Major News Network Seeking To Stoke Fears Of Ignorant Anti-Gunners In This INFURIATING Way


President Trump had a specific way of referring to the mainstream media. You may remember the term. It was “fake news.”

Now, understand, fake news can use one of two methodologies. One method is to outright lie about what was said or what happened. We’ve seen that happen before.

The other method can be harder to detect, which may be why some leftists can’t tell when they’re being lied to by the mainstream media (which is, pretty much, all of the time). The second method is taking an accurate quote or accurate information and taking it out of context so that it appears to mean something other than what it really meant or what the information really means.


For example, maybe you heard your friend say, “I was talking to Bob, and he said, ‘Yeah, I hit my wife, and I don’t regret it.'” If you say that your friend said, “Yeah, I hit my wife, and I don’t regret it,” you’re accurately quoting your friend. He did, after all, say exactly that. But you’re taking the quote out of context so that it means something other than what it meant. Your friend wasn’t saying that he hit his own wife. Your friend was quoting Bob saying that horrible thing.

I personally heard CNN do that exact thing to a line from a Donald Trump speech so that it sounded (in the CNN piece) like Trump said exactly the opposite of what he actually said because they took the quote out of context.

And, now, CNN is doing that again to try to scare people into giving up their gun rights. Brad Wilmouth writes,

Regular CNN viewers will have noticed that since Tuesday, CNN’s New Day and a number of other CNN shows have been displaying an on screen tabulation of the number of mass shootings and deaths from mass shootings so far this year, in much the same style the network had been using to keep track of COVID death statistics.

This latest wave of liberal activism on the gun issue may have been the result of the liberal network’s law enforcement analyst, retired police chief Charles Ramsey, who recommended such media activism to pressure politicians on the issue, as he appeared on CNN, Memorial Day afternoon.

On Friday’s CNN Newsroom with Victor Blackwell and Alisyn Camerota, the show utilized the on screen display as it gave a forum to gun control activist Fred Guttenberg to praise Democrats and slam Republicans as he called on moderate Democratic Senator Joe Manchin to move left on the issue.

So, what’s the problem with CNN tracking how many shootings and deaths occur involving guns? The answer is that if you don’t also list how many lives are saved through defensive use of guns, then you don’t have any context to know if people having guns saves more lives than are lost due to access to guns.

And there’s the kicker. Defensive gun use saves more lives than are lost due to gun use.

So, basically, by leaving out context, once again, CNN is guilty of being fake news. That’s not really a surprise at this point, though.



  1. The proper way to consider the MSM and their stories is to consider that all are lies and to stop paying any attention to liars. That is a safe and effective way to avoid the confusion of trying to figure their lies out which are unending..

    • Personally I gave up watching most of the crap on television , especially the National News, long ago. The way I see it is that spending time listening to propaganda is not good for a free brain—people become like Pavlov’s Dogs.

  2. Has anyone else noticed that what this report said wars absolutely………100% correct!
    Stand behind the 2A; the whole US Constitution!!!

    • There is nothing more deceiving than a half truth because every word is true. It reminds me that when I went from Chicago to Oakland, CA I floated five feet above the ground without touching the ground. That is the absolute truth but not the whole truth. The rest of the truth is that I was aboard a train. There is a vital reason why, if testifying in court, the witless is asked, “Do you swear to tell the truth, *** the whole truth*** and nothing but the truth, so help you God?” Having testified as a witness, I can vouch for that.

        • Gary – “can” is the operative word in your comment. How many times have ‘professional’ politicians lied time after time and never even got their hand slapped? I won’t list all of the ones we have seen recently as the forum would likely cut my comment due to excessive length.
          I agree that anyone in a position of trust certainly should be held to a higher standard than us plain old ordinary people but……..

  3. There has to be a law that this kind of behavior from any media outlet is illegal. People who only watch mainstream media, don’t know the truth of what is really going on in this country. That Is Not Write!

  4. With the Media, Believe one half of what you see and believe none of what you hear.

  5. I see one FLAGRANT problem with the facts as they are repeated in every news outlet!
    MOST of the shooters are dissatisfied with their party: the democratic LIARS.
    Few if any Conservatives will go around shooting up the people! But many on the left are in a position of total disbelief. How can their leaders tell them what they do, and still, under their leadership the world grows worse and worse, with no signs of getting better if ever?

  6. Many people are missing the forest for the trees. Consider how many of these shootings have had multiple shooters and how many of them were at crowd gathering events and at combinations of those two factors. This causes me to consider that many shootings are retaliation for events that took place prior to COVID lockdowns when the opportunity to shoot someone did not exist. Chicago I’m sure is a combination of that and its usual drug/gang warfare. If anybody thinks taking guns from non-lawbreaking citizens will end such shootings they are far down on the wrong side of the bell curve that has 100 at top dead center.
    Some shootings could be sheer frustration caused by the lengthy lockdown.

    • Actually, anti-gun activists know fully well that taking our guns away would exacerbate the problem and they don’t care. All they care about is turning us into a dictatorship – a communist one. It is all about Power Over The People and the Leftists will settle for nothing less. So we have a problem like, “How to we defend aginst lying politicians? Decades ago, a wise person (This was decades ago) was asked which is the lesser evil, a liar or a thief? His answer that a thief is a lesser evil because he could defend himself against a thief. A liar is something else; a liar – and we see and hear many examples – is much harder to defend against. Just look at the DNC and the lamestream media.

  7. The main stream media tells a lot of lies and misquotes …
    In this day and age its so easy to go on the internet and find an independent site or read the transcript to find the truth …

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