People Now Having To Use AR-15s To Be Able To Feed The Homeless


We live in a truly strange world.

The mainstream media wants you to think that pro-gun people are generally heartless, cruel, and uncaring. Sadly, many people who blindly follow the mainstream media have bought into this idea, too.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth.


In fact, a recent story out of Texas shows that it is actually pro-gun people who are having to arm themselves to be able to perform simply acts of charity for other people. Matt Agorist writes,

Feeding and clothing the homeless in the land of the free has now become a revolutionary act. Luckily, however, there are still good people willing to carry that act out.

In December 2014, the Dallas city council enacted Ordinance No. 29595, which makes it illegal to serve food to the homeless without jumping through a statist myriad of bureaucratic hoops, including a fee, training classes, and written notices.

One should not need to file multiple forms and pay a fee to obtain a permit to give food to those in need who are willingly ready to accept it. The folks at Don’t Comply know this.

Over the weekend, the aptly named organization, Don’t Comply, and dozens of volunteers from children to adults alike took to the streets of Dallas to hand out food, sleeping bags, clothing, and tents to the area’s less fortunate.

As TFTP has reported on numerous occasions, often times, police will swoop in and shut down those who would dare defy the authority of the state and conduct charity without a permit. However, most organizations aren’t like Don’t Comply.

As they took to the streets this weekend, many of the members of the organization open carried their weapons. This was done—not out of an act of intimidation—but merely to assert rights as well as protect them.

The resultant heavily armed group of do-gooders effectively staved off any attempts by police to shut down the charitable efforts.

We spoke to one of the participants, who also happens to be a good friend of mine, Luis Fernando Mises who explained why the group carries weapons.

“When the system makes it illegal to feed people without a license, the unintended consequences are that we become criminals when we feed homeless people in the street,” he said. “What we do then, is get on an equal playing field with this system and we demonstrate that we can still help people. And, we do it peacefully…with guns.”

Success, and just like that, good people disobeying bad laws, while being well armed, had a positive effect on the world. Those in need were given supplies that may ultimately save their lives over the harsh winter and all of it was done in spite of “the law.”

This is a perfect example of why the Second Amendment was put into place in our Bill of Rights. The whole point of the Second Amendment is to prevent government from oppressing the people, and it’s especially offensive when that government is keeping people from simply being kind to each other. That’s the wrong use of government, and this peaceful use of firearms is a right use of guns.

But you’ll never see this type of story in the mainstream media because of their rampant anti-gun and pro-government control bias. So, share this story with your anti-gun friends to expose them to the truth which is that pro-gun people are kind and decent and charitable to their neighbors., and keep reading this site.



    • Time for ex CAlif libal above the laws tards, to fall on there knees and ask for forgiveness or get out before they are hung.Texans Needs to Go to War against the Welfare Slavocrats in TX,VA is looking at passing SB 16 to demand Registration or turn in Illegal Guns or serve in Prison.The date is Jan 20th and we hope they repeal the bill,in Richmond VA.

      • They will have to pass it before they can repeal it. Hopefully their brains will wake up and realize what a stupid bill this is and kill them all in committee.

  1. Living in NYC I can’t imagine what would play out should a law such as that in Texas were even thought of being implemented. It would obviously get crushed long before ever becoming a reality, but hats off to those who stood their ground and helped those in need. They have my respect.

    • That will be the Example and if VA goes rouge too.TX will Succeeded from WA CDC if TRump is Assasinated.

    • To Jack, not really.
      After Hurricane Sandy NJ and NYC attacked food preparers without a Health Department License.
      IIRC they also sent Inspectors around to check if the food prep sites with licenses still met code (the ones giving food away to their neighbors mostly did not).
      You can demand your right to say when or if food preparation is allowed to be under local government food safety regulations or not as you in your godhood choose, but if you allow your fellow citizens to have a voice and they choose food safety always or never or sometimes then those decisions are honored or denied by force as those here seemed to demand they would be doing.

