Black Gun Activist TAKES DOWN Big Name Late Night TV Host Over Guns [Video]


There was a time when late night TV hosts thought that their job was to be entertaining, primarily by being funny. Reportedly, Johnny Carson made it a point to keep politics out of his show because he understood that people watched his show to be entertained regardless of their political leanings.

Sadly, those days are long gone. Late night TV hosts seem to think that their job is to give us their opinions from on high and, if we’re lucky, maybe make us laugh, too. Maybe that’s the reason that none of the current late night talk show hosts have ratings anywhere near what Johnny Carson’s show consistently received.

Let’s take one example to show what I mean, and, yes, because this site is Prepared Gun Owners, this topic has to do with guns and gun rights.


The situation here has to do with Trevor Noah, an immigrant from South Africa who has made his fortune in the U.S. as a comedian (maybe he was funny at one time. I don’t know. I don’t watch much comedy.). Like many (most) in the media, Noah pretends to understand the Second Amendment, gun culture in America, and the roots and causes of gun violence. Of course, he thinks this while not having the slightest clue about any of those things, yet, trying to shame legal gun owners in America for owning guns legally.

So, to set things straight is black gun activist, Colion Noir, who takes down Noah’s “arguments” quickly and cleanly. It’s a beautiful thing to see, and you can watch it below.

It’s interesting to me (and Noir points this out) that Noah is actually telling people what anti-2A politicians have denied for years which is: anti-2A people want to take all of your guns, and every step of gun control is simply a tiny (incremental) step in that process until you wake up one day with no gun rights at all.

That’s what anti-2A people and politicians really want: You defenseless. And why do the want that? In the case of many anti-2A people, they naively think that banning guns will save lives, but in the case of anti-2A politicians, it’s because they people want defenseless to prevent their oppression.

If you think that last statement is exaggeration, look at one of the examples that anti-2A people often give as their example of what they want to do: Australia. The Australian government confiscated guns on a huge scale some years ago.

Then, realize that the Australian government has locked down that country for the last two years and has, quite literally, set up concentration camps for those who disagree with the government’s policies.

That’s their end game, and it’s scary that these people now feel safe enough to say it out loud.



  1. And the fact of how Africans were murdered and treated in apartheid south Africa by the south African government and racist whites, whites who are allowed to own guns to protect themselves

  2. And he has the fckn nerve to try and waponize Martin Luther King and Harriet Tubman against the 2nd amendment. Tubman was not allowed to own guns while King was denied the right to guns to protect him and his family. People like him always try to use black heroes to try to get their message across in the hopes of winning African American over to their side.

  3. Colion Noir is a great American and I’d accompany him to the gates of hell…..and trevor noah is a moron and I’m sick of foreigners being confused about OUR Constitution….

  4. Belive me , if Africans could afford guns they all would have them . But as you can see, in Africa theres more murders then the usa. You go missing real fast in the bush . You just don’t hear about them, kind of like here . You won’t hear about most crime on the news cause they won’t tell depending on who it is. ( like hunter Biden) It’s all about the party you follow . In the usa it’s not the league gun owners that are killing. It’s mostly terrorists payed for by the left. like woke , blm and antfia . They burned , looted and killed in the streets in democrat ran states . The states with the hardest gun laws have the highest crime rate with illegal guns yet its the league gun owners they go after. What will that prove ??? The league gun owners will get illegal gun like the criminals do. It won’t stop the killings , nothing will. Not when you let the criminals out of jail like the left does . Face it, gun control will never work and the left knows this . It’s about control of the people like in Germany. Nazis, were being attacked by the new Nazis or white supremacist of the left.

  5. Hey Harold, EVER HEAR OF THE MAU MAU!!
    Mau Mau militants were guilty of numerous atrocities. The most notorious was their attack on the settlement of Lari, on the night of 25–26 March 1953, in which they herded Kikuyu men, women and children into huts and set fire to them, hacking down with pangas anyone who attempted escape, before throwing them back in to the burning huts. The attack at Lari was so extreme that “African policemen who saw the bodies of the victims . . . were physically sick and said ‘These people are animals. If I see one now I shall shoot with the greatest eagerness'”, and it “even shocked many Mau Mau supporters, some of whom would subsequently try to excuse the attack as ‘a mistake'”.

    A retaliatory massacre was immediately perpetrated by African security forces who were partially overseen by British commanders. Official estimates place the death toll from the first Lari massacre at 74, and the second at 150, though neither of these figures account for those who ‘disappeared’. Whatever the actual number of victims, “he grim truth was that, for every person who died in Lari’s first massacre, at least two more were killed in retaliation in the second.”

    Aside from the Lari massacres, Kikuyu were also tortured, mutilated and murdered by Mau Mau on many other occasions. Mau Mau racked up 1,819 murders of their fellow Africans, though again this number excludes the many additional hundreds who ‘disappeared’, whose bodies were never found. For their part, as already discussed, the British colonial government eventually instituted a system of detention and torture that was sanctioned at the highest levels of government in London, as well as carrying out or overseeing any number of extra-judicial executions and various massacres. One such killing spree was the Chuka massacre of June 1953, in which twenty African civilians, including a child, were shot in cold blood by soldiers of the 5th KAR B Company.

    Thirty-two European and twenty-six Asian civilians were also murdered by Mau Mau militants, with similar numbers wounded. The most well known European victim was Michael Ruck, aged six, who was hacked to death with pangas along with his parents, Roger and Esme, and one of the Rucks’ farm workers, Muthura Nagahu, who had tried to help the family. Newspapers in Kenya and abroad published graphic murder details, including images of young Michael with bloodied teddy bears and trains strewn on his bedroom floor.

    This does not cover the hundreds of white families / farmers who were slaughtered too. I arrived in Kenya two weeks after Kenyetta the leader of the Mau Mau was captured. Learn some real history before you spout off.

  6. Somehow you need to quit preaching to the choir and get the same message to the people. Do this same sparing on the TREVOR NOAH show. Get these anti gunners to back up their statements in front of the people. Here Noah comes to this country and tries to change our lives but, nice try Collin.

  7. Gun Control is totally about ELEATISM!! CONTROL, DICTATORSHIP AND EUTHANASIA!!!!!

  8. One big problem is that “preaching to the choir” is often the only outlet we have. Does anyone actually believe Trevor Noah would openly discuss or debate this issue with Colion Noir? Not a chance, as he is very ignorant but bright enough to know Noir would eat his lunch. On the same basic level, when apartheid ended in South Africa most of the guns ended up in the hands of thugs who made a sport of killing defenseless people on a wholesale level. My friend’s family was killed because they were white, their farm was taken, divided, and run into the ground. The rest of the thugs killed defenseless people with machetes and other equally horrible weapons. In fact, for many years it was the “murder (and rape) capitol of the world” because the defenseless citizens had no means of protecting themselves. What has Noah done for his own country? Machetes and guns are still primarily in the hands of thugs. Why hasn’t he done anything about the “gun problem” there? Has he ever gone back to advocate making machetes illegal at home? Hell no. Like so many other regressives-oops forgot the “P”, he comes to this country where he knows he can say what he wants with first amendment protection while doing his best to attack a second amendment which is supported by a vast majority of Americans. It’s funny that this great country supports free speech to everyone, regardless of their citizen status even as they trash the rights and god given freedoms as related in our Bill of Rights. For all of the talking heads…the Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments of the U.S. Constitution. Whether you like it or not, the Constitution is the law of this great country, and ‘feelings’ do not supersede “shall or must.
    Great job Mr. Noir; you are a TRUE American.

  9. Very logical, honest, and well made arguments supporting the second and outing the intentions of domestic enemies of the constitution.

  10. My question to all is this: how can they pass laws against the 2nd when it IS the Constitution when I was under the impression that you could not alter the document? Also, what about the Bill of Rights? I don’t understand how they can just literally erase any part of the Constitution they (those who wish to make us serfs in our own land) no longer want? We have to do something I just wish someone would say what and I would be in. We are in serious you-know-what and if we ALL don’t stand up soon, we won’t have a country to pass to our children. We are being overrun and hemorrhaging money and resources that could be going to citizens. Case in point, kisses to Gov. Youngkin for funds to their HBCUs in Virginia and the taking away of same from sending illegals to college (again, on our dime while our citizens can’t because they can’t afford it nor get funding because the illegals got it). Of course that is being spent by the “revisionists” as a racist move (the only song they know how to sing) but people are seeing thru that crap and two Dems even crossed over to vote for bill giving funds to 5 HBCUs. Read the article, it is fantastic! It looks like they have a great Governor! Now we need to take our whole country back and close the border ourselves and then expel all those who are here illegally and outlaw sanctuary cities so they cannot hide. Come legally like some of my relatives did, do the right thing! And those of you who support ANYTHING illegal and against the Constitution, you are a traitor and a liar and will be one of the ones thinking you’ll be safe when it all goes left but trust me, sellouts usually are the first to go, read a book, it even tells you so! God, help us help ourselves before it’s too late!

  11. I don’t put much stock of the Marxist opinions of a South African Communist! I don’t find Trevor funny just pathetically ignorant!!

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