This New Member Of Congress Is Incredibly Popular And Incredibly Naive About Guns


That a member of Congress is naive about guns isn’t (unfortunately) a surprise. A new member of Congress, if they watch the mainstream news, has a very good chance of never hearing anything except an anti-gun narrative about guns.

Still, even with those truths, some people simply boggle the mind with their level of ignorance about issues that they insist on talking about. One of those people is new Congresswoman from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who takes a willingness to speak with conviction and no information to new levels. Daniel Jennings gives a few examples:

AOC’s campaign website also contains some blatant misinformation about firearms issues. As an illustration, the gun control section of the site shows a picture of an old-fashioned pump shotgun, a firearm usually not classified as an “assault weapon.” Instead, the term assault weapon typically describes semiautomatic weapons such as the AR-15 and not manual weapons like pump shotguns.

Furthermore, the site complains about the “billionaire-backed gun lobby.” Nevertheless, the most prominent billionaire backer of gun legislation is former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Significantly, Bloomberg is an outspoken advocate of gun control who reportedly spent $80 million backing the position in 2018.

To comment on this second part further, it has, frankly, been my experience that the wealthy are more likely to advocate for gun control than your average everyday citizen because the wealthy will always be able to pay someone else to carry a gun for them (their bodyguards and personal security). Average Americans don’t have that option.


But, if her level of ignorance about guns isn’t scary enough, wait until you read about her agenda. Jennings writes,

AOC’s campaign website proposes a radical gun-control agenda but offers no plans for enforcement.

Examples of Ocasio-Cortez’s extreme gun control agenda include bans on “assault weapons,” “high-capacity-magazines,” and bump stocks. Oddly enough, President Donald J. Trump (R-New York) and AOC may even agree on bump stocks. Furthermore, Trump’s Justice Department is now trying to implement a federal bump stock ban.

Additionally, AOC wants to give police and prosecutors the ability to confiscate firearms from people accused of domestic abuse. Her extreme gun-control wish list also includes universal background checks.

Moreover, Ocasio-Cortez is proposing an unconstitutional, anti-gun measure. Specifically, AOC wants to make it illegal for members of Congress to take money from the gun lobby.

Notwithstanding, that proposal violates the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, which declared money as “free speech” under the First Amendment. As a result, AOC’s extreme gun control agenda will violate both the First and Second Amendments.

Look, it’s bad enough that Ocasio-Cortez got elected in the first place. However, like Bernie Sanders before her, she is very popular with many ignorant people who don’t read history and don’t understand the implications of their proposed policies. Because of this, we need to keep an eye on Ocasio-Cortez and do everything that we can to minimize her influence both in the media and in Congress.



    • Isn’t the old adage, “the person in the least defensible position screams the loudest’, appropriate for this neophyte socialist politico? It will be obvious to her ilk when the Draconian results of her vision of America slam them in the face with life crushing facts and they realize what an absolute twit and mental midget she is. Let us hope this occurs soon enough to prevent America crumbling into third world nation of horrors.

  1. Kotex is capable of running the front of a Hooters. Her inability to comprehend simple mathematics makes her incapable of much more. Dumb as a box of rocks as are most of her sub 90 IQ CNN parrots they will force a civil war. Their inability to comprehend firearms will allow us to move through them like a hot Knife through butter.

    • Unfortunately the majority of socialist mentors and leaders are highly intelligent. Like computers, “garbage in => garbage out.” Intelligence is NOT equivalent to wisdom. Intelligence is the ability to absorb and process information.
      Intelligence is overrated. In itself intelligence does not equal superiority.

  2. AOC is an idiot. Maybe a useful idiot, but an idiot nonetheless. Whatever she thinks is right is almost assuredly wrong. Just look at it that way. A typical democrat.

  3. I call her A’lacking Occasional-Cortex (cortex being the outer covering of the cerebrum which is critical to consciousness).

  4. Do not apply nor get a carry permit.

    Do not buy from firearms dealer
    Purchase privately. No names, ID or records.

    Do not leave a paper trail.

    Buy used in very good condition.

    Practice good firearms ettiquet at all times. Safety first.

    What you do or do not own is no one’s business but your own.

    Keep your weapons clean & well cared for.
    Keep plenty of Ammo at all times.
    Reload if you can.
    Want a bump stock, make your own.
    Remember this….
    Government works for YOU AND ME.
    They need a reminder every now & then.

