Could We Really See National Concealed Carry Reciprocity?


The Second Amendment, in and of itself, should be enough legal justification to allow all Americans to own firearms and to carry guns on their persons in public at any time. Sadly, though, state and local governments across the country have put their hands in the pot to limit our rights and to force people to pay to exercise their rights.

And, then, there’s the issue of being able to legal carry in one state, but not being able to legally carry your firearm in another state without seeking another license and the invasion of privacy and personal expense to do that.

Surprisingly, though, there is a push from both major parties to enact national concealed carry reciprocity, meaning that if you have a concealed carry permit in one state, it would automatically qualify you to carry concealed nationally. John Crump writes,


A bipartisan bill that would grant national reciprocity to concealed permit holders has been introduced in the House of Representatives.

Representative Richard Hudson (NC-08) introduced H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act during Congress’s opening day. The bill has a total of 154 co-sponsors, including Democrats that have broken from their party’s anti-gun stance. The bill would allow anyone who holds a concealed handgun permit to cross state lines as long as the gun owner follows that state’s law. Residents of the states with constitutional carry could also carry a handgun across state lines.

National reciprocity would treat concealed carry permits like a driver’s license. Federal law would ban states from discriminating against gun owners.

While I’m concerned, if I’m being honest, about whether this could actually get a vote, much less pass the House with Nancy Pelosi re-elected as Speaker of the House, this is an encouraging situation, especially when you consider that Democrats are supporting this bill, too.

Hopefully, this is an early sign of good things to come for gun rights in spite of what the current political situation in Washington looks like it’s moving toward.



  1. My advice, Mr. Crump, is don’t hold your breath. Your new government won’t allow a mere citizen to exercise his natural born and Constitutional right to own a firearm. Residents of China can’t have them, so neither can you.

  2. We will be lucky to have a gun when the incoming administration id done. IF they are looking at I am sure there are so many strings like registration and limits that it would not be worth it. So disappointed that Trump never got it done.

      • Precisely. A national reciprocity bill was also introduced in 2019 while the GOP still ran the Senate. Of course, the House was, as now, under the Control of the Communist Party. Nonetheless, favorable gun bills are NEVER EVER EVER brought to the floor when the GOP is in charge. McConnell and the like pretend they don’t exist. Now, when the Dems are in control, suddenly the establishment GOPtards become pro-2nd Amendment and THEN produce pro-gun bills…only when they KNOW there’s ZERO chance of them passing. It’s all optics, all show. They never intend to actually do what their constituents/voters want them to do.

    • When the local tin-pot you know what sends in their enforcers, with tear gas and locksmiths, just how long would you really be able to hold out.

    • When the local tin-pot you know what sends in their enforcers, with tear gas, and locksmiths, just how long do you really think you will last?

      • So your saying welcome them in and gleefully give them all your guns. Then as they leave with your guns, they thank them and wish them a good day.

  3. Doesn’t the U.S. government have a law that gives reciprocity to all licenses, and permits issued in one state for the whole country? If not we would have to have a driver’s license for every single state in the cuuntry!

    • Drivers license are controlled by the DOT, CCW permits are controlled by the States. There is no National Reciprocity for CCW permits hence the need for this bill.

    • NO is the short answer. As far as I know (I admit that may not be very far) driver’ licenses are the ONLY nationally recognized license. Attorneys, doctors, beauticians, etc all have to have a license per state.

  4. There is NO WAY this bill will be passed by the House or Senate and don’t expect Biden to sign it either. Most likely the bill will die in Committee and never be heard or voted on the floor of the House.

  5. Eh…I don’t know. This wouldn’t be happening if they’d quit stacking laws and we have something that already works.

  6. With this incoming adminisration we are in deep shit. I believe they want to control every aspect of our lives and wont be happy until we are completely subjugated . A very large number of us will never bow to that and will RESIST and FIGHT. We will never give up our freedoms. LONG LIVE THE CONSTITUTION AND THE 2ND AMMENDMENT!!!!! .

  7. I am not a legal scholar but I think there would be a problem with “States Rights.” I’m not quite sure the Feds can implement this. Still we can hope.

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