  2. What’s really strange is people in the picture dressed like it’s really cold when daytime temps are in the 50’s and 60’s in Dallas…Hmmm. Propaganda?
    Total bullshit. Carrying guns does not even remotely put them on an equal playing field. Not saying I agree with the bizarre law, but law enforcement is not intimidated by some volunteers toting guns. That’s laughable.

    • Well I can promise you that police act VERY differently when they face armed people versus unarmed people. And I bet you would as well. If a gun helps people safely, provide support to those in need I say good. A well armed public is necessary to regulate corrupt government. It is why The Second Amendment was written into the Bill of Rights. This is a perfect example of how to properly use, and why The Second Amendment exists.

  3. FACT is there are 2 types of criminals. Those without badges. And those with badges who once were called policemen. Now called law enforcement. But in reality they are agents of the state. The corrupt evil politicians are their voice and masters. WE are stuck in the middle. But soon God will have his day. The signs are here. So run like RAT’S. There is no place to hide. Come Lord Jesus.



        If the end be approaching, then I pray that The Lord allow me to meet it with weapon in hand, dealing death and destruction upon the enemies of Freedom, and the enemies of God upon this Earth!

        Semper Fi!

    • Well We need to bring back Frontier Justice.A Young Politician without a Hood will be the precipice.

  4. Isn’t this a sad state of affairs in today’s society ? When the state forces it’s own citizens to use guns in order to feed other unfortunate citizens. Our forefathers really were insightful when they required the 2nd Amendment to ratify the Constitution. What we need today are elected officials that paid attention when they were in their civics classes. It seems like very few know the 2nd Amendment was intended to protect our freedoms from an over reaching government as well as others. I believe the right to bear arms is still needed today for the very same reason. It is also the armed citizens of this country (militia) that keep this country free.

    • AMEN!!! Furthermore, the Founders intended that We The People be able to OWN and CARRY WEAPONS OF OUR CHOOSING for defense of our homes, families, friends, property, and Sovereign Republic! They also NEVER intended that there be ANY RESTRICTIONS as to HOW MANY, or WHAT TYPE of WEAPONS we can legally own! That means that the National Firearms Acts of 1934 and 1968 are CONSTITUTIONALLY ILLEGAL, as they DO CONSTITUTE AN INFRINGEMENT, and MUST THERERFORE BE STRUCK from our laws!

    • Why we need to make more Free dried food.We throw out more Food then we eat.Their is no need to go hungry in GOD has Blessed America and may soon be Judge Severely as a Pagan Nation over 1 Illegal Law called Rove v Wade!

  5. Who votes there? Elections have consequences and it is way beyond the time that those of the great unwashed crowds started to figure it out and rally the vote! Get rid of the blood suckers that are bleeding them all, they serve no useful purpose and they are leeches upon all of the folks that are normal. Vote folks!!!

  6. Early morning temperatures for Dec. 21-22, 2019 were low to mid 40’s, only rising higher at midday before dropping back in the evening. I would bet that to the people who live in Dallas, that is cool enough to bundle up.

  7. What the article did not point out is that if the people providing the food were arrested, they could loose their 2nd amendment rights.  This is just another sneaky way that gun control fanatics are trying to curb gun ownership.

  8. Where is the Proof they were? Open carry of Long Rifles do not need a Permit,only Handguns.Abbot wan’ts Constitutional Carry.Now if a Demo RAT was Governor Then we would
    see Blood flowing!

  9. Most of these laws (yes they are stupid)where put in place for a reason. So someone who didn’t wash their hands after wiping their A$$ doesn’t serve you food. Just think about that for a second. Like the big E-cold out breaks we see on the news. Ps as a cop I disagree with them as well. Here in Pa it’s code enforcement that would close you down Not me . To idiots putting down cops. Next time you have a problem call a crack head see how that works for ya. The majority of us in law enforcement wore the uniform of our country before the one I now wear HONORABLY as well. ( I HAVE NO MASTER) I obey the constitution. Last but not least when some homeless guys gets sick from the food ( whether or not that’s what made him sick). I’m sure he’ll sue These nice people that fed him.

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