Surprise: More Deception From Anti-Gunners


Most people have the decency to want to know the facts before trying to make a decision about something, but this simple, basic decency seems to be all but missing from anti-gunners when they get on the subject of guns and gun control. Sadly, they will misrepresent statistics, use unverifiable anecdotal evidence as fact, and will even outright lie if they feel that it will help to push their narrative.

It’s downright disgusting. And we have yet another example of this dishonesty. Steve Sanetti writes,

Gun control groups praising Connecticut’s Supreme Court decision to allow the Soto v. Bushmaster case to move forward are, ironically, using the court decision as an opportunity to perpetuate false narratives, the same misdeeds of which they accuse the firearms industry. Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence struck out at the firearms industry to push an agenda of half-truths, omissions of fact and obfuscation.

It’s an outright lie to malign the firearms industry with inflammatory rhetoric. To reach real solutions to the most challenging questions, we must deal in facts. In trying to invoke the tragedy of Sandy Hook, Giffords Law Center is painting with a broad brush the actions of a criminal to the entire firearms industry. It must not be overlooked that the criminal who committed the horrific acts at Sandy Hook became a criminal the moment he stole a firearm — well before he committed his unspeakable crimes.

No one — not a single person, nor company, nor the industry at large — has ever advocated that any crimes involving firearms are acceptable, tolerated or condoned. The implication otherwise is detestable at best, and unprincipled and amoral at worst.

The author of [a] column for the Giffords Law Center (“Truth and the gun lobby’s marketing lies,” April 6) accuses the firearms industry of playing fast and loose with facts in advertising. Here are the facts the author conveniently ignored when impugning an entire industry.

It is the firearms industry doing the yeoman’s work to stop the criminal misuse of guns. No one wants to stop the criminal misuse of guns more than we do. We share the concerns of all Americans and we’re advocating for real solutions to create safer communities.

Sanetti goes on to detail ways in which the firearm industry is seeking to curb gun violence, but you aren’t hearing about that from either anti-gunners or their puppets in the mainstream media.


This is why we need to keep talking about gun rights and about the truth about guns and gun statistics. If we don’t talk about it, ignorant people will continue to believe anti-gunners’ rhetoric, and we simply cannot allow that to happen.



  1. Literally several million crimes are prevented by a citizen having a firearm versus thousands of crimes committed with firearms. Of course, the media is not going to bring this fact out since it goes against their agenda to make every citizen a subject.
    An armed person is a CITIZEN, an unarmed person is a SUBJECT! Our family, no matter what the government does, will EVER become SUBJECTS!

  2. Look what happened to Germany. The Gov. took away their guns. The dems are up to the same thing, make no mistake about it. Wake up people!

    • For that matter, look also at what happened when Hitler went into “conquest mode.” All guns in Europe were registered (and maybe still are) so as the Wehrmact invaded each country the Gestapo would seize the registration lists and go door to door. Anyone who was unable to – for whatever reason – produce the gun was shot and killed on the spot. Are you reading, Mr. “Nuke ’em all” Swalwell?

  3. I wonder when they are going to admit that our half-white President (BHO) had his FBI approve sales of guns to the drug cartels when the FFL dealers turned in the information on the purchasers? Criminals being sold ‘evil’ guns by a democrat and his co-conspirators… they should ALL go to jail.
    Good enough for his buddies in the Cartels, but not for the citizens he took an oath to protect…

  4. IF this tactic of the Anti-gunners gains ground, it is time to hold vehicle makers, knife makers RESPONSIBLE for every automobile and knife activity that causes a death or harm.
    Since the DemocRATic Nationalist Committee (DNC) party wants CRIMINALS to enter America, it is time to hold them accountable as accessories before the fact of harm, rape or murder.

  5. I have several guns and i’m Red.
    Why all this rhetoric about and against the Dems. We are humans first and foremost and broadly want the same things, a bright peaceful life without fears or tears. If everyone worked together we could come to sensible, acceptable solutions. It’ only in the last years that these problems have surfaced. It’s not the arms its then owners. Let’s leave politics out of the discussion andarive at solution which suit us all. Note, I did not use the phrase both sides.

    • The Democrats ***don’t want*** a solution that suits us all; All they care about is one that benefits them ***exclusively*** – IOW a dictatorship in which they have the total monopoly on gun ownership.

  6. Laws can be made but the problem will come when they try to CONFISCATE the law biding citizens firearms

    • Yep, there will be death and mayhem for the idiots trying to confiscate firearm as well as the citizens defending their God-given right that is protected by the 2nd Amendment.
      Better to die a Freedom Fighter than a slave under an oppressive government. Those with the “American Spirit” won’t go quietly into bondage, so “come and get ’em”, you fools!

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