New Mossberg Rifle For Long-Range Shooting

Image courtesy O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.

Contrary to what many anti-gunners seem to believe, firearms can and are used for purposes other than killing people (Shocking, I know). In fact, the use of firearms for sporting purposes like hunting and target shooting is far more common than it’s use against people.

So, with that in mind, it makes sense that a major manufacturer like Mossberg is introducing new models for the sports market including new versions of their Patriot Predator model which are chambered in 6.5 PRC specifically for distance shooting. Our friends over at Shooting Illustrated give us some of the details:

Mossberg has two new suppressor- and optics-ready bolt-action rifles in the company’s Patriot Predator, both chambered in 6.5 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge), a new cartridge specifically created for long-range shooting. These newest models are designed to take advantage of the extended-range performance of the 6.5 PRC round. Inherently accurate with its exceptional ballistics to beyond 1,000 yards and offering a balance of velocity and manageable recoil combined with a flat trajectory, the 6.5 PRC delivers long-range performance in short-action, bolt-action rifles like the compact Patriot Predator rifle. 

The Patriot Predator rifle features Mossberg’s twin-lug, push-feed machined-steel action and feed from a lightweight polymer, flush four-round box magazine. The standard-contour, free-floating, 24-inch barrel features a 1:8-inch twist rate, straight-edge fluting and is threaded (5/8-24 TPI) for the addition of a suppressor, along with a protective cap for everyday use. The barrel is built from carbon steel and features a matte blue or Patriot Brown Cerakote finish. 

Every Patriot rifle also features Mossberg’s patented LBA (Lightning Bolt Action) trigger, which is easily adjustable by the user from 2 to 7 pounds of pull to help provide consistent shot placement. A top-mounted Picatinny rail allows for easy of mounting and repositioning of optics. An oversized bolt handle; spiral-fluted bolt and sling-swivel studs complete the performance-based features of this rifle.

The classically-styled stock on the Patriot Predator rifle is well-designed for comfort and reduced felt recoil with its straight comb, rounded edges and raised cheekpiece. The textured stippling on the grip and three surface areas of the fore-end give the stock a modern feel, and your choice of FDE or TrueTimber Strata camo-finished stocks provide for greater versatility through the seasons and in varied terrain. A polymer block insert with integral magazine well provides a simple yet effective bedding platform. The stock also has a traditional black rubber recoil pad.

So, if you’re looking for more distance shooting options, then this Mossberg model may be of interest to you.


And target shooting is a great way to get even your anti-gun friends to experience the thrill of shooting for the first time to open their minds to the many positive aspects of gun ownership and usage.



  1. Never shot a 6.5 before but it sound like a good round for my son. I am hooked on my 98 bravo in .338. I have a bi pod out front and a drop rod in the stock. Things that come in handy for us older shooters.

  2. Hunting wild prey is the only legit explanation for an American’s owning a “hunting rifle” or “pistol” of any kind.
    For personal security, there exist laws allowing certain people to carry a pistol–for personal protection.

    The use of military and “repeater type” rifles? It is a ruse to argue that we need in America, after 200 years, such a weapon for imaginery protection. The 2d Amendment was written purposely to placate Americans who had gone to war for our independence and saw the great need for a defensive weapon, should a foreign power consider an attack upon the free nation. It never happened. The closest that violence has cast its shadow on our people has been the few deranged citizens who have taken the opportunity to acquire a weapon –intended for military use. How useful for the deranged to be able to acquire a military weapon…because we Americans fear an invasion from abroad?? It that why some argue for such devices? If so…soon someone will carry handgrenades and argue 2d Amendment…. How do we answer?

    • You are totally off target. I suggest you reread the second amendment. It is not ” A Foreign Enemy ” that we must be prepared to fight, it is our own tyrannical government that we must keep in line or remove if needed. But of course you go ahead and give the government all the power they want and let them dictate every breath you take.

        • Mike you are 100% on the money. I took the oath in 58 in the Navy—terrorist foreign & domestic, so far they never relieved me of that oath & I am now 80, 2 1/2 years in the China sea on a damn DDR doing plane guard duty with the USS RANGER running the fwd fire room. It took a long time for me & a lot of others to get over that damn trip. It was a 3 year tour, & Kennedy missed extending me by 3 months.

      • VMar, you are 100% correct and the good doctor should read the second before making a statement about it’s purpose! besides, our military has and can use military weapons that we the people cannot aquire. Full automatics for example.My weapons are civilian grade !

