What Happened When A Magazine Ban Was Lifted


One of the basic things to understand about the world is that, when there is a demand, there will be someone willing to provide it. A government may be able to temporarily limit access, but you had better believe that the demand will be met at some point.

In the case of California residents who didn’t want to deal with the idiotic ban on “high capacity” magazines, they were able to satisfy that urge (for a time). And how big was that urge? We’ll let the Associated Press tell us:

More than a million high-capacity ammunition magazines flooded into California during a one-week window created when a federal judge temporarily threw out the state’s ban, gun owners’ groups estimated on Thursday.

Reform groups said the projections are self-serving as gun rights organizations try to make the case that magazines holding more than 10 bullets are so common now that a ban is impractical.

The magazines aren’t tracked. But there are plenty of anecdotal evidence that the floodgates briefly opened when US District Judge Roger Benitez overturned the state’s nearly 20-year-old ban late last month.

The judge halted sales a week later, but ruled that those who bought the magazines can legally own them while the state appeals his ruling.

‘Everything was all sold out. I basically took whatever I could get,’ said Chris Puehse, who owns Foothill Ammo in Shingle Springs, east of Sacramento.

He fielded dozens of telephone calls while buyers stacked up 20 deep in his one-man store to buy the hundreds of magazines that arrived in two shipments last week. He had just six left by the time Benitez reinstated the ban last Friday.

‘People loved it. It was like we were out of prison and were not treated like bastard stepchildren of the country anymore,’ he said.

Thirty-round magazines for military-style rifles, handgun magazines holding 17 to 20 bullets, all selling for less than $30 each – ‘they disappeared,’ Puehse said. ‘They wanted to grab more than I let them, otherwise they would have been gone even faster than a few hours.’

State Attorney General Xavier Becerra warned hours before Benitez again halted sales that California was in danger of becoming ‘the wild, wild West for high-capacity magazines.’

So, the California Attorney General is terrified that the state will turn into the wild, wild, West because people actually wanted to buy high capacity magazines legally? As if criminals have ever cared about legally buying magazines?


The next thing that I expect to hear from this Attorney General is that we might have a dangerous overabundance of people actually trying to defend themselves from criminals instead of allowing themselves to be assaulted and killed.

Can’t have that, now, can we?



  1. That was the same line of bovine droppings that was expounded about Florida going to “Shall Issue” about 20 years ago (30??). “OMG! There is going to be a shoot-pout on every street corner!”
    Of course it didn’t happen, but the presstitutes never admitted that Florida was safer and a less violent place following the change in the laws. (Kinda like present time… has ANYONE in the LSM admitted that the last 3 years of attacks on President Trump was a delusional fabrication? Of course not… now, not only is Mueller a Russian Agent, but so is A.G. Barr…)

  2. The same “wild west” comment is just another WORN-OUT DEMOCOMMUNIST “talking point” that has been used over and over. the PROVEN FACT is: MORE GUNS in the hands of LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS=LESS CRIME, but is “worrisome” to TYRANNICAL “government officials” that KNOW, as long as WE THE PEOPLE are armed, THEY cannot “take over” and turn this country into one of UNARMED, CONTROLLED HELPLESS “SHEEP”, to be used , abused. or “SLAUGHTERED” if they see fit to do so.
    (and YES, I use “caps” to attempt make a point)

  3. In Colorado shortly after the Universal Criminal Background Check System became law an 18 year old legally bought a shotgun…took it to school and started shooting up the place killing one female student…Several weeks later our Democrat Governor declared…”See the UCBCS is working”…Duhhh.

  4. The Demo Pukes are at it again. Ban this, Ban that. This is what happens when you vote for the Demo Pukes!

  5. Democrats are pro-criminal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Can’t blame it all on the Democrats. The Republican side is taking notes on how the Democrats do it. And walking along beside these tyrants. Soon it’ll be both parties teaming up to ban this and ban that. Why don’t “We The People” put a ban on ignorant people who think that banning this and that actually helps the Law-abiding citizens. These political tyrants may have Degrees and PHD’s but…they have NO common sense what so ever.

  7. Liberals don’t understand the guns don’t kill anyone! A gun doesn’t have the basic understanding that needed to kill! And that is motivation! It’s doesn’t get angry, it doesn’t hate, it’s not Greedy, it’s not jealous so therefore it’s not even the most dangerous weapon available! Are you ready Liberals to ban the deadliest weapon available to the human race? If you want to ban a Deadly weapon BAN OUR BRAIN!!! Every murder committed First starts in our brain!!

  8. Dear Editor,
    When you use the words “LARGE MAGAZINE/HIGH CAPACITY”, please explain that with numbers. When I hear someone say HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINE, I immediately envision 45 to 100 rounds within the magazine.
    Please refer to the IGNORANTLY MANDATED 10 round magazine as a LOW CAPACITY MAGAZINE.
    Please refer to the 30 round magazine as a STANDARD MAGAZINE.
    Do not use the GUN/PEOPLE-CONTROLLERS’ vocabulary when referring to their idiotic logic.

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