Can You Concealed Carry While Wearing A COVID-19 Mask?


It may seem like a silly question, but the question of whether you can carry concealed while wearing a COVID-19 mask is a legitimate question to ask, and it’s one that you should be asking yourself.


Because in many areas, it is illegal to carry a firearm while having a mask on your face. Presumably to deter criminals from committing crimes while being harder to identify.


In other words, those laws really only give an excuse to slap another charge against a masked criminal. But I doubt that it deters any of them.

Anyway, back to the original question. A North Carolina news station specifically wondered about how COVID-19 masks affect concealed carrying. Ron Lee writes,

Brian Sisson has spent many years in the firearms industry and is clear on what the pre-pandemic statues are.

“Current law states that if you’re carrying a firearm that your not allowed to wear a mask,” Brian Sisson said.

That question was on the mind of many at the range who were practicing their shooting skills.

Tony Underwood, with the Union County Sheriff’s Office, said the law states you can’t wear a mask anyway unless it’s for a holiday, like Halloween.

However, the law does come with amendments, like the issue of public health.

“A person who has a valid concealed carry permit is allowed to lawfully carry that firearm concealed in public.” Underwood said.

That means while wearing the mask.

“It is lawful to do that,” Underwood said.

When or if the health crisis goes away, so does that provision.

Now, let’s be clear here. While the above information may be accurate for North Carolina, that does not mean that it applies where you reside. We recommend contacting your local law enforcement before you find yourself in violation of state laws or county or municipal codes. It would be a terrible reason for you to spend time in jail.

And whatever you do, remember to continue to be careful and law-abiding. Your example of being the good guy (or lady) with a gun can rub off on those around you and their attitudes toward firearms.



  1. I was a LE for 42 years, use common sense. If you’re going to carry keep it concealed. If you have to advertise then don’t wear a mask. Which Chance will you take?

  2. Hey brad….u a dem-lib. Most people in my belief would just see you as a norther SNOWFLAKE!!!!

    • Yep me too. even the top Doctors said that wearing a mask was not necessary then then they flipped and said to wear one then they said not to wear one, it’s which ever political party screams the loudest as to what they will say

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