bet there will be both parties’ elite sharing the accommodations.

  2. We never have a time when we overlook gun control. We do it with ever bit of repetition we can.
    The Second Amendment says “shall not be infringed”. That is very clear wording. I abide by it positively.

    • The 2nd Amendment says: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,(Militia:Law enforcement and military, and the comma after the word State means that what follows is in addition to) the right of the people (American citizens In addition to the Militia) to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” It says what it means and it means what it says. Plain and simple.

  3. Certainly some truth in what you say, unfortunately with what we are seeing today the left is forcing the constitutionalists to seriously start thinking in terms of revolt. We see the Democrats coming out firmly in favor of socialism although truth be told the communists have been slowly ever so slowly to infiltrate every department in our government and the results are this deep state that has come out of the closet once and for all. The FBI, DOJ, IRS, EPA, DHS, CIA have all proved they are never Trumper’s that have no fear of being disbanded as we speak. Hopefully we will stay strong in the fight to make our constitution and bill of rights once again be the law of the land. Obama was put in office by the deep state, everyone knew on their side that he was illegitimate hiding his true background through their acceptance of his leadership. God help us if we don’t fight this incursion against our values and American exceptionalism.

    • I agree with this view and I too see “revolt” as a more and more common word in writings far and wide – I would and will NEVER be a “good” thing when it comes but, as unfortunate as it seems, a very necessary thing if the United States of America is to endure, which I believe it must ….

  4. I and many friends also have not renewed our subscriptions to the NRA. Also in my state the Rinos were non supportive of gun rights and mid terms we voted them out. In 2020 if Pres. Trump and his DOJ dont get their act right they will also loose the election. Gun owners can by ourselves end the Rino party period. Ya better watch out Rinos gun owners are watching ya.

    • Abandoning the NRA is not the answer folks ! It is only natural that the “enemies” of the Second Amendment would see THAT clearly as “a major battle won” so WHY wouldn’t they be promoting it ?? Don’t be fooled, the NRA knows what it’s doing – I cast a wary glance toward anyone who promotes this as either “wolves in sheep’s clothing”, a trojan horse or simply grassroots STUPIDITY and will never see it any other way – Where the Constitution and in particular the Second Amendment are concerned … “YOU ARE WITH US OR YOU ARE AGAINST US” , there ain’t no middle ground my friends

    • NGOA may be smaller, but they are growing steadily and much healthier than the NRA. NRA is hemmorhaging members every month. Good folks that saw the NRA (&POTUS) jump to sacrifice
      bumpstocks as an appeasement effort.
      Most of us watched with our mouths
      hanging open, we were in such sock
      and disbelief. I do not want anyone
      representing me that rolls over and pees on their belly because the demoncrat
      thugs shout “boo!”
      I’ll stick with the NGOA that values every single member. That stands tall
      to the mission. Not plays RINO type
      “Don’t ruffle feathers.”
      I have a voucher for a free NRA membership. I don’t even want to be associated with them when its free.

  5. The political idiots that we have in congress intend to make slaves out of legal, lawful, law abiding citizens and re-instate tolteranism into this country after 250 years without it. I can foresee another civil war in this country over this.

  6. We must let our political representatives know their votes are going to the highest bidder, that must stop. They took the oath to uphold the constitution that includes the second amendment. If they do differently then we must do our best to replace them.


  8. To the life of me I ask why this man ? Out of poppy Bushes cabinet . And humiliated our president yesterday . And then told America he didn’t need this job . Then what is he doing there ? “”Barr made it very clear in the hearings yesterday . “🔨 He is for confiscation of our guns and is looking forward to working with Diane Feinstein on her gun ban going now through Congress . Lindsay Graham are Rubio are two republicans who have signed their names to her bill . Graham is a wolf in sheeps clothing . I suspect Barr is his recommendation. He worked all of the last two years against our president and he has not changed his stripes . He is also trying to get him to open the government for three weeks for more negotiations. And he also is trying to get him to give in on DACA for the measly sum of 5.7 billion knowing he won’t ever see that money . Ronald Reagan is still waiting for the wall money he was suppose to have gotten . Hang tight and reset our economy take us out from under the central banking . Keep the government shut down until we get our security . If the democrats have anything to do with it hell will freeze over first . Americans only pay their salaries as they take care of the world

  9. I do not trust Trump on anything that has to with guns or our rights . He helped sp[onsor the bumpstock ban he encouraged the house and congress members to stand up to the NRA. Its all on FOX news tape. So he also help shut down national Reproposity. And now he has nominated an anti gun rights ATT. General. Need I say more. I was a part of the Trump base. But no more. I wont vote Dem. I and my family looks like we stay home in 2020. Let the SHT happen.

    • Gail, your take on Barr is very observant
      and well stated. We cannot afford for him to be AG. He and the freaques in the House will have our default 2A in
      tatters. I really worry about President Trump’s true position on 2A. He made a lot of promises about firearm freedoms and 2A support as a candidate. But since elected? Nothing! In fact, he’s truely worked against us. Nominating Barr with his 2A stance, will decimate.

  10. If you really believe that our number one priority should be keeping our 2nd amendment in tact, then I encourage every one to contact President Trump via his website.
    I have used this method many times and “most” of my urgings have come to pass.
    We need for a large number of people to do this to show him how we feel and what our needs are.

  11. Bill Barr is a Bill of Rights trashing freedom hater! He is unfit to serve. Send him to the Soviet Union. He wants every city in America to be like Chicago. The decent ,honest citizens will be defenseless! The criminals will have plenty of guns. Blood in the streets. Bill Barr would fit right in in the old Soviet Union! I gave up a piece of my life and some body parts defending this country. I didn’t do it for a freedom hater like Bill Barr! Deport the S.O.B.

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