      • Ever heard of The War of 1812, Doc?
        How about Japan not invading our mainland after bombing Pearl Harbor because “there will be a gun behind every blade of grass”; meaning they would be fighting most of the population because citizens were armed.
        I guess that I am fortunate because my Doctor has common sense and a license to carry.

    • WOW!!!! And your a Doctor of What? What the hell do you think a musket was during the 1700-1800. It was considered an assault weapon using todays terms. There are more deranged people on the streets now then ever. When budget cuts in the 80’s caused mass release of mentally ill people to be released.

      • And the mass shootings are simply a symptom of what has gone redically wrong. Our culture used to be a culture of life with Christian principles but has become a culture of death heralded with abortionists and Planned Parenthood. Get rid of the Gun Free zones and then take on the “death merchants” which will take longer’

    • The good Dr. Robert N. Schwartz obviously does not know his history since our country was invaded during the war of 1812. At which time the capital city Washington was attacked and burned along with the White House. What did the militias fight with? It was the military weapon of that time the flintlock musket and rifle. Most of the men fighting used their own weapons that they brought from home when called to fight. Should they have been barred from using the military weapon of that time? Maybe by todays standards of thought by the liberal mindset they should have been limited to Matchlocks or Wheel locks! Praise God that our Founding Fathers had the forethought to see that each man or woman (pc) not only has the right but is required to arm themselves with the current military weapon of the day to protect themselves and our GREAT Country.

    • Dr., I hope you have more knowledge in medical business, than what you have in the 2nd amendment!!
      The 2nd amendment is not there for our restrictions on gun ownership, but there for stopping the government from restricting our rights at all!!!
      You know, drs., should focus on their business, because the last time I checked, there were more deaths from medical malpractice, than guns, by far!!! Just a thought!!!

    • I bet the citizens of Venezuela wish they had a Second Amendment now. The whole reason for the first ten of the bill of Rights was because the colonials were denied these rights by the Brits. The Revolution was started by the colonials resisting the seizure of their arms. The right to free speech is the only amendment in front of the right of a free citizen to own arms because the freedom of Citizens is always the first thing that a tyrannical government tries to obliterate. Check out the Russian revolution, Hitler in the 1930s, Mao in China, Pol Pot and any other the world of despots for a history lesson. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
      “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

      “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

    • Dr. Robert N. Schwartz, You and the rest of the medical profession kill WAY more people then guns do. On an average day the medical profession and big pharma kill 1396 people a day, every day! And I know of 6! I have read many articles that said these two entities kill between 400,000 and 500,000 people a year by wrong procedures, wrongly diagnosed, wrong prescription or prescriptions and etc that have dire consequences if mixed. I know of 3 here. BUT unlike shootings, these doctors and pharmacies still get paid!!

    • Yes Dr., you are correct that laws exist to allow certain people to carry firearms. Ken State is a GREAT example. where certain Army personnel were allowed to carry firearms and killed several alt-Left protesters. The POTUS Carter came along and issued the US Marines weapons without ammunition. A Beirut t3errorist made short work of them.

      You are a VERY sick puppy!!!

    • It is extremely hard for me to believe that such an educated man is so far off on his own nation’s history. You may want to take some time to study U.S. history before spouting leftist agenda lies. You should be ashamed of what you have said. You sir are either ignorant, stupid or pushing the radical left agenda. I suspect the later.

    • Doctor, you’re entitled to your own opinions, but you’re not entitled to your own facts. We do have a problem with deranged people running around loose in America and no one seems to care until they hurt someone. After all, it’s not against the law to be crazy. However, the AR-15’s and AK-47’s being sold today are not military weapons and they are not assault weapons. You should read the 2nd Amendment carefully, it does not say anything about protection from invasion by a foreign power. It does specifically speak to freedom and necessity to maintain that freedom whereby the RIGHT to keep and bears SHALL NOT be infringed. The 2nd Amendment is there not placate the citizenry, instead it’s there to remind everyone that a free people will always have the means to resist those who would attempt to take away our freedoms.
      It’s quite apparent that while you may be educated, that doesn’t mean your possess wisdom and intelligence.