    Cast your votes wisely.
    We have a strong POTUS in TRUMP 🇺🇸❤️ MAGA 🇺🇸❤️, but we can’t expect him to do it all & alone.
    This is OUR AMERICA our Home.
    Let’s KEEP IT THAT WAY🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💓💓💓💓💓💓🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • I don’t own ANY guns at all and maybe After they climb over that pile of uniformed bodies at my front door they will realize that I don’t have any guns anymore.

    • That’s not how it will go down. When they have enough power, that is after they have won the Presidency and the Senate, they will make it much more difficult to purchase ammo and guns. It won’t be anti-gun politicians who knock on your door in the middle of the night with a warrant. They will send cops, dressed in SWAT TEAM gear.

  5. Oops. Cortez let the cat out of the bag. Today it’s assault rifles, tomorrow it’s pump action shot guns. The ultimate goal is to disarm the American people. When is the right going to wake up and recognize the these liberal socialists (communists) for what they are: DOMESTIC ENEMIES OF THE UNIRED STATES.

    • I already know that, and I tell that to everyone and post it on every site that I go to.

  6. I tend to agree with every comment so far. If we let these morons get an inch they’ll take a country mile and a half.

  7. Bad girl cortez, why start a civil war you can’t win.your not in touch with the little people.leave the average person alone,if you want to mess up your own life that’s ok,but don’t mess up ours.get with the program do the right thing. What you want to do won’t work. So do the right thing. Leave guns alone. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

  8. Again no facts. They continually say what they think people want to hear. Very grateful that the number of people buying this drivel is declining. Gary

    • For a model of how it’s done, study the rise to power and methods of the Radical Republicans and the first Republican president.
      No, Abraham Lincoln was not a Democrat, despite what children are taught in the publick fools.

  9. The Democrats want decent, honest citizens to be defenseless. They don’t want them to have guns. Of course, the criminals will still have guns. Every city will be like Chicago! The Democrats hate decent, honest citizens who want to be able to defend themselves. The Democrats love criminals!

    • For a model of how it’s done, study the rise to power and methods of the Radical Republicans and the first Republican president.
      No, Abraham Lincoln was not a Democrat, despite what children are taught in the publick fools.

  10. The Left does NOT want anyone that can think for themselves, they only want slaves, that’s why they keep promising FREE SHIT. they want the Dumb ed down society that they can control and do the work for them.

  11. I blame all this on the stupidity of the American people for voting all these illiterate braindead mentally retarded liberals. They (the people) need to see the truth, liberals are DOMESTIC TERRORIST and should be rounded up and dispatched according to the law for TREASON. All the democraps should be in jail especially the entire obummer administration. One more thing we need to hang miss po-lousey up by her toes in public for being the filthy rat that she is. Aco is just an example of the fine work that the lib-turds have done with our education system by dumbing everyone down to the level of the dumbest minority.

  12. We will all be criminals if we leave it up to the demoncrats , until we stand together & reclaim our freedom , liberty , & Country & kick all them traitors out!!!

  13. Very well said!
    Our Founding Fathers cautioned us to be involved and knowledgeable in the political process and know as much as we can about who we vote for. If anyone presents themselves wanting the power to determine laws we will live under it certainly behooves us to know who these candidates are and what they are likely to do if elected.
    The fact that AOC got elected tells me more about the electorate than AOC. Who in the hell would vote for a ‘out-spoken, charismatic’ ignoramus?

  14. The only thing that really galls me, is that her getting elected. Even if is just for one term only. Automatically qualifies her for a full investment into the Congressional retirement system/program! So this X#%@&* will be sucking off the taxpayers for the rest of her natural life! Now do you understand why Senators and Congressman do not have to worry about having to live on social (in)security after they leave office! Oh! their retirement system is 100 percent funded by “We The People”. They do not contribute one single cent to it, out of their own pockets! Nice work if you can get on this gravy train, and only have to be in office for two years to qualify for full benefits!

  15. It is downright scary that people are fearful of an inanimate object. Without a human operating anything, it simply does not work. Gun do not kill people, people kill people. Same holds true for any object that must be manipulated by human hands. I believe that everyone in our country needs to take a course in guns and gun safety. It used to be taught in our schools back in the olden days. There was no problem then. Our culture says it is alright to kill babies in the womb or in the birth canal, or even after birth if the mother decides she no longer wants the child. The is no value to human life. Has America surrendered to Satan and sought to destroy all sanity? Things can do nothing without the human touch. Where is the love? Laws are meant to protect the law-abiding and innocent, but lately, they are the ones that are being trashed upon.

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