Liberal State Newspaper Finally ADMITS That Gun Taxes Are 2nd Amendment Fines


“Newspaper reporter” seems mean the same thing as “liberal activist” in some states.

Certainly, that would seem to be a logical conclusion to reach for reporters in California, whose government hasn’t seen a program that they haven’t wanted to tax people to death to implement (and, then, proceed to screw up).

Because they’re often liberal activists, it’s easy to read what they write and just assume that it’s all going to be tripe and nonsense. After all, that’s often the case, but, occasionally, they surprise you as happened to me when reading over a piece by Hannah Wiley writing for The Sacramento Bee (hat tip to here for the lead). Wiley writes,


A California Democrat isn’t giving up on a proposal to tax guns and ammunition that appeared to die in the Legislature last week.

Assemblyman Marc Levine, D-San Rafael, said he’ll revive the effort on Thursday, a week after it failed to gain enough Democratic votes to clear the Assembly. He said he’s hoping a logistical change to Assembly Bill 1223 will buy him time to lobby for it.

The bill required a two-thirds majority vote in the 80-member Assembly because it would establish new excise taxes — 10% on handguns and 11% tax on long guns, rifles, precursor parts and ammunition. Money raised from the fines would help fund gun violence education and prevention programs.

Re-read that last sentence again. “Money raised from the fines.” Wait, I thought that it was a tax, not a fine.

Freudian slip? Yeah, I think that’s exactly what that was. I think that Wiley, like leftists, in general, see taxes on guns and ammunition as fines for “making American more dangerous” (even though legal gun ownership makes Americans safer).

While it’s refreshing to see some candor about how leftists view gun taxes and gun control, it’s infuriating that people still believe that claptrap. It looks like we have more work to do on educating people.



  1. If it is a serious constraint on voting to pay a one dollar registration fee/poll tax which is not addressed in the constitution; And then gun ownership and carrying which “shall not be infringed” per the constitution is OK to restrict, tax, and license? Really, I can’t follow that logic.

  2. Raise money any which way you can! the demonrats in that state need to pay so many people: all the illegals and their babies born in the US. All their health issues. Their rents. Their food-stamps. But leave the homeless shit alone on the sidewalks. Allow the homeless to camp on the beaches, in the great ( used to be) parks, on the streets. And they need the money for the covid-19 sick illegals, too!
    Oh let’s not forget, all the golf courses need that money to pay for water to let the players enjoy their time on the GREEN GRASS!
    So many things wrong in that demonic run state!

  3. So He finally admits that it is a fine! A fine is supposed to be for an offense! Since when is owning a gun an “offense?” In other words, the Dems and RINO’s feel “offended” because we insist on owning guns? atoo bloody bad about them! They are not our Dictators!

  4. First the Author got something WRONG that being calling those who write News stories Reporters. See they were all killed off back when Slick Willie was infesting the White House. Journalists started the killing when one ask Slick Willie a question on offshore drilling after showing him two clips were he said two different things. Slick Willie told this so called Journalist he did not say either one of the things he said in the clips. That Journalist instead of saying yes you did we have proof he told Slick Willie that he(the Journalist) made a mistake. The final death blow came when Gore ran for President against Bush the Younger. That was when the Supposed TOP TWO Anchors on Nation TV broke down and bawled like babies when they had to say Bush won. Then until all the legal wrangling ended with the US Supreme Court they LIED about who was trying to break Florida election laws. It was so bad that the Court in their decision that was in FACT that it was Gore who was trying to break Florida’s Election Laws. So REPORTERS and COMMON SENSE was MURDERED long ago by Democraps.

  5. Well, they kinda are reporters, but they’re certainly not journalists. Hmmmm, on second thought, they’re NOT reporters as they don’t report the news, they simply make up their fiction and call it ‘news’. That used to be called ‘yellow journalism’, and they were known as ‘muck rakers’.
    Ahhh, woulds’t I could afford to move out of the Democratic People’s Republic of Kalifornia.

  6. This bill was declared “emergency legislation” by unanimous vote, allowing it to be presented for a floor vote any time before adjournment. It is still alive–but barely, as every time it comes up on the agenda, it is simply continued to the next session. The obvious point of this legislation is to make guns more expensive (which will likely reduce the income it could produce due to fewer sales), not to fund “gun violence” programs. Cal Gunners are already paying a premium for those things through the Dealer of Record of Sale fee, now up to $37.19 per transaction. For hand guns and centerfire rifles, that is per firearm, as a 1 in 30 law has taken full effect as of July 1.

  7. “” Gun Taxes Are 2nd Amendment Fines “”
    Its not a fine. a fine is a penalty for doing something wrong …
    Gun taxes are nothing more that you paying for your God given right to use your 2nd. Amendment right in the Constitution …
    They did it in 1934 and think they can pull the wool over your eyes again , they were illegal then and are illegal now …

  8. The 15th Amendment says : “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.”

    The 2nd Amendment says: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

    As a citizen of the United States we aren’t taxed, or fined in order to enjoy our guaranteed constitutional right to vote, why is it that Democrats are proposing that we be taxed or fined to enjoy our constitutional right to bear arms?
    We don’t see Democrats trying to infringe or take away our right to vote, why are they trying to infringe or take away our right to own firearms?
    Let Democrats come up with a proposal to make US citizens pay for the right to cast a vote in the next election and see what happens. When you have a God given right you don’t have to pay the government to use that right, it is yours and it is free.

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