    • Under a government having a Fascist ideology government controls what the citizen may own, say or even think. The unarmed citizen has little recourse and the country reverts to a Feudal society comprised of the controlling elite and the serfs. We have, in the current political milieu, a political party espousing this dangerous ideology, an ideology that at its extreme has repeatedly failed sociologically and fiscally, destroying the countries in which it comes to power. To insure that this society would not revert to Feudalism or come under the control of a foreign oppressor the founding fathers Constitutionally guaranteed that we could not be deprived of the ability to resist the suppression of the people by a Fascist, AKA Progressive, elitist government – that we could not be disarmed by our own government. In a Free Society, ownership by its citizens is not limited to what the need – that’s Communism – but is determined by what they want and can, by the rewards of their own productivity, either make or can afford to have made by others. These are the freedoms the government exists to defend and, failing to do so, those representatives elected and supported by the people have defaulted upon their responsibility and should be removed from power.

    • WOW how UNINFORMED you really are is beyond belief, and you use the “Dr. Initials that is scarrrrry

    • You can order the parts for the gun you want, in the caliber you prefer on line, but you will need to get the lower receiver, as an 80% kit, preferably with a metal jig, and finish the lower receiver with hand tools, though a drill press is better.

  3. Someone needs to explain to the schmucks out there that the 2nd amendment is REALLY all about we the people of the United States protecting we the people against our own government!

    Do you not get that?

  4. I just want to assure Dr. Swartz that he doesn’t have to worry about people walking around with hand grenades. They are almost impossible to get as a civilian. They are restricted to military use and they are locked up almost as tight as nukes. It’s easier to find a bundle of dynamite since it’s used for construction and demolition in the civilian world. It’s also more powerful than a hand grenade which could mess up your car, so why would you want one when you could get a stick of dynamite and blow up the entire house?

  5. Supreme court
    Us vs Miller
    309 us 174 1939

    The types of arms protected by the 2nd Amendment are those that are common for military use..the most common of which is the AR15 platform…

    Your truth, Doctor, is not THE truth which we uphold through Oath of Service. Learn before you speak.

  6. I see everyone is on the Doctor’s ass, with good reason, but the problem with his comments are that he mimics the same excuse of the anti-gun liberals who keep trying to tell us that things are different now and in our high tech civilized world the owning of weapons is not necessary. We’ve all heard and read this line of garbage too many times.

    These same people live in gated communities and enjoy the protection provided to them by electronic security, armed security guards or even Secret Service Agents or bodyguards and they ride back and forth from one secure are to another in large suv’s or bullet resistant limousines. And being the elitist hypocrites they usually are, they expend a lot of extra fuel on their urban trucks, limos, private planes and us taxpayers provide the money to pay the salaries of all those well armed people that surround them. They do equal harm to our rights, the proper use of our taxes and the environment all in one swoop.

    Why is it that they claim us common people without the ability to afford all the security, who live day by day without guards to walk with us along dark streets and to watch our backs when we go out do not need guns, yet they have multiple layers of security and they have people allowed to carry firearms who can draw and shoot at will for their wealthy, high status client. An obvious double standard that leaves the everyday person defenseless and yet allows the wealthy and elite to retain and obtain at will, a much greater measure of safety than the average American.

    The Doctor probably wants to ignore the fact that many people protect themselves from armed robbers and aggressive scumbags everyday and often without killing anyone and even without firing a shot. That’s iconic behavior of a left wing socialist, anti-American liberal. They pick and choose what they want to report as the truth. The truth is the truth without interpretation of the deletion of facts. To do anything but report the truth in it’s entirety is to fabricate lies.

  7. Hey Doc. FYI. Remington Arms was marketing a semi-automatic rifle, the Remington Auto-loading Repeating Rifle, to civilian sportsmen in 1906. The first semi-automatic rifle adopted and widely issued by a major military power (France) was the Fusil Automatique Modele 1917. So semi-automatics were in the hands of civilians for 11 years before they were used by any military forces. Kind of blows holes in your theory that semi-automatic guns were designed as weapons of war.

  8. You have bee brainwashed doc.
    Britain invaded us.
    The war of 1812 was an invasion.
    Japan invaded us at pearl harbor & the aluetians.
    Now we are being invaded at our southern border by mlsfits let out of prison & others paid to do it by soro’s & others.
    Our own congress wants to turn america into a communistic country.
    I say, no way. Arm all citizens & there will be a massive drop in crime.

  9. All Dr.s have been brainwashed by the leftist professors in the colleges, and universities, not only on our 2nd amendment rights, but by big pharma to push polslns disguised as medicine, while learning nothing about nutrition, or cures for any disease, as the pharmaceutical industry has systematically concealed any cure discovered. Any cure, for any disease, would cut into their profits. Corbisin, a natural cure for every cancer it’s been tried on, was kept concealed for years, but now is available to those who wish to acquire it.

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