Taurus Offers ‘Elevated Experience’ With New Gun

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It’s an exciting time to be involved in the firearms enthusiast scene. There’s always something new to learn about some new aspect and some new features or models to get excited about.

Sometimes, though, what you really want is a throwback to something from the past, just better.

One company has been working hard to change the industry’s impression of them, and along the way, they’ve not only worked to fix the issues that they once had a reputation for. No, they’ve also looked to break new ground. Or, in the case of today’s model, upgrade an old classic. Jeremy Stafford writes,


Winds of change are blowing at Taurus and that’s going to be a good thing for shooters. The Executive Grade series is the brainchild of Bret Vorhees, CEO of Taurus since 2020. With the introduction of the Executive Grade 856, Vorhees is intent on changing potential customers’ perceptions about the brand, as well as the perception of passionate users who may not have considered a Taurus product previously.

Vorhees came to the company after a successful stint at with Walther Arms. You could say that he understands what it takes to give shooters an elevated experience.

Stafford continues:

The Executive Grade 856 is like that. It’s the same tried-and-true six-shot, 3-inch .38 Special — but better.

Again, from Stafford:

I took delivery of an 856 Executive Grade for this review. They definitely let you know that you’ve got a different kind of Taurus, which was evident when it arrived in an unmarked Pelican Vault pistol case. The Pelican Vault V100, typically $50, is one that you can travel with. Inside the case is foam that was die-cut for the Executive Grade 856. (Dear Taurus: There is room for a pair of speedloaders.) Making this experience a little different, was a black envelope with a nice note from Vorhees along with the expected manuals. I’d been “promoted.” (Much to my wife’s dismay, it was to a new gun and not a promotion at work.) The note was a nice touch.

Removing the 856 from the case, I immediately noticed its subtle details. Taurus 856 revolvers typically come with either a 2- or 3-inch barrel. The Executive Grade 856 is the only 3-incher with a bobbed hammer. 

Stafford also notes other nice details such as the balance of this revolver, the Altamont walnut stocks, and the satin-stainless finish.

All-in-all, it’s clear that Stafford thinks highly of the 856 Executive Series.

So, if you’re looking for something that is a bit of a throwback to a classic revolver but has newer, modern touches, Taurus USA clearly hopes that you’ll consider taking a look at this revolver.



  1. I would like a comprehensive lesson on take down clean and reassemble revolvers iwould also like to know how to redicu the length of pull on the triger length, not truly hair triger just a shorter drag lenth.

  2. It would be better if you showed an actual photo of the new revolver. The revolver in the included photo did not have a bobbed hammer or walnut grips that were in the description. When reading a report on a new firearm, I want to read about how well it shoots, not its cosmetics. Functional information was not included. For example, in my experience, the double action trigger pull of Taurus revolvers was very poor, not smooth and light, like a Colt or S&W.

  3. I have three Taurus 9mm handguns and have never had any trouble with them. I don’t have one of their revolvers but I would expect them to be top notch. I know several people that have them and never heard a word of bad things about them. Thanks.

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