MI’s Whitmer Pushes Gun Control In COVID Relief Bill


When are Americans going to finally stop putting up with politicians giving them the shaft and smiling about it?

I won’t pretend that this kind of evil manipulation doesn’t come from both sides of the political aisle, but let’s be frank here: I see a lot more of it from the left.

Michigan’s Governor / Queen Gretchen Whitmer gives us another example of this nonsense by padding a “relief bill” with a bunch of non-relief-oriented stuff. Like gun control (hat tip to here for the lead). C.J. Moore writes,


A $5.6 billion COVID-19 recovery plan unveiled Tuesday by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer carves out $5 million to be put toward upgrading security at the Michigan State Capitol.

The administration indicated it would send the formal request for a budget supplemental to lawmakers on Wednesday. The $5 million would go toward enforcing a weapons ban at the state Capitol.

Like everything else in Whitmer’s relief proposal, the appropriation would have to be approved by the GOP-majority state Legislature. 

The request for funds to establish the weapons ban comes months after right-wing protesters stormed the state Capitol in April over restrictions Whitmer put in place to curb the COVID-19 pandemic. A number of armed protests have been held on the Capitol grounds since President Joe Biden’s win in the 2020 election.

Whitmer, a Democrat, also became the target of an alleged right-wing extremist assassination plot in October. 

Now, I get it. Whitmer wants to fee safe. She was the apparent target of a group who wanted to kill her. I’m not trying to discount her desire or right to be safe, but let’s make that it’s own bill instead of trying to hijack a bill to provide COVID relief funds to people even if you’re doing it because that’s the only way that you can get what you want.

And politicians wonder why average Americans think that they’re crooks.



  1. Whitlessmer doesn’t have a clue. Typical Narcissistic Democrat that can’t understand why she isn’t universally loved. The so called plot to remove her should have been a wake up call, and it was, but not in the right direction. Just more smoke and mirrors, so she can continue her Despotism.

  2. What whitmer wants is clearly in violation of the 2nd Amendment and the GOP Legislature should not allow it.

    whitmer should be impeached for her reprehensible behavior in 2020.

    whitmer should resign so she can feel safe again.

    • If she wants no guns at capital then all of her Sercurty personnel will not have any guns. Give them sling shots. Then see if she feels safe.

  3. And people wonder why I don’t Vote. For who?
    They’re all two side B.S’ers.
    And will look you in the face. And lie 90 MPH.
    Don’t waste your time on any of them.

    • True, but by not voting against a known threat, you are allowing said threat to multiply! As a wise man once said “…If there is nothing to vote for, there will be something to vote against…”! Voting against something can sometimes have more of an impact than voting for something else!

  4. You can take your vaccine all by yourselves I`m not taking it. I have gotten ill in the past because my mother forced me to take a flu shot. Why should this be any different. You know where you can stick your worthless masks. I could care less if you got any on you.

  5. Maybe if she stopped with the unscientific masks/lockdowns and unconstitutional gun bills? Probably be a nice a start.

  6. The favorite stunt of the Democratic swamp creatures and consumers of swamp water. I remind them that much swamp water has alligator pee in it.

  7. What else are these crooked communistic politicians going to try next? if your submitting a bill for the citizens to adhere to then that bill should have exclusively items pertaining to the original bill no add-ins. Gun control has NOTHING to do with Covid Relief. This is just another way to violate the Oath of Office taken to Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States. IMPEACH for attempted violation of Oath of Office

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