[Video] When What Is In Your Hand Makes You An Easy Target


We talk a lot about guns on this page (it called Prepared Gun Owners for a reason, after all), and we absolutely believe in the right to bear arms and the importance of doing so.

But, having said that, you need to understand that a firearm is a tool. It is probably the single most effective tool in your efforts to protect yourself and your family, but you need to take it in context, too.

For example, while we think it’s smart to train regularly and to carry concealed whenever possible, you need to also keep in mind how to make use of your weapon in that rare situation when it is needed (not just shooting accuracy), and you need to be aware of the basics of self-protection that are applicable whether you currently have a firearm on your person or not.


And what is the most important principle of self-protection? If I had to pick just one, it would be situational awareness. I can’t overemphasize how important this one concept is. Think about it this way: it’s better to avoid the violent situation before it even gets to you (or, at least, to have as much forewarning as possible before it gets to you) so that you have the best chance of surviving to see another day.

And in our day and age, there is one specific item that you may very well have in your hand right now that may be the single biggest thing that makes you a target on the streets. Self-protection expert Tim Larkin talks about it in the video below.

Now, maybe you’re the person who says, “But there was nothing in that video about using my gun!” And if that’s you, you missed the entire point.

Let’s be clear: if you aren’t aware of your situation, you radically decrease your chances of being able to use your firearm or any other self-protection method.

So, to put it simply, put your phone in your pocket until you can look at it safely, and pay attention to the people and situations around you. Just being aware may save your life and enable you to save others, too.



  1. Your scenarios are always amazing and these just showed people need be be more aware. My father was aware of his surroundings from serving 3 years in war. I think from watching him it was passed down. But people can learn and train themselves to be more aware. In a crowded bus, use only one earbud if you “have to” listen to music. Constantly look up, to your right, to your left, be aware what’s in back of you. If something in back of you feels wrong move to a better view, who cares what someone thinks. Be smart! Be active! Be alert!

  2. Most people have no idea what is behind them or who maybe watching them when out and about. I learned to always search the area before entering. To know what and who could be a possible problem. I do the same when entering a building. Since I have study judo and karate, wrestled in school and boxed at the gym and lifted heavy weights most of my life, I really don’t fear anyone. But anyone can be over confident and surprised. So I carry several weapons that are in plain view but are not recognized as weapons. Each is meant for self defense and can be deadly. Only had to use them several times. My attackers were disabled in a few seconds and totally unaware what happened to them. You have to have a mind set to response instantly or you loose the surprise. When I respond I provide sufficient physical power to inflict bruises, break bones, cause concussions. Once I am certain the attacker poses no further threat I stop my defense. These events happened at night on walks. So pay attention and live a long happy life.

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