Another Republican Betrayal Of 2nd Amendment Voters


The last six months have seen what some have called a betrayal of the Republican voter base by RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). Some people felt betrayed by Republicans in office who allowed changes in voting laws and who certified the November 2020 election results in spite of what many perceived to be massive vote fraud.

But there have been other betrayals, too. Today’s particular instance comes from Indiana (Pete Buttigieg is proud, I’m sure). Kaitlin Lange writes,

Republican Senate leaders in Indiana have killed a so-called ‘constitutional carry’ bill that would have nixed carry permits for handguns in Indiana. 

The bill had seemed to have significant momentum until recently. The move comes despite more than half of the Senate Republican caucus signing on as co-sponsors to the bill, which already had passed the Indiana House. 

Under the proposal, certain offenders still would have been prohibited from carrying handguns. 

Fort Wayne Republican Sen. Liz Brown, the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee where the bill has been sitting, declined to give the bill a hearing before the deadline, effectively killing the legislation.

Instead, in the last week bills can be heard in committee, she gave a hearing to a resolution emphasizing the Indiana Senate’s commitment “to protect the constitutional right to keep and bear arms.”

So, Republican legislators in Indiana decided that they would affirm support for gun rights, but they won’t give any teeth to allow individual citizens to actually be able to retain their right to bear arms without unnecessary harassment by anti-gunner politicians and the portion of law enforcement that is anti-gun (I’m looking at you, ATF under Biden).


What these RINOs should have done is to actually either put this legislation up for a vote or, if they were unhappy with the legislation, write, introduce, and pass legislation which actually puts constitutional carry into state law in Indiana. Show the people of Indiana that they are cared about by keeping the government from preventing people from protecting themselves.

If you live in Indiana, you need to be calling, emailing, and sending letters to your representatives to get constitutional carry put into place in your state.



  1. I once lived in Indiana, BAWK<BAWK<BAWK<BAWK!
    There are enough other attacks on the Constitution, so many that we need to give a practical demonstration of the 2nd as well as the 2nd paragraph of the Declaration of Independence.

  2. Might as well add senator Capito to that list of RINOs since the only time you ever hear her support the 2nd is when she’s up for reelection or if benefits her other than that she’ more worried about bailing out the UMW sending pork barrel projects to WVU and her district.

  3. Sounds like it was only ONE rino (they don’t deserve caps as that is a sign of respect) that effectively killed the bill. We here in Texas are very familiar with that tactic, first with straus and then bonen. Constitutional Carry passed the state house – which never happened due to the two I mentioned – but looks like it might make it thru the state senate, remains to be seen.

    Of course the same old ‘blood in the streets – shootouts at high noon’ claims are the only arguments the left uses – sadly they seem to keep working.

  4. It seems the day for voting for the nice guy conservative is over. We need to vote for conservatives that are not AFRAID to stand up to these yellow-bellied socialists, or the squawking-geese on the far right fringes. We need to be able to defend ourselves from the hordes of criminals coming in over our southern border. The democrats do not care about any of us concerned citizens. All they care about is getting enough illegals in here quickly so they can punch up their voting numbers because it is becoming much more difficult to cheat like they have been doing. I hope some day, the illegals will turn on the democrats after the dems have converted our great country into a socialist state. They surely did not go through what they have gone through to come to a free country to find they have walked into another buzz saw that they just left. SOCIALISM does not work because it is NOT self-sufficient. The whole premise upon which socialism is built is faulty and cannot sustain itself.

    • Papa Lee, the real problem I see with socialism, as it seems to be presented to us, doesn’t care about your voting rights. We can vote it in, but we’ll have to shoot our way out of it.

  5. America must remember history repeats itself . Remember the Alamo , the revolutionary War was about tyrannical state and excessive taxation , and the civil war was started over the same insults and civil rights problems here in modern days.
    True patriotic Americans will stand and defend their country and constitution by any means NECESSARY .

  6. Let’s stop mincing our words and stop calling them SOCIALIST Democrats! They’re either Fascist’s or Communist’s. They knew they could not get elected as true believers so they have quietly taken over the Democratic Party. Their intent was clear when the Brady Campaign was called Handgun control Inc. They are going after high capacity magazines and so called “Assault Riffles” first. Trust me when they are done with those , they’ll go well crime hasn’t dropped enough or the first mass shooting with a handgun theyll say see it wasn’t enough. Then they will go after all handguns ,revolvers, hunting weapons etc etc.They don’t want anyone other than the military and police to have guns and even for them only why you serve. Give these gun grabbers an inch they’ll take a mile- everything!! The only answer is to get active, organize and get them out of office from the local level, to the state all the way up to the congress.

  7. I live in Indiana, am a former police officer, gun shooting and safety instructor and total 2A supporter. I can’t tell how disappointed I am in my so-called Republican governor and state!

    • Easy there! Posting threats like this just plays into the hands of the thugs, rioters, and arsonists calling themselves the BLM, and I DON’T mean the Bureau of Land Management! These will turn such threats into ‘racial threats’, you know, to ‘justify’ their riots and assaults!

  8. This party is an insult to all Americans , Bidens a follower and not a leader , the un-American politician’s demand there policies be involved in America takeover of socialism/communism , there next step is gun removal , then silence of Americans values , next religion , and of course lies that we all experienced . My God and his only begotten son Jesus Christ will always be in my prayers .

  9. Isn’t it amazing how the Demo-rats seem to get all these awards from the nobel prize to standing up for kids when in reality they are the complete opposite. kamala gets the kids award when it should have said kids who weren’t aborted award and Obama’s famous Nobel peace prize for doing absolutely nothing other than making the Nobel look like a joke.Ok now, let’s get rid of all the guns except those from actual criminals.Then, let’s get rid of all the police Unless they are going to protect us politicians from Antifa (Obama’s Army).

  10. Doug Casey revealed the “Deagel 2005 Forecast”. It predicts that 70% of the USA and Europe populations will be gone by 2025. I guess the vaccines are part of that forecast. This is called, “Population Control”. Or “Slavery Control.”

  11. Does anyone think Mike “CS” ,the former VP, would do any better. We had better never think of electing him or anyone like him to office again.

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