What Does This BIZARRE Twist On Media Bias Really Mean?


Mainstream media bias has become a given when it comes to issues that are on the opposite side of the media’s preferred narrative. That means that whenever you see a mainstream media news story, people with objectivity automatically expect that news story to lie or to leave out information or to somehow try to gaslight viewers into thinking that guns are bad, legal gun owners are bad, and that gun control is the solution.

But something has started to happen recently which, frankly, is puzzling.

See, the mainstream media is still biased against guns and gun owners. Or, at least, some of them. Cam Edwards writes,


I’m starting to wonder if it’s a little unfair to assume that the vast majority of media outlets are anti-gun, because I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon in recent months. With gun ownership on the rise, including among women, Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, and the LGBT community, exercising your right to keep and bear arms doesn’t appear to be quite as icky to some media outlets… at least if you’re not a conservative.

Take the new CBS News special “The New Pro-Gun Generation,” which will debut this weekend. In a preview, the news network highlights Black and Latino gun owners; virtually all of whom share a distinctly progressive point of view.

Edwards, then, quotes someone named P.B. Gomez who founded a politically left-leaning pro-gun organization for Latinos (as if that isn’t strangely specific). Gomez says, “I don’t believe self defense, which is fundamentally about bodily autonomy, should be exclusive to people on the right politically.” Edwards continues:

I’m a conservative (or maybe a conservatarian is a more apt description), and I feel the same way when it comes to self-defense. So does every other gun owner I know. But if you or I were quoted saying that, we know that CBS would be sure to follow up our comment with a rebuttal from the likes of Shannon Watts or David Chipman.

Not so with P.B. Gomez’s comments. 

So, is the mainstream media now telling us that the issue is that they don’t like guns or that they don’t like guns if political conservatives or libertarians have them?

This is one of the more bizarre media narrative twists that I’ve ever seen. What do you think that it means? Tell us below.



  1. it means that if you’re a conservative you’re viewed on as a radical person given the chance to own a gun will shoot people at random that’s why the other groups need to carry guns.. or it means everyone believes in protecting themselves and their family

  2. I think the actual truth being revealed in the Kyle Rittenhouse case is bringing a number of things into sharper focus for many people. Being a citizen in this country isn’t all fun and games – or to be taken for granted. Being a citizen also carries certain civic DUTIES….and the evidence in the Rittenhouse case is showing his performance thereof.

  3. “The definition of fascism is The marriage of corporation and state.” – Benito Mussolini

    Today’s marriage of leftists throughout all levels of the US government, with leftists throughout US corporate media and all the big social media platforms online, working together to do what neither could do alone and render the US Constitution completely irrelevant, is FASCISM, by definition. The marriage of corporation and state, although in the US today the traditional roles of government and corporation have been reversed, and it is now the corporations that fill the “head of household” role in this “marriage”, instead of the other way around.

    Corporate orders come down from the globalist leadership, and all across traditional legacy corporate media and all the big social media platforms online, along with all of the easily bought and corrupted politicians that the corporations fund and enable, work together to bring about the socialist utopia as envisioned and ordered by those who refuse to learn from history, and who mean to RULE with an iron fist.

    Media “bias” – outright propaganda – is the result of “marriage of corporation and state” FASCISM.

    Americans seriously need to begin to recognize FASCISM when they see it. Fascism isn’t just some fuzzy ideas about Nazi’s being really mean and such, it is the marriage of corporation and state that is trying to eliminate the US Constitution and all of your rights as enumerated therein, and assume complete control of EVERYTHING not just here in America but around the world today. In WW2 it was the National Socialists – The Nazis – of Germany that were the problem. Today it is the Globalist Socialists (Glazis?) you need to be aware of. 95% of all American news outlets are owned by just 6 corporations today. Thus, corporate media “news” degenerating into outright propaganda is not a coincidence. It is FASCISM, “hiding in plain sight” behind every slanted media report and every censored and politically manipulated search result from Google, and every “shadow banned” and silenced comment online across all of social media.

    Fascism. Recognize it when you see it!
    The more you know…

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