New Study Reveals The Truth About How Criminals Get Guns


If it weren’t so common, it would be shocking. But, sadly, it’s no longer a surprise to me that common sense is so very uncommon. While this is true in so many areas of life, it is overwhelmingly true when it comes to guns. Not so much from people who own guns, mind you, but from people who are anti-gun.

Why? We can speculate as to why, though I suspect that it has to do with the knee jerk emotional reaction that they have to the idea of guns which is only made worse by the fact that they know nothing about guns and how to handle them.

Which brings us to a new study which simply proves what people with common sense about guns have known all along. John Woolfolk writes,


As lawmakers push to toughen gun sale rules amid outrage over random mass shootings like the November massacre at a Thousand Oaks country music bar, a new federal study says few criminals who had a gun bought it from a retailer.

According to the January special report by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, about one in 10 state and federal prisoners convicted of crimes involving a firearm said they got the weapon through a retail source like a sporting goods store, pawn shop or gun show.

Now, pro-gun people like you and me, people who try to have a realistic view of how the world works, will point out that this just proves that gun control doesn’t work because criminals aren’t tending to get their guns through any legal method. In other words, criminals don’t use methods to get guns that gun control efforts will even affect.

Anti-gunners once again miss the point. They say that this study shows that gun control works because criminals are forced to go through illegal methods to get their guns instead of buying them legally.

At which point, we have to ask: So, how, exactly, is gun control actually preventing criminals from getting guns? In typical anti-gunner fashion, they don’t seem to understand that limiting one method of getting guns for everyone does nothing to prevent criminals from getting their hands on a gun.

If that anti-gunner idea isn’t double-speak, I don’t know what is. It’s because of this lack of logical thinking on the part of anti-gunners that we have to keep hammering home that gun control doesn’t work. Period.



  1. Despite the false rhetoric, gun control measures are not, and have almost never been, designed to prevent criminals from getting guns. They are designed, and intended, from the outset, to disarm the general public, those of us who actually follow the law. They are doing a good job of this too. Just look back at, say, 1950, and consider how much easier it was back then for anyone to get a gun legally. At age 12 I walked into a Sears store, plunked down my allowance savings and bought a single shot 16 gauge shotgun, with no hassles and no paperwork.
    Our violent crime rate has not diminished much, if any, since all the regulations imposed over the ensuing 6 decades, but civilian gun ownership HAS diminished significantly. Public attitudes towards guns and gun owners have also changed significantly, and not for the better. So clearly, antigun regulations are actually working pretty well – at their intended purpose. The antigun crowd isn’t afraid of criminals. They have protection against them. It’s an armed public they fear, and that’s why their proposed restrictions ALWAYS target us folks.

    • You are 100% right it is a sinister ploy by the Secular Progressive Humanist American Bolshevik’s to disarm the Populace. Nothing more they know that Gun control does Not work but their Master George Soros knows that these mass shootings are the only way to frighten the People into giving up their guns. They will draw down until only about 10% have firearms and then they will increase the confiscations secretly since the Mainstream refuses to cover these
      Stromtrooper acting like Gestapo or K. G. B. Thugs not law Enforcement Officees. These RED FLAG Laws are as illegal as warrentless search and seizures which is also Unconstitutional.

    • I bought my first gun when I was 15. I am now 54. Through the years I have purchased many guns. I currently have about 15 guns. Everything from a AK-47 to a Heckler and Koss USP 40. It is really disturbing to think people don’t need guns. I had a Stroke about 9 years ago my two kids now enjoye shooting. It is fun to go with them shooting. More people should look at guns as a positive thing not a negative thing.

  2. Preachin to the choir, my friend! What we need to do is force feed this info to liberals. The lawmakers , with a few exceptions, al ready know where the guns come from. It doesn’t advance their agenda if the facts got be general knowledge though.

    • Last I heard, billionaire gun control advocate Michael Bloomberg has 17 armed body guards. Bloomberg wants the rest of us to be unable to defend ourselves! Bloomberg will live in his guarded mansion and the rest of us will be living in nation that’s turned into a Chicago!

      • He’s as two faced as one can get and yes, they want to make us defenseless so they can subjugate us, period, and I cannot doubt that part of this is being done to get something started to justify depopulation a la Sanger.

  3. With a little bit of illegal drugs, I can get a an illegal gun about anywhere in the US, especially a large city. Since I obtained guns many, many years before public gun sales, I can sell one to most anyone and no one from a newspaper add and no one would ever know the difference since my guns long predate legal requirements. I am one of millions of gun owners that predate any public sales now.
    Go ahead, come looking for them. You will not find one in my apartment. No, I will go to jail first before disclosing where they might be.

  4. One additional thought I’d like to add to this editorial. If gun control advocates fully have their way, then the law abiding public will ultimately be defenseless against criminals who will continue to possess guns. Thus crime will increase immeasurably.

    • Criminals, schminimals. The BIG threat is the GOVERNMENT. Leftists and the deep state must HANG.

  5. Oldshooter, has it right. It’s not about keeping guns out of the hands of criminals.
    The end goal is to disarm law abiding people. At some point, the antiguners , will say they tried everything and people still kill people with guns. So the only thing left is to end the 2A. Which has been their goal from the beginning.

  6. “Gun Control” works EXACTLY AS DESIGNED. Just ask Hitler (13 million murdered), Stalin (40 million murdered), and/or Mao Tse-Tung (70 million murdered). Yes, “gun control” does leave law-abiding subjects defenseless, while the murderers keep their guns. As designed. And: If YOU are defenseless AND you are NOT protected, THEN YOUR LIFE IS CHEAP.

  7. They needed a study? Anyone with a modicum of common sense knows criminals don’t do things legally. That’s why they’re called criminals.

  8. All of must be delusional if you think talking to liberals is going to change their minds on any subject how’s that been working how did that work in the mid-terms, leopards don’t change their spots and zebras don’t change their stripes EVER. If you say we need to vote more republicans into office I’ll puke they are part of the problem. Look at New York, California, Detroit, Chicago,it’s like a cancer just keeps spreading the only cure is surgery cut out the infection. It started when they took away the right to own fully automatic weapons, and it’s gotten worse ever sense, it’s never going to get any better, it’s just going to continually get worse till the we wind up like the Jews did when the SS came to round them up and take therm to the concentration camps eventually to the gas chambers, all they had to defend themselves was shovels and broom handles, at what point do you strike back? WE would still be under England’s rule if a handful of ordinary hadn’t taken up arms against the biggest well supplied army in the world, armed revolution is the only answer to America’s problems and you better do it while Trump is still in office for any chance of success and I believe Trump will support a citizens revolution he can declare martial law and remain president indefinitely and he can really drain the swamp, so what’s it going to be are you so comfortable that you will let the government eventually take away all your rights or will you take part of an armed march on Washington they won’t arrest 2,000 or 5,000 of us Trump won’t let them spread the word if you’re a patriot and love America

  9. Luke’s got pretty much the right idea except for the fact that Trump is going to do whatever will bring him the most money and/or publicity regardless of it being right or wrong, so, I wouldn’t count on him backing anybody, pro or anti 2A! We are left to fend for ourselves, ergo my 4 “ghost” ARs and 4k rds. ammo!

  10. Ask the people of Cambodia, Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, Australia, and a few other countries how well gun confiscation works for them. Even Canada or England. WE cannot let them, whomever them is, take our means of self protection and reliance away. The second amendment was and is not about duck hunting.!!! Law abiding or not.!!! Whose law do we abide by.??? Ask the American Indian how well gun control works.!!!

  11. What is funny “HOW LIARS FIGURE AND FIGURES LIE” ? They are asking “CONVICTED CRIMINALS”, well maybe they were “LAW ABIDING CITIZENS” before they went ‘ASTRAY” and got themselves put in “PRISON”, you see how easy it is too come to their “THEORIES”, “DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION” and “OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS”, the “2nd AMENDMENT”, “”””””VOTE THESE TRAITORS OUT””””” !!!!!! “NOW””!!!

    • ” well maybe they were “LAW ABIDING CITIZENS” before they went ‘ASTRAY” ”

      That would be the one in ten that purchased their firearm legally.

  12. Criminals will get guns by any means.Buy them steal them etc.Kill cops and take there gun’s .Criminals don’t usually go into Fire Arms dealers and make legitimate purchases.Like Warner Woff says lets go the the video tape.Three Armed robbery perpetrators enter a legitimate fire arms dealer and attempt to rob the store,prompting several of the stores employees,to appear and engage them in a gun fight. Apparentally they lost,one was apparently dead on the floor and two others fled in a hail of gun fire.I don’t see how they could have escaped unscathed.I’m sure that they turned up in a hospital some where with multiple gunshot wounds??

  13. You can not enslave a people that can defend themselves. This is what gun control is all about.

  14. Protection from these tyrants that want our guns, is the exact reason for the 2nd amendment. enough is enough, start impeaching and or otherwise removing any one from any office who even thinks of deminishing our 2nd amendment rights; any politician who writes up a bill or law to that effect, has already gone against the constitution they have swore to uphold ;should immediatly be removed from office, and possibly tried for treason.

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