Why ‘Shoot The Leg’ Is HORRIBLE Advice [Video]


One of the more foolish statements that anti-2A people have been making over the last few years is that law enforcement officers (and people trying to defend their own lives) should focus on shooting the leg of the attacker.

Now, anti-2A people tend to cage the discussion in a “shoot the leg” versus “shoot to kill” dichotomy. And in using those as the two options, they reveal their ignorance (You should not ever shoot to kill in a self-protection situation. You shoot to stop the attacker to prevent harm (or additional harm) to anyone.).

Even President Joe Biden has famously said this terrible advice. You can see a video of that below.


And, yes, Biden did equate shooting someone in the leg as deescalating a situation (as if shooting anyone is ever a deescalation or the first choice to a non-criminal).


But maybe you’re one of those people who just refuses to believe that aiming for the leg is a bad idea unless you can see proof with your own eyes. Well, in the video below, you’ll have your proof (hat tip to here for the lead). Warning: The video below does contain violent content and a person gets shot. You’ve been warned.

Now, I can’t say what happened to this guy to cause him to freak out. If I had to guess, I would suspect that the poor guy had a concussion or some other brain injury from the accident which caused him to, suddenly, freak out in a way that was completely unlike his normal behavior.

Whatever the cause of the freak out, notice how much that man was moving. Notice how fast he was moving and how chaotic he was.

And notice how fast his legs were moving.

You try shooting legs moving that quickly. You’re not going to get accurate shots consistently on anything that slender moving that quickly. It’s just not going to happen, so, if you aim for the legs, you’ll not only miss the overwhelming majority of the time, but you’ll also potentially endanger anyone else around with your missed shots.

Add into that the adrenaline dump into your body when you’re being attacked which reduces your body’s fine motor skills. That just makes it even harder to hit something that precisely.

And that’s why defensive gun training teaches to shoot center of mass. It’s the best way to consistently stop the attacker while also minimizing the possibility of injuring anyone else with stray shots.

Any other type of training is ineffective and potentially dangerous to innocent people.

Yes, always try to deescalate the situation first, if at all possible, and only use your firearm if there is no other option. But if you have to use your firearm, make it count to stop the threat and to try to prevent injury to anyone else.



  1. Any all these laws restricting and controlling the use of weapons is an infringement on our right to beat arms. This needs to stop before tyranny iis in control.

  2. A leg, dependant upon the size of the individual is roughly a 4″ to 8″ target, moving rapidly if the suspect is moving like this individual was. While there are rare individuals that can consistently hit such a moving target, but even most experienced shooters would have difficulties consistently hitting a target that size at that speed. Hitting moving targets that size is not a skill that’s easily acquired, or maintained.
    The simple fact is, you’re responsible for every bullet that leaves the guns barrel. In a defensive shooting scene this still holds true. So we’re trained to aim for the largest target on the assailant, because the probability of a hit is much higher on a moving target. Had the officer aimed for the legs, bullets would be flying all over the road behind the suspect, potentially injuring/killing a passerby. So the officer did as he was trained.
    What caused this guy to freak, is something we probably won’t hear about. It could be due to a concussion or he could have been hopped up on something. The video does show, just how quickly a situation can change. What should have been a routine interaction, quickly turned into an OIS in a second.

  3. Nope ! You shoot for the leg ! l o l, NOW THE OFFICER WOULD BE DEAD ! THIS GUY REACHED INTO HIS BACK SEAT FOR A GUN ! If the officer took the time to aim for the man’s leg, the man would have shot the officer first ! What a stupid idea ! ( shoot for the leg ) ??? Bad advice from a BAD PRESIDENT !

  4. A wounded assailant can shoot back! Police are taught to aim for the torso in a panic situation. You should too! Practice your kill shot, it could save your life!


  6. I am so sick of IGNORANT people opening their mouth and spewing Crap they know NOTHING about

  7. Excellent advice, Caleb . I always believed you were supposed to shoot double tap to center mass . That’s two shots obviously to the torso . I unfortunately got into situation years ago where I was surrounded by three young thug’s . They jumped out from behind some parked cars and had some broken pieces of bricks in their hands to use on me . There was a building being torn down on the corner of the block .It all started with someone bumping into me on purpose in front of a 7/11 store . I told the guy why don’t you watch where you’re walking and there was a verbal exchange and then I walked away into the Sportsman’s Club across the street . I’m was in there awhile wondering what to do , and I thought let it go . There’s three of them and one of me , I’m unarmed and I’m not Bruce Lee . Thank God I had enough sense to go out the back door of the Sportsman’s Club and grab a few broken bricks and put them in my jacket pockets . Well after what I thought was a sufficient time to cool things off , I decided to leave . I looked around as soon as I got out the front door and bit looked clear and safe . I was wrong . As I started to cross the road to walk to my house on the next block up the street . Poof , like magic three dudes pop up from behind parked cars and I could see two of them had some broken pieces of bricks in their hands and the other guy didn’t . I knew immediately I was in a life or death situation and I’m not going to lie I was pretty much terrified . The fear , combined with the adrenaline dump is almost like an altered state . You aren’t going to be able to do complex or fine motor movements easily . Well the biggest guy who bumped into me was coming at me with his arm cocked and a menacing look on his face , it was obvious he was going to throw a piece of broken brick at me . For a split second I had like tunnel vision just focusing on his throwing arm and the brick in it . My mind didn’t want to believe or accept for a second he was going to throw his piece of brick at me . He threw and I stepped to the left inside type of movement or he might’ve hit me in the head . I threw a piece of broken brick at him at about head altitude and he had moved to . Now this was happening pretty fast but I could operate I guess on instinct . I was semi-circled and there was one guy off to my right with nothing it appeared in his hands and a guy directly behind me . They did what I kind of figured the second guy was short and muscular built and he threw the brick so hard he released it late and it bounced off of the sidewalk or road , I don’t exactly remember . Anyhow it kind of skipped like , and hit me in the inside left calf area . I was lucky I turned around fast enough to react to the second guy . I have excellent reactions and I am pretty athletic and coordinated so I tried to move again to the inside left but I got hit . I will never forget the way it felt to get hit by that piece of brick . It felt like someone flicking their finger on my leg like taking your middle finger and just flicking it on my leg . It never hurt at all , I was amazed . Anyhow , I returned fire on the second guy and missed but he moved to . Then they all bum rushed me and my fight or flight instincts kicked in and I headed for the Sportsman’s Club front door at warp factor 10 speed . I ended in the emergency room a couple of hours later after the adrenaline dump wore off and my tennis shoes and socks was full of blood and there was a pool of blood in front of a convenience store I ended up at with a friend who gave me a ride to the hospital . I should’ve went sooner but it wasn’t hurting and I was trying to understand what just happened and what to do next . I was glad my friend got done with his business because where I was near the mall in front of a convenience store they had to come out twice and wash away two pools of blood in the parking lot . My head was starting to feel bad and so was my stomach . Well , I finally made it to the emergency room and there was a knot on my lower leg and it was hurting like hell . Some nurse came in and looked at my wound and started to push on the knot to squeeze blood out and I about launched to the moon it hurt so bad . I told the nurse to quit squeezing on my wound and can’t I get at least a local anesthesia shot . The Doctor came in and gave me a local and I don’t honestly remember whether they gave me blood or not , I imagine they did . I was lucky the Doc said it was a puncture wound and it only needed two snitches and there really isn’t a scar . The moral of the story is obvious , ” Walk away from trouble if you can ” . I’m no tough guy and I normally wouldn’t have argued for a little while that I did with the guy who bumped into me . Two other lessons I learned that my supposed best friend’s brother watched the whole thing go down and never offered to help me or even call the police . The city county building was right around the corner where the city police and the sheriff’s department are and I could’ve used there help . I never saw my friend’s brother again after that day . I heard he went to Florida